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Career Project

  1. 1. CAREER PROJECT Katherine Delgado November 30, 2011 SLS- 1001
  2. 2. SLS CAREER CLUSTER PAPER When the students go to college they have to choose their careers with their eyes closewhat I mean with that is that they don’t research about the career they are going to follow. Iconvinced myself completing “Work Values Sorter” and FOCUS that I have to study some careerrelated with science because the results from the test matches my expectations to become apediatrician or work in the science field. I find out in Work Interest Profile that I am more socialthan artistic; pediatrician required treating the patient with kindness and patience. In WorkValues Sorter one of the careers suggested, I research about this career because beforebecoming a doctor I have to complete an Associate in Arts then a Bachelor in Biology. I research about Interior Designer I was curious because I thought it was an easy career.I find out that this career requires the interior designer to be extroverted and to be artistic;doesn’t required math or science, but the skills needed are reading, writing and speakingbecause they have to talk with the customers and ask opinions about his/her job. They workirregular hours, and physical demand they have to be standing or walking. As other careers, thiscareer goes hand by hand with the economy. The job opening is very small as well as theemployment rate. They have to study 2 years of an associate and other 2 years of design finallythey have to take a test from the state so they can be license of working as an expert in interiordesigner. I check out The American Society of Interior Designer is the most importantorganizations for interior designers I learn and found out very important information about thisfield. In this website I can go to events where I am going to find experts in this career and ask
  3. 3. them questions about this field. The ASID give the student ideas of how to decorate, they buildpartnership so that the students in the future could work in this field with more facility. My education and career goal is to become a pediatrician. This research influence mydecision to keep working for my dream career because of the results of the test for examplevalues profile are helping people, being independent and risking working physically. Otherresults show that I have to study something related with science and helping people. I foundthe project helpful because I had the opportunity to research about different careers andcompare and contrast them with my career. I found some surprise me that I am not artistic, butI am very curious with projects. I found some careers that have good conditions that I am goingto have in mind for my future.
  4. 4. PART THREE  “Is This For You?” What does a person do in this career and are you still interested in this field? Does this field match the results of your assessments? My career choice is Interior Designer and it’s not for me, I just wanted to find out more information about it. Interior Designer, plans, design, decorates the interior of an environment. An interior designer discusses the budget for the planning interior with the client. Then he/she coordinates with the architect, engineer and more about how to build the place so he/she could decorate in a better way. Selects a design, shops, estimates materials. The work hours and travel requires overtime and very irregular hours. Requires the interior designer to work with his/her hands, speak clearly to be understood, identify different colors, brightness and have a good taste with fashion. The designer has to understanding and accepts the different opinions about the costumers. No I am not interested in this field I just had some curiosity about what consist this work. According to Work Interest Profile Summary I don’t have any art skills and for this job I need to have a high percentage of arts because its base on combining and creating. According to Myers Briggs Personality Type I am INTJ and with the personality type of this career my personality doesn’t match. The only similarity is the value assessment that requires being independent and I am very independent with my life.  “What to Learn” What type of degree or certification do you need for this career? This career needs a bachelor degree on interior design, then 1 to 3 years of formal training to learn more about kinesthetically. This career requires a lot of reading and a low percentage of science. The NC (National Council) requires to every interior designer to take an exam the prerequisite are five years of education and experience in interior design and 2 years of experience in the field. Once the student completed the exam and the requisite he/she can begin working and continue studying.  “Money & Outlook” What is the salary range for this career and the employment outlook? Is this what you expected? The yearly average annual wage in Florida is $49,442; the outlook for Florida is estimated to increase in 18%, job opening 210 and 3,929 employment occupation. National employment and outlook for interior designer is very low. The outlook for interior designer is stable, job opening and employment is low. This career is growing faster by the hand of the economy and Self-employment 26.7%. Yes, I expected to be this way because with the economy now a day’s people are trying to decrease their expenses as much as they can.  “Connections” Select at least one networking resources from this area and tell how it benefits your career choices. I choose the American Society of Interior Designers ( this website helps me find events around the nation so I can talk to people who are experts with in this field so I can ask them question. ASID offers awards and competitions, membership info, practice and business. This website is very helpful because I can communicate directly with a specialist and find more information about design research and ask opinions of my work. Information about interior design registration laws for every designer in every state. Education about interior design, industry partners. Even though I am not interest in this field an interior design is a very fun and easy career to study.
  5. 5. FOCUS AND CHOICES RESULTS Part one: FocusWork Interest Assessment Summary
  6. 6. Personality Profile Summary
  7. 7. Skills Profile Summary
  8. 8. Values Profile Summary
  9. 9. Leisure Interest Profile Summary
  10. 10.  Part two: Choices