Purpose of asking question in the classroom


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There are many types of questions and its various techniques. When and where teacher/ student should ask the question for the betterment of class. A very knowledgeable presentation. Please try it!!!!

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Purpose of asking question in the classroom

  1. 1. TP-I PREPARED BY Shahid Ali
  2. 2. DEFINITIONIt is a technique by which teacher can measurethe degree of understanding of the students andstudent can clarify the any point not clear tothem”
  3. 3. INTRODUCTIONPurpose of asking question in the class room is veryimportant for learning and teaching process. Theynot only enhance the teaching activates but alsomade the teaching more effective. Asking questionis the useful source for the growth of education.Socrates also fallowed it and performs the teachingactivities by using asking question techniques. Italso creates healthy competitions among thestudents and boost up their moral in learningprocess.
  4. 4. AIM OF ASKING QUESTION To Motivate the Trainees for Learning. To Discover Interest of Class in Subject Taught To Develop The Thinking Power And Ability To Obtain Attention Of Wandering Minds To Check Knowledge Attained or Not Attained
  5. 5. TO MOTIVATE THE TRAINEES FOR LEARNING KING QUESTION “By asking question, students are motivated for learning, when you will put a question to the class. If a student give correct answer he will feel confidence and try to learn more and more
  6. 6. TO DISCOVER INTEREST OF CLASS IN SUBJECT TAUGHT It is very simple when you are teaching in the class, to find out interest of students, you should put a question to the class.
  7. 7. TO DEVELOP THE THINKING POWER AND ABILITY When you will ask the question to the class, students fully concentrates in this way their thinking power develop, they will get more knowledge.
  8. 8. TO OBTAIN ATTENTION OF WANDERING MINDS It is true fact that students or trainees some time physically present in the class but some are not present in the class mentally, to obtain attention of such student you can put question to the class. Very simply when you are teaching in the class, to find out interest of student, you should put a question to the class.
  9. 9. TO CHECK KNOWLEDGE ATTAINED OR NOT ATTAINED When you finished your lesson or topic you should put questions to the class. You should judge the class or student that how much they attained knowledge. How much they familiar their topic this is only done by asking questions
  10. 10. QUESTIONING METHODQuestion should frequently be addressed tothe whole class in pleasant, friendly, easy andconversational manner. The correct methodis: Ask Pause Nominate Listen Repeat
  11. 11. QUESTIONING METHOD Questions should be put to the class There should be a pause for thinking Nominate someone to answer the question Repeat the correct answer If the answer is not correct provide them with a correct answer
  12. 12. QUESTIONS SHOULD BE PUT TO THE CLASS If you want to ask a question you should put it to whole the class. Do not nominate a student. If you ask a question from a nominated student, the other will definitely not concentrate, participate and show interest.
  13. 13. THERE SHOULD BE A PAUSE FOR THINKING When you have put a question to the class, you should give a time to the students to think about question, to recall their memories, in this way they can reply a good answer. If you do not give a pause then they will confuse.
  14. 14. NOMINATE SOME ONE TO ANSWER THE QUESTION You should nominate some one to answer the question. In this way the whole class will listen the answer and the student will compare their own answer with the given answer.
  15. 15. REPEAT THE CORRECT ANSWER If a student, give a correct answer you should repeat the answer, in this way those students will listen correct answer who, were not listening and they will compare their own answers, which were in their minds.
  16. 16. ANSWER IS INCORRECT PROVIDE, CORRECT IT If a nominated student does not give a correct answer or near to the correct answer you should provide them a correct answer. In this way they will gain correct answer and information.
  17. 17. GIVE APPRECIATION TO THE STUDENTS If student gives a correct answer you should give appreciation, you should encourage him. In this way he will try to gain more knowledge.
  18. 18. SUMMARY Purpose of asking question in classroom is very important. To gain theinformation about trainee / workprogress. Asking question improvedthe knowledge of trainee. Tomotivate the student for learning.To develop the learner ideas. To improve the confidence oftrainee.