NAME: Katherine Delgado                                                                    Date: 11/21/11          Keys to...
Chapter 4 - (page 112) Journal Entry – Make a wiser choiceType information here:-   When I was in high school I had good g...
that test but just for that questions I got a C. I feel really bad because I realize I have to remember more the    materi...
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Journal Entries


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Journal Entries

  1. 1. NAME: Katherine Delgado Date: 11/21/11 Keys to Success – Journal Entry Assignments You will submit this document at the end of the termDirections: Each journal entry corresponds with a chapter in your book. There are 12 chapters and youwill complete 12 Journal entries. Go to each page; answer the questions for each Journal in thisdocument. For example, under Journal Entry 1 (page 24 in your book), read each question in your bookand place your answers in this document. (Do not complete Real-Life Writing) Chapter 1- (page 24) Journal Entry - How you are feeling now Type information here: - I feel really good and confortable about college, I know I am in the right path to success and I realize that the only way to have a better future is studying as much as I can. This feelings tells me that I am ready to accomplish my goals to become a pediatrician and to success in life. Some actions that are going to help me prepared are to speak at loud in class, not be afraid to speak in front of people. I will face my fears talking with my classmates. Chapter 2 - (page 54) Journal Entry – How you feel about your time management Type information here: - I feel good with my daily activities, doing all my homework, getting good grades and learning something new makes me happy. When I get a bad grade or I don’t understand something that frustrates me. I think I am working well with my choices. I spend my time studying and doing homework, I don’t have family obligation neither a job so I have time to study. I will make some changes and schedule arranging my time so I can have time to myself and to study. Chapter 3 – (page 81) Journal Entry – Your interactions with others Type information here: - I tend to get along with people who are quiet and responsible. I feel good around this people because I hate to procrastinate, and I am very persistent with my grades. The people who irk me are those who talk at loud when the professor is explaining something, disrespect and laugh about other students, because they think they are perfect. This people make me feel uncomfortable with myself, I try to prevent siting besides them or asking something to the professor because I am sure they are going to laugh at me. This feeling tell me that I have to keep going as I am doing now, I have to focus on m y dreams and never listen to those laughs that affect me from people that are not worth it.
  2. 2. Chapter 4 - (page 112) Journal Entry – Make a wiser choiceType information here:- When I was in high school I had good grades, a good GPA and I was in NHS I had almost everything to get into FIU, except the ACT/SAT scores. I wish I could study and prepare better. If I could approach the decision again I would study more and I know with a better understanding of the material cover I could have got into FIU. But I understand that everything happens for a reason.Chapter 5 - (page 146) Journal Entry – Reading challengesType information here:- I only have three classes, the reading one is really easy what is making it hard is the final exam I am really worry about passing that is time. When I read I create like a movie in my head I try to remember everything, I love to read because I visualize how the characters are. These feelings make me improve my reading style activating my schema. Focusing on the key points of your survey, focus on your Q-stage questions and create a text table. Find the main idea, recite and review so you could remember everything what you have read.Chapter 6 - (page 172) Journal Entry – Understanding your needs and making changesType information here:- I had trouble taking notes in math class; math requires the teacher write on the board and explains my teacher only taught at loud the material. Yes, the subject was really important; math is universal and basic for every person’s life. I feel really bad because I didn’t understand anything. One of the three strategies is: record information effectively during class so I could review at home. The second strategy is review and revises so when the test comes I could get a good grade and a better understanding. The third strategy would be outlines of everything the professor taught using my book. I will be able to learn without having to ask for help.Chapter 7- (page 204) Journal Entry – How feelings connect study successType information here:- I feel really useful when I was able to recall, when I was working on a project about the Holocaust I was able to recall all the information from a book we read and we were able to ask questions to a man who was a survivor from the Holocaust and the author of the book. I understand what I memorize creating a movie on my mind, reciting, rehearsing and writing about what question my group was going to ask. But when we were in the auditorium I was so nervous that I couldn’t remember any question. So I took 20 minutes to myself. Then I am facing a challenge I always say to myself “I can do this”, other action is taking some minutes to myself and finally thinking that in some minutes I am going to get over with what I am doing.Chapter 8- (page 236) Journal Entry – Test typesType information here:- I feel more comfortable with Multiple Choice questions and Fill-in-the-blank questions bring me negative feelings. I was going to take a Chemistry test and half of the test was fill in the blank questions which I don’t like, because you can have a variety of words but you need only a specific one I remember I study a lot for
  3. 3. that test but just for that questions I got a C. I feel really bad because I realize I have to remember more the materials and I have to find a way to do it. I have to use think analytical and create mnemonic devices to help me create a better understanding when answering a fill in the blank questions.Chapter 9 - (page 263) Journal Entry – Your experience with prejudiceType information here:-No, I haven’t been discriminated. No I haven’t I don’t like to prejudice because we are not perfects and we arethe same. I remember a situation that my friend suffer a discrimination situation, she was going to apply for aimportant university but since she is Hispanic the application didn’t proceed, she had 4.30 GPA, she was inNational Honor Society and straight As’. Still they didn’t accept her; she was really upset and sad. Nobody cantell you, you can’t do it; positive thoughts bring positive solutions. Never let something destroy your life, thefuture always give you a better situation for something bad that happened during your life time.Chapter 10 - (page 292) Journal Entry – AddictionType information here:- We all have some addiction to something, my addiction was with the internet (Facebook) I was so concentrated with viewing what my friends did the weekends, the pictures and everything that I forgot about my real life. But little by little I control my addiction, and now I only use the internet for homework. If someone close to me has a dangerous addiction I would help them no matter what I have to go through, I would take them to places where they can get help and with the support of the family I know that in the future they are going to be thankful.Chapter 11 - (page 320) Journal Entry – You and creditType information here:- When I use my credit card, I usually pay full and paid on time. My parents always deposit $20.00 every month for my expenses. I only use my card when I think is necessary to buy or pay something important. When I use my card hurts me because I know I have to pay, money now a days flows like water; paying all my card leave me with 0 money in my bank account. I will make a balance and ask my father for help so he can advise me how to pay my credit card little by little instead of all together.Chapter 12 - (page 345) Journal Entry – Revisit your personal missionType information here:- I feel really confortable, now I understand better how college works; I know how to manage my time, to eat healthy, to leave aside any unimportant situations and to prioritize. This class has help me how to work better in college, I want to become a pediatrician this class has help me investigate the time, money and effort I need to accomplish my goal. Thanks to this class I learn that I have to overcome my fear of shyness, to communicate with my professors and speak with my classmates.