Chapter One: Welcome To College


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Chapter One: Welcome To College

  1. 1. CHAPTER ONE: WELCOME TO COLLEGE1. What does college offer and expect of you? -College expect of me to be more responsible with the courses that I am taking and the responsibility to complete my career, complete all your work at time, always keeping in mind the deadlines. Making a path to achieve my goals, studying and keeping in mind that it’s my career. If I only try to remember the subject for the test or quiz it’s going to affect me, not the professor neither the other students. Thinking more openly and in a more professional way. College offers a variety of help with mentors, stuff and faculty. They are always there to help me and other students to succeed.2. What thinking skills can help you achieve your goals? -There are three skills: Critical Thinking (compare, contrast, cause and effects, etc), Creative Thinking (new ideas, ways to achieve your goals, imagining) and Practical Thinking (work in groups, make decision, and solve problems). I will put all of these skills in practice. Everyone needs “motivation” to achieve their goals.3. How can a “growth mindset” help you succeed? -Growth mindset surely can help me succeed, having an open minded. Accepting failure as a way to learn more. Most of the time we blame it on the subject, the professor even the homework’s. But we have to put effort in the class. No one has born with mindset we can build our mindset how? Giving us the opportunity to learn and improve our knowledge. Practicing honesty, fairness, respect, trust and responsibility because is our future that it’s going to be enriched if we follow the path for a better future.4. How can you work effectively with others? -I can work effectively with others putting in practice these three EI skills: perceive emotions (knowing how the other feels), understanding emotions (comprehending how others feel) and manage emotions (choose the better way to understand the others). I think working in groups, having a good communication and feeling comfortable can help me through college. Learning from the others thoughts and experiences, “two heads are better than one”.5. How does college prepare you for work and life success? -College is going to prepare me for wok and life success. I want to get my AA and then transfer to FIU to get my major. I expect to learn more in this class, and to get prepare in other classes. Skills for work, global awareness. College is
  2. 2. going to teach me how to become more responsible with my life. My career it’sgoing to be the guide for my future, my life depends on my effort, for a goodsalary and working in something that I really love.