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  1. 1. Katherine Delgado SMARTMy goals are: are more attainable because I love to figure it out how to do it, when Iaccomplish my goals I know my self stem is going to be high. I will develop attitude andthis will encourage me to follow all my dreams.Specific: The most important goals and how you could achieve them.Who is involved: Only meWhat do I want to accomplish? I will be a pediatricianIdentify a location: I will study in college and then FIUEstablish a time frame: 11 years.Identify requirements and constraint: I am requiring to study in order to become asuccessful person.Specific reasons purpose or benefit of accomplishment the goal: The reason is becauseI really love how the human body works and obviously I love kids.Measurable: ways to measure the progress over time.I will talk with my advisor to write down a career plan. I will know when my goals areaccomplished because I will receive my diploma at the end of my long career.Attainable: are what you can handle, abilities and skillsI will finish my associate in arts, then my master in biology and finally specialize inpediatrics.Realistic: believe that you can accomplish your goals, study with interest, goals that areworkableI believe in myself, I know I can accomplish all my goals, it’s not going to be easy but Iwill do anything in order to be successful.Timely: set up time, due dates, deadlines to accomplish themMy time frame is 11 years.
  2. 2. Tangible: Nothing is impossible if you follow your dreams and these key words.