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Engagement - FB Marketing Conference


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Engagement - FB Marketing Conference

  1. 1. Engagement: the true measure ofsuccessful Facebook communities Wednesday, March 27th, 2013
  2. 2. Engagement IntroWho We Are:Breanne SchroderDigital Community Specialist, rGentaWe develop and carry out comprehensive digital strategy for a suitebrands, personalities, films, and non-profits. Among these, werepresent one of Canada’s Top 2 Engaged Pages on Facebook( We’re Here:We see organizations of all sizes create and manage Facebookpages with the wrong goals in mind. They are focused on growingtheir pages, garnering impressions and bombarding their fans withbranded content every day. How we areapproaching social needs to change!
  3. 3. Engagement What is it? Engagement is more than just the size of a community or the number of visits you acquire. Engagement requires dialogue. It commands the ability to choose how and when to engage and a unique, yet integrated intention across each channel. What is especially important is whether or not people are genuinely interacting with you, and you with them. Engagement defines the core of the relationship between consumers and organizations.
  4. 4. Engagement Best Practices1. Encourage your engagement plan to extend outside of your brand’spersonal domains and interests2. Gain leverage through collaboration with your fans. Use user-generated-content in your content plan!3. Earn connections by allowing for and showcasing appreciation foradvocacy. Reward the loyal and the influential with perks
  5. 5. Engagement Best Practices4. Define and stay true to a digital identity / character. Let go of the stuffybrand messaging customers are used to seeing in marketing. Begenuine, personable and tackle the hard stuff face on5. Listen to your community – directly or indirectly, they will tell you howthey want to be engaged with6. Don’t just push content, get involved. Show up, participate and be anauthentic and regularly active member of yourcommunities
  6. 6. Engagement Best Practices7. Actually act on inquiries. Have a system in placeto address them in a timely fashion and follow up8. Set the tone for conduct and hold yourself and your communityaccountable. A safe, welcoming and positive environment creates fertilegrounds for engagement9. Avoid the use of “canned” messaging. Even for commonly askedquestions, fans notice when you copy and paste ageneric response
  7. 7. Engagement Best Practices10. Empower and train your Community Manager(s). This personshouldn’t simply be social media savvy, they requirecopywriting, marketing, PR, customer service, time management, analyticsand planning skills. They are the voice and face of your brand online.Understand this job is not conventional! Our CM’s work from the office andfrom home, at various intervals during the day from 9am-10pm. They needto be present when your community is most alive.
  8. 8. Engagement Case Study: Crystal Head VodkaKey Elements for Success • Strong customer service & response rate to fan posts • Appreciation and promotion of UGC • Compelling brand story & voice • Frequent promotions & giveaways to promote regular engagement and showcase appreciation • Timing of posts (late evening) • Influencer program (perks for loyal and influential) • Personal relationship between CM and fan base
  9. 9. Engagement Case Study: Revolution (film)Key Elements for Success • Rapid response rate to all fan comments and inquiries • Content plan is very rich media based – CM works with designer to produce compelling posts • Brand champion (Rob Stewart) • Calls-to-action – people are more likely to engage when given a simple ask • Appreciation and sharing of UGC • Address the hard questions face on
  10. 10. Engagement Questions?Breanne SchroderDigital Community*Will post SlideShare link immediately after this presentation on Twitter