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Department of Nursing Science: Writing Week January 2022



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Our Faculty have three writing weeks each year, when we focus on our writing. In our department, we facilitate the week with a mix of writing slots, expert sessions and a daily short writing sprint, based on the work of Peter Elbow on freewriting. This presentation has the daily writing 'sprint' tasks - please feel free to re-use and share - just credit where appropriate (all credits at end of slidedeck)

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Department of Nursing Science: Writing Week January 2022

  1. 1. Welcome to the Department of Nursing Science writing sprint facilitated by Debbie Holley With expert sessions from Vanessa Heaslip, Pramod Regmi, and dawn Morley and Les Gelling One idea, write for 20 minutes, report back....or carry on....
  2. 2. Expert talks: • Tuesday: Dr Vanessa Heaslip and Prof Debbie Holley spoke about writing for formal publications (practice journals, academic journals, book chapters) and Influential publication (syndicated national blogs, policy writing for Governmental evidence as well as 'The conversation' and 'WonkHE') • Wednesday: Dr Pramod Regmi offered insights into building our academic profiles using a whole range of tools, and showed how he worked across the different types of mediums • Thursday Dr Dawn Morley shared the joys and challenges of collaborations and leading her four edited book collections • And Friday our week closed with Dr Les Gelling speaking about the peer review process as the editor of two prestigious nursing journals All slides available in MSTeams/DNS/All staff/staff development – and Faculty staff wanting access, contact Debbie
  3. 3. Day 1: getting started? The genre task Once upon a time, you were walking across a beautiful beach when looking out to sea you saw a.... now select a genre, and freewrite for three minutes... Thriller/comedy/romance/horror/sci-fi/ epic/fairytale/ fantasy/crime/history • then link the final sentence into your 'real' writing • Based on Peter Elbows' work and English, (2011)
  4. 4. Different kinds of Vanessa and Debbie Practice journals Academic journals Book chapters Blogs
  5. 5. The blank screen/ empty piece of paper task Photo by Krisztina Kovari on Unsplash Day 2: It is national bird day
  6. 6. task • On one piece of paper, write for three minutes about either: • This robin • A PhD paragraph /piece of writing you are struggling with On the other piece of paper, note what is distracting you, no matter how small, large, significant/insignificant
  7. 7. Reflections on distractions https://www.phrasebank.manchester. and-tools/conciseness-handout/ Photo by Benoit Gauzere on Unsplash
  8. 8. Please take a screen grab of this beautiful tree, or take a photo using your mobile, or draw a tree with roots and branches Then – use post-it notes or add text to the image: the roots are the key underlying principles of your paragraphs, the leaves are the examples, illustrative quotes, etc
  9. 9. option 1 pulling it all together...amazing abstracts and fabulous first lines Abstracts: 10.20 There shall be an abstract of approximately 300 words on a single page bound into the thesis. The abstract should be single line spaced. The abstract should state the nature and scope of the work undertaken and of the contribution to knowledge in the discipline. The abstract should normally contain four separate paragraphs which shall clearly state: (a) what was investigated and why; (b) how the topic was investigated; (c) what was found; (d) what conclusions were drawn from the evidence Anglia Ruskin research degree regulations 2019 Badley, G.F., 2020. Why and how academics write. Qualitative Inquiry, 26(3-4), pp.247-256. Available online: First lines: The wonderful amazing academic phrasebank EXCELLENT site for linking phrases and for WRITING:
  10. 10. Changing our writing practices • Welcome to day 4! Option 2 • Try: Writtenkitten Write 100 words, get a kitten image • Try: 30 little ways to motivate you to write Select one a day
  11. 11. Resources and inspiration from: All based around Peter Elbows ideas for freewriting Images from - copyright free pictures Daily ' it is national bird day' from what-day-is-it/ Creative ideas from Pauline Ridleys work at arning/drawing/ And from Sandra Sinfield and the team running #CreativeHE