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Define Yourself

  1. 1. Activity Sheet: Define Your “College Self”NAME: Katherine DelgadoMaking the most of the opportunities that college offers starts with knowing, as much asyou can, about who you are and what you want. Analyze your "college self" usingquestions like the following to think through your personal profile. Write and save yourdescription to revisit later in the course.What is your student status—traditional or returning, full- or part-time? - I am a Full- Time student.How long are you planning to be in your current college? Is it likely that you willtransfer? - I am planning to be here 2 years to finish my Associate in Arts. Yes, I will transfer to FIU to finish my major in Biology.What goal, or goals, do you aim to achieve by going to college? - My goals are to become a better student; I will accomplish all my goals. My first goal is to get a really good GPA and to pass all my classes with an A. My second goal is to become an expert in Biology and Chemistry.What family and work obligations do you have? - I don’t have family or work obligations. My parents want me to concentrate a hundred percent in college.What is your culture, ethnicity, gender, age, and lifestyle? - My culture is Hispanic. - My ethnicity is Peruvian. - I am a Female. - I am 18 years old. - My lifestyle is busy because is based on college I try to concentrate as much as I can, and spend time with my family.What is your current living situation? - I am living with my parents and brother.
  2. 2. What do you feel are your biggest challenges in college? - My biggest challenge in college is presentations I am very shy so I am not a big fan of speaking in front of people. I am so nervous to take Speech Class. But I know I will do my best to overcome my fear.What do you like to study, and why does it interest you? - I will like to study Medicine to become a Pediatrician. When I went to my country for vacations my uncle who is a Pediatrician took me to the hospital because he knows I want to study Medicine but I was insecure which specialty to pick. He took me around the hospital so I experience how he works. I decide to specialize with children suffering from leukemia and cancer, because I want to be a group of doctors to find the cure for these deadly diseases. I will do my best I know that with the support of my family I will become a good professional.