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Paid Media: Maturing Your Social Media Practice for Synagogues



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Paid Media: Maturing Your Social Media Practice for Synagogues

  1. 1. Paid Media Second in a 5-part series on maturing social media practice for synagogues Hosted by Lisa Colton, President, Darim Online and Chief Learning Officer, See3 Communications Presented by Bridgett Colling, Director of Content Strategy Tweeting today? @DarimOnline @UJAfedny @LisaColton @BridgettColling
  2. 2. Agenda UJA Webinar - Paid Media Welcome, context, Bridgett intro and goals Paid vs. owned vs. earned media Introduction to Google Ads and Grants Introduction to Facebook Ads
  3. 3. Who Are You Targeting?
  4. 4. How Will They Find You? And Act? Right Place. Design For Action.
  5. 5. About Me: Bridgett Colling ● Director of Content Strategy at See3 ● Favorite digital marketing topics (at this very second): ○ Audience-centric content and micro-moments ● I love cooking, traveling and binging on podcasts UJA Webinar - Paid Media
  6. 6. Goals ● Learn how to leverage paid meeting as part of your overall communications plan. ● Learn the benefits of some of the most popular and effective paid media platforms for nonprofits - Google Grants and Facebook ads.
  7. 7. Why is paid media important?
  8. 8. UJA Webinar - Paid Media
  9. 9. UJA Webinar - Paid Media
  10. 10. UJA Webinar - Paid Media
  11. 11. Google Grants
  12. 12. How can Google Grants help you? ● Get your message out to the right people at the right time ● Solicit donations from within your ads ● Recruit more volunteers and engage supporters UJA Webinar - Paid Media
  13. 13. What do you get? ● $10K per month in in-kind AdWords Restrictions (I’ll explain what these mean later): ● A maximum $2 keyword bid ● Only for keyword-targeted campaigns and text ads UJA Webinar - Paid Media
  14. 14. Who’s eligible? ● Orgs with 501(c)3 status - even religious orgs that are automatically tax exempt need this status ● Acknowledge and agree to requirements regarding nondiscrimination and donation use ● Have a functioning website with substantial content Apply online: apply/ UJA Webinar - Paid Media
  15. 15. The best way to get the most out of your Google Grant is to build a strong account structure!
  16. 16. Targeting with Ad Groups ● Ad groups target people you want to take action and drive them to a specific page on your site ● Ad groups should have 15-30 keywords per group UJA Webinar - Paid Media
  17. 17. ● Headline - include keywords, ask questions ● Description lines 1 & 2 - show your value and include a call to action ● URL - use a display URL
  18. 18. Getting the most out of your Google Grant
  19. 19. Use keyword planner UJA Webinar - Paid Media
  20. 20. Pick popular pages UJA Webinar - Visual Storytelling
  21. 21. Facebook Ads
  22. 22. Why use Facebook ads? ● Easy to target your ideal audience online ● Shows their friends who already like your page ● Robust targeting and reporting ● Lots of creative options to choose from ● Your audience is probably on Facebook UJA Webinar - Paid Media
  23. 23. 1. Pick your objective UJA Webinar - Paid Media
  24. 24. 2. Target, target, target UJA Webinar - Paid Media
  25. 25. 3. Budget UJA Webinar - Paid Media
  26. 26. In conclusion ● Paid media is a powerful part of your communications strategy, and works in tandem with earned and owned media ● Google Grants gives nonprofits free money - you should use it! ● A successful paid campaign is all about great structure, not a singularly awesome ad ● Facebook targeting is robust and powerful - use it! UJA Webinar - Paid Media
  27. 27. Questions?
  28. 28. THANK YOU! Want to chat about paid media or social media strategy? Email me at UJA Webinar - Paid Media Thank you to SYNERGY and UJA-Federation of New York for their support of this webinar series. ● Communicating for Social: Feb 25, 1-2pm ● Representing Your Brand Online: Content Strategy and Planning: March 8, 1-2pm ● Crowdfunding: March 29, 1-2pm All times above are eastern. Once registered, you will receive login information for all webinars. Recording, slides and other links will be coming to your inbox shortly!