Leaning Styles


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Leaning Styles

  1. 1. CHAPTER FOUR- LEARNING STYLES1. Post your highest VARK score and your lowest.- Highest: Kinesthetic: 11- Lowest: Aural: 1 The VARK Questionnaire Results Your scores were:  Visual: 2  Aural: 1  Read/Write: 7  Kinesthetic: 11 You have a strong kinesthetic learning preference.2. What you have learned from the VARK?- In my case with kinesthetic, VARK gave me tips to follow to improve how to learn. Writing down examples, using pictures and photographs to illustrate an idea, talk about my notes with other kinesthetic person. VARK explain more about the different types to learn: Visual (graphs, charts, pictures, slides, diagrams), Aural (discuss with others about topics, explain ideas, speeches, use a tape recorder), Read/Write (handouts, lists, manuals, essay, reading), Kinesthetic (field trip, collections, photographs, samples). This quiz gave me a better explanation about how I learn and now I feel more comfortable with myself.3. Did the score surprise you?- Yes, because I thought I was a read/write type of learner. I love to read, when I’m reading I create a scenario in my head about what the book is about so it gives me a better idea. I am not good at writing but I try my best.4. Post your Myers Briggs score.- Your type is: INTJ- Introverted: 89 (very expressed introvert)- Intuitive: 25 (moderately expressed intuitive personality)- Thinking: 12 (slightly expressed thinking personality)- Judging: 67 (distinctively expressed judging personality)
  2. 2. Your Type is INTJ Introverted Intuitive Thinking Judging Strength of the preferences % 89 25 12 67 Qualitative analysis of your type formulaYou are:  very expressed introvert  moderately expressed intuitive personality  slightly expressed thinking personality  distinctively expressed judging personality 5. What you have learned from the Myers Briggs? - It describes the meaning of the personalities you score finishing the test. It shows me some careers that I could follow like computer programming, natural science, law and others. Inform more about my introverted personality, there explains that I’m perfectionist like I said before. According to Myers Briggs test I’m a mastermind I make a plan A but I prepared plan B, C, D, if something goes wrong. 6. Did the score surprise you? - No, I know I am introverted because I love to work alone. I think working alone exercise more your brain. Forces you to do all the work, so you can give your own ideas. Because sometimes working in groups doesn’t work well enough. Not everybody feels the same working in groups some feel comfortable some not.