CHAPTER SEVEN: MEMORY AND STUDYING- RETAINING WHAT YOU LEARN         I had took classes in high school they were a wasted ...
an expert skier. When I watched the commercials about helping kids with cancer makes me feelthat I have to study and achie...
who work after high school never went back to college to get a degree. Our memory will alwaysbe our best friend; we have t...
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Chapter Seven: Memory and Studying


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Chapter Seven: Memory and Studying

  1. 1. CHAPTER SEVEN: MEMORY AND STUDYING- RETAINING WHAT YOU LEARN I had took classes in high school they were a wasted of time, but when we are in collegewe usually picked our classes wisely these classes are going to help us in the future. Sometimeswe take classes that required a lot of concentration, different skills or writing notes. But we allagree with something that we have to remember chapters or subject for quizzes or tests andused our memories. Our future requires concentration and a good memory. I usually try to usesome of the skills shown in chapter 7, but what happened when we can’t remember eventhough we try. First I will take out everything that is not important off my head because if Iwant to concentrate a hundred percent, I will never do it if I have a lot of stuff in mind. Find aquiet place where I can recall out loud the information and I can hear myself. I will turn off myphone and get comfortable in order to study. Every piece of information given by the professor,books, handouts and labs are important. Our memory is the most fascinating video record,WHY? Because we can remember everything we had done since we are kids we have memoriesabout our family, maybe a good situation, songs, people, names and more. So why can we usedour memories to remember material about a class that is required for our career? Did you knowthat everything we covered in college is going to help us in our future? Don’t procrastinate andleave aside when you can’t remember everything. Determine the times, places and companythat suit you, choose what is important to study, and set the rest aside and find the specific tipsand techniques that work best for you. When? Who? Where? Always ask these questions toyourself before and after studying, show care even if you don’t like the class. I resist using songs or rhymes this technique requires make up songs or poems that stickin your mind help you memorized. I’m introverted person I think this technique is more used byan extroverted person who loves to have energy and creativity so he/she can relate theinformation with the class topic. We all have different mnemonic devices their objective is tohelp you memorize. If you have your own technique used it but never let go by an exam or test,we all have a memory so we can remember. I think I would never used this technique becauseis too goofy for me; I’m a serious person when it comes to study for my future. I love to try tovisualize the topic and associate. For example, I took anatomy in high school and I had tomemorize the names of the bones so I try to visualize the human body only with bones, andacronyms using the first letters of the words. Maybe my techniques are goofy for other peoplebut if I learn this way I will keep going it. I am willing to try “songs and rhymes” only if I don’tremember the topics visualizing, associating or with acronyms. I will try everything to help mewith my future; I would try to come up with different mnemonic devices. First of all I think he was really irresponsible withdrawing from school, he should behaving track of his process, and I’m not a big fan of failing classes I think that’s called“irresponsibility”. If you don’t know what to do, what to study or you feel that the subject thatyou are taking is not going to help you at all, before do a research about the classes read theoutlines about the classes. If you don’t feel comfortable with your career research differentcareers there is a lot of website that can help you determined what career suited best for you.If you are pushed by your family to study a career that you don’t want to, talk to them makethem realize that is your future not theirs. Stick to your dreams; never let anybody tell you whatto do. He wasted time and money making up failed classes, but he did good to return to schooland study a career that he wanted to study. He accomplished all his dreams, goals and he is still
  2. 2. an expert skier. When I watched the commercials about helping kids with cancer makes me feelthat I have to study and achieve all my goals to be part of this big organization. Not everythingis about me or you, there are a lot of people that needs help, and we can make the difference.How we can make the difference? With only choosing our dream career we are going to do agood job so we are going to be happy. It’s not only about money or to follow family paths, as Isaid before we are our key to success. We can make a difference having a good attitude andworking in a job where you feel comfortable. For example: my mom got sick one year ago so Itake care of her while she was in the hospital. Some of the nurses had a really bad attitude so Ithought why to choose a career and work unhappy, why wasted your time and money payingfor a class that it’s not going to be part of your heart. Not everybody has the same study strategies that’s why you have to have in mind thesefive questions before begin to study When? Where? Who? What? and Why? Have a purpose,intention and emotional connection with the material try to relate with the topic. Put yournotes to work highlight your notes, add recall, practice test questions, add relevant points writedown important material the professor covers aside of the book. Understand what youmemorize figure out logical connections with what you already know and the material. Studyduring short, frequent sessions I think it depends, I would not try this possible way to study isbased in studying for 20 minutes then rest and then 20 minutes again and then rest. I knowmyself very well and if I do that I would rest more than study. But not everybody is the same soyou can try this possible path. Get your body ready sleep and eat well so you don’t have to beworry. Use analytical thinking skills recalling everything about the topic, explore the causes ofthe event, and think about the similarities and the differences. Organize the items you areprocessing divide your time, the material and practice. Recite, rehearse and write focus on themain idea, key words recite again and again, one tip write down an outline about the topic thenafter studying recall every material cover in every highlight subtitle on the outline so you canmark your weakest point and concentrate in understanding and memorizing. Use flash cardsuse them as a self test, reducing the stack as you learn and carry them with you all the time soyou can practice when you have time. Use audio strategies record the material so you canheard the topic while cooking dinner or driving home. Use learning styles strategies I’m anintrapersonal learner so I would work by my own first of all take a test to figure it out what typeof learner you are and finally use the information test your knowledge be sure to recall theinformation. You begin to analyze that is not the professors fault or the test is hard, because let’s beclear when we fail most of the time we blame the professor and we said “ he/ she gave us ahard quiz” or “he/she doesn’t want us to passed the class” guess what? When we take a testwe are proving how much we know about a subject so if you got an F in the last quiz practicemore so you will feel comfortable in the final exam. Creative thinking consist in thinking inwhich study strategy you are best at, finding a place where to study, and using all your schemato relate the topic. Finally practical thinking is going to be the result of your hard work and agood grade. Norton chose a wise decision, he didn’t give up in his expectations he wanted toprove himself his ability to accomplish his goals. He gave all his effort; he realized that spendinghis time giving up in a course was going to be the result of FAIL. We all know why we are herethis is the only path to success. Stop and think why I am here? Am I going in the right direction?If not, talk with an advisor but never stop studying. I read in an article that most of the students
  3. 3. who work after high school never went back to college to get a degree. Our memory will alwaysbe our best friend; we have to try to remember everything since the most unimportant topicwe covered in college. Memorizing is not only to passing the test, we have to study and takelittle by little everything in your head so when somebody ask you a question you can answer itwithout even having to hesitate. You can make a topic interesting if you put your effort maybeyou composed a lyric with the topic or a poem. There are different ways to study understandand memorize in order to passed that test. I am not the best, but I will try to be the best for mefor my future and for my happiness. Norton is happy now he has a career and he skies like hedid before. You can combined your hobbies with your career and convert your hobbies intostrategies to study. Don’t begin a class with a left foot because you are going to take all yournegativity and you will never pass the class.Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm- Wiston Churchill