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CHAPTER THREE: LEARNING HOW TO LEARN1. How do you think you learn?- I learn better intrapersonal and visual spatial way, I...
are best at. Building a group of study according to Carl Jung by groups   separating the abilities it’s going to help the ...
-   I try again and again if it’s possible a hundred times, only if I am into the course. I    really don’t like math and ...
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Chapter Three: Learn How To Learn


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Chapter Three: Learn How To Learn

  1. 1. CHAPTER THREE: LEARNING HOW TO LEARN1. How do you think you learn?- I learn better intrapersonal and visual spatial way, I try to do everything in a place where I can be alone and to be concentrated, when I finish I try to remember and talk out loud everything that I have read. As well as watching movies, graphics, and images. My brain takes like a picture and I can remember every detail.2. Why explore who you are as a learner?- I think finding a better environment to learn it’s going to help you through. College is the beginning of a long journey so you have to feel comfortable. We have to think, learn and function in a better way than high school. Most of the time we don’t know which type of learners we are, until we face a difficult situation and we concentrate in getting a good grade but not feeling comfortable in the environment or with the ability you are using so at the end you don’t learn anything. Focusing in every aspect, leaving the most unimportant things for the end, and prioritizing with college is the best way to begin on the right path. Exploring more about how you work as a learner could give you the idea to work with others that have different abilities and combining them, it could work better. Every student at the beginning of college has to separate in one side their weakest area of study and their stronger area, and work on more in the weaker area so you can get the better of the stronger one. For example: I’m good at science I have a good grade, a good GPA and then on the other side I have a math class and I really hate math so that my weakest area. What do I have to do in order to past math class? Well, I have to study and trying not to procrastinate and ask for help, so I could have a good grade and keeping up my GPA. The only way to knowledge your ways of learning is thinking what you like, what you don’t like, keeping up with the assignments, and trying your best.3. What tools will help you assess how you learn and interact with others?- Some test that could help the students is writing down a test, trying to prove which of these abilities you are best at: verbal linguistic (communicate through language, listening, reading, writing, speaking), logical mathematical (reasoning, problem solving, math, science, patterns, and sequences), bodily kinesthetic( physical body skillfully, bodily sensation, coordination, working with hands), visual spatial( perceive and create image, visual art, graphic design, charts and maps), interpersonal (communicate with others, noticing their behavior, motivations, feelings social activity, cooperative learning and teamwork), intrapersonal( own behavior, feelings, self-awareness, independence and time spend alone) musical( understand and create meaningful sound, sensitivity to music and musical patterns) or naturalist(identify, distinguish, categorize and classify species or items and interest in elements of the natural environment). Some of us have multiple intelligence so this way it’s more easily to communicate with other people than the person that only used one. Not every student is the same, I learn better by myself spending time alone doing my assignment by my own. Using personality typology it’s going to help you find out which ability you
  2. 2. are best at. Building a group of study according to Carl Jung by groups separating the abilities it’s going to help the students to see an example of how they work and which areas they have to change. Grouping with people with your same goals, same major, ability, hobbies it could help you feel more comfortable.4. How can you use your self-knowledge?- Recognizing which teaching style you prefer these are some: lecture verbal focus, lecture with group discussion, small groups, visual groups, logical presentation, random presentation, conceptual presentation, detailed presentation and hands on presentation. Dominating all of these teaching styles it’s going to help in college. Play to your strength that means work together with what you like the most maybe reading, listening to music or watching videos. Work to strengthen weaker areas trying to similarities your weakest point. For example: a assignment combined with your ability to learn maybe singing, acting, hands on, ask your instructors for help because they are there for you to help you overcome your obstacles and teaching you ways to become successful in college and life. You have to be mature to take your own decisions; this is a higher level than high school, than normal life. You are taking classes if you don’t like the professor for a reason you are there to study and prioritize your career, so never lean on someone’s opinion about the professors. Studying in groups could help you through if you are a person that feels comfortable working with others. Technology is now hand by hand with education as you can see most of the students are taking online classes because it could give you time to relax at home you can do your things and study at the same time, but this is a big responsibility too, because you have to complete all the assignments. Working in a job or internship that has to do with your major it’s going to help you feel more confident, learning more about and how it works, and finally you have an experience.5. How can you identify and manage learning disabilities?- You can identify learning disabilities by noticing that something is wrong with you when the course is being taught, if you have problems understanding concentrating or following steps. The National Center for Learning Disabilities recognize as a neurological disorder. It’s not a sickness neither its something contagious, sometimes there is past involve on how the kid develop. First of all it you know you have a learning disability contact the NCLD and find more about your disability if its there therapy or a cure. Then seek assistance from your school, the advisor it’s going to help you and assign more extended time on tests, technology assistance. Be a dedicated student because as well as Joyce Bishop she achieved all her goals not knowing about her disability. Build a positive attitude always keep in mind this “you can do it, no matter what”. There are students like me that are able to help those students.6. When you have trouble doing something, what is your first reaction – to try again, or to give up?
  3. 3. - I try again and again if it’s possible a hundred times, only if I am into the course. I really don’t like math and I just sometimes give up with an exercise, and at the end when the test comes I’m lost because I don’t try my best to understand or find a way to solve the problem. But it’s a different story with biology or chemistry I really love those classes, if the assignments are difficult or I don’t understand I just find a way to solve it. Most of the time when a person doesn’t understand a problem they just give up closing the books and moving on without even trying to succeed, going that way and taking that step is going to guide you to procrastination and finally to failure. I think the best path to overcome all your obstacles is using your own abilities, feeling comfortable with yourself.7. Do people perceive their own strengths accurately?- Yes, I think people could perceive their own strength accurately because you understand yourself and comprehend what you are good at, but not always. For example: I can think I’m good at something and then all of the sudden someone comes and tell me that I am better in other areas. So I think we will never really know what your own strength is, and by the way nobody is perfect so learning from others experience and knowledge it could help me and other students through. It’s like a big group everybody has to share a little bit of their knowledge and keeping practicing until you realize and see the results of your strength.8. Do you see strengths in others that they don’t see in themselves?- No, I don’t because I have to know them very well to notice. But if I notice my friend’s strength I encourage them to keep doing well and practicing on their strength so they can do better.9. What effects go beyond your world?- I don’t have any limitations. The only problem that effects me beyond my world is that I don’t value myself enough, I know I can achieve all my dreams and goals but sometimes my fear is stronger than me. I just need confidence in myself.