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Career plan

  1. 1. Name: Katherine DelgadoGo to the following Website: Exploring Career Information fromthe Bureau of Labor Statistics -- 2010-11 Edition Choose the career that youwould like to pursue for your major. Also choose one othercareer similar to the one you would like to pursue and comparethe differences and similarities.For each career you are interested in select it to find answers to the followingquestions:Doctor:  What is this job like? - Doctors are charge of people’s health. They figure it out how why and how a person gets sick, they give advice about diets, good health, exercise and more. There are different paths for the doctors to work. General Doctors treat general health problems, pediatrician for kids, and more doctors for different parts of the body. Doctors work long hours, more than 60 hours a week and they have to rush to the hospital when they are called during the day/night/weekend.  How do you get ready? - Medicine is not an easy career, requires effort and patience. To become a doctor you need 4 years of college and major in Biology/Chemistry. Other 4 years for medical school and finally 3 years of residency, besides the specialty. The student needs to do very well in college in order to pass the medicine exam. The student takes all the sciences, and learns to ask the correct questions to the patients.  How much does this job pay? - Doctors are paid according if he/she has a specialists or how many hours they worked. The usually wages of a general doctor was $186,044 in 2008 and the specialists doctors earn $339,738 per year. Doctors usually are paid the most money.  How many jobs are there? - There are 661,200 jobs in 2008. Doctors are getting in pairs or groups to work.
  2. 2.  What about the future? - Job opportunity for doctors is growing along with the population growth; the average of job opportunity in this field is very high because of the cycle of life more kids born more elderlies are dying so they need more health care.  Are there other jobs like this? -Chiropractors -Dentists -Optometrists -Pharmacists -Physician assistants -Nurses -Veterinarians  Where can you find more information? - You can find more information about this career in the chapter physicians and surgeons on the Occupational Outlook Handbook or taking to a doctor directly so he/she could give you his/her experience in the field.Chemist:  What is this job like? - Chemistry is everywhere around the world, they combined and make experiments. They invent new medicines and research about new ways to cure diseases; they also invent new equipment or material stuff. Chemists work in labs for factories or big industries.  How do you get ready? - To become a chemist the student requires having a bachelor on chemistry which requires 2 years of college and 2 years of university or some career related to science. Students from this field tend to love science and math, they build things with their hands, they ask questions and they want a detail answer.  How much does this job pay? - The yearly salary of a chemist was $71,070 in May 2008. With a chemistry bachelor’s degree the yearly salary in July 2009 was $39,897 and the chemist working for the federal government earns $101,687.
  3. 3.  How many jobs are there? - Chemist jobs are 94,100 in 2008. Chemists are employee in all the United States in cities where there is a lot of industries.  What about the future? - The job growth for chemist is very low because of the economy, the chemist with a Ph.D are getting good job opportunity and the ones with only a bachelor are getting jobs as a research assistant.  Are there other jobs like this? -Agricultural and food scientists -Biological scientists -Chemical engineers -Medical scientists -Physicists  Where can you find more information? - You can find more information about this career chemists and materialist scientist on the Occupational Outlook Handbook.Write a detailed summary explaining how these two careers are alike and howthey differ. Also choose another career that you haven’t considered but wouldlike to find out more about. After reading the information on this career explain ifyou might consider this career as an option to your present choice The difference between doctors and chemist are that doctors are the ones who take care of people’s health problems and chemist are the ones who take care of building and creating material things. Doctors have to study 2 years of college, 2 years of a bachelor, 4 years of medical school and finally 3 years of residency without counting the specialties in total is 11 years while chemist only study 2 years of college and 2 years of Chemistry of a science related in total is 4 years. Doctors earn more than chemist. The average yearly salary for doctors in 2008 was $186,044, doctor specialists earn $339,738; while the average yearly salary for chemist in 2008 is $71,070, chemistry bachelor degree for 2009 was $39,897 and chemist working on federal government is $101,687. The job opportunity for doctors is bigger than chemist, job opportunities in 2008 for a doctor was 661,200; while for chemist in 2008 were 94,100
  4. 4. job opportunities. The future for doctors is growing by the hand with the growthpopulation and chemist is very low because of the bad economy. The similarities between doctors and chemist are that they require to have a goodunderstanding about math and science, they get pay a good salary. If needed moreinformation about these two careers you can find them in the Occupational OutlookHandbook. With these careers the students has the opportunity to expand theircareers. I will consider these two careers. I haven’t considered becoming an actor but I found some information and I stilldon’t like it because there is a lot of competition between actors. The salary rate is verylow and it’s a very risky career. I don’t like entertain other, neither wait to have a job soI can make money. I don’t like the idea of ventilate all my life with others. The rate jobis lower than the two careers I chose. I would not consider what I love, which is scienceand taking care of others.