Creativity and Innovation


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Creativity and Innovation

  1. 1. Creativity and Innovation in Technoprenuership Sharifah Nur Syahidah binti Sayed Abu Bakar Siti Amirah binti Khirrudin
  2. 2. What is Creativity?
  3. 3. • (Lotherington,2008)the merging of ideas which have not been mergedbefore.• (Dorf and Byers, 2005)The ability to use the imagination to develop newideas, new things or new solutions• (Matherly & Goldsmith, 1985)the generation of ideas that result in improvedefficiency or effectiveness of a system.• (May, 1975)the process of bringing something new into being.
  4. 4. What is Innovation?
  5. 5. • (Howell & Higgins, 1990)The process by which entrepreneurs convert opportunitiesinto marketable ideas.• (Drucker, 1985)The specific instrument of entrepreneurs, the means bywhich they exploit change as an opportunity for adifferent business or a different service.• Luecke and Katz (2003)Innovation is the embodiment, combination, or synthesisof knowledge in original, relevant, valued new products,processes, or services.
  6. 6. Innovation And CreativityAll innovation begins with creative ideas.Innovation is defined as the successfulimplementation of creative ideas.Creativity by individuals and teams is astarting point for innovation.
  7. 7. Innovation VS Creativity Creativity InnovationComing up with ideas Bringing the ideas to life Displayed by Occurs in the individuals organizational and social context.
  8. 8. Basic Type Of Innovation• INVENTION : Totally new product , service or process.• EXTENSION : New use or different application of an already existing product, service or process.• DUPLICATION : Creative replication of an existing concept.• SYNTHESIS : Combination of existing concepts and factors into a new formulation or use.
  9. 9. Types of Innovation Supply Chain Services Business ModelProduct Marketing Type of Innovation Substantial Organizational Financial Process
  10. 10. Product InnovationInvolves the introduction of a new good or servicethat is new or substantially improved.Might include improvements in functionalcharacteristics, technical abilities, ease of use, orany other dimension.
  11. 11. History of mobile phone
  12. 12. Business Model InnovationA method of doing business by which acompany can generate revenue to sustain itself Informal and formal models that are used byenterprises to represent various aspects ofbusinessInvolves changing the way business is done interms of creating values.
  13. 13. Eg:
  14. 14. Marketing InnovationDevelopment of new marketing methods withimprovement in product design andpackaging, product promotion or pricing
  15. 15. Creativity InnovationCan be found both in manufacturing andservice firms since they can, particularlyobviously at present, provide services tocustomers.
  16. 16. Process InnovationInvolves the implementation of a new orsignificantly improved production or deliverymethod.
  17. 17. Process for Creative Solutions Process Stage Steps Objective Finding (identify the goal, wish or challenge) Fact Finding (gather the relevant data)Explore the Challenge Problem Finding (clarify the problems that need to be solved in order to achieve the goal) Idea Finding (generate ideas to solve theGenerate Ideas identified problem) Solution Finding (move from idea toPrepare for Action implementable solution) Acceptance Finding (plan for action)
  19. 19. How to promote Creativity and Innovation in Business manegement• Through education and training• Get away from the office routinely as a team.• Have a brainstorming session with open-ended questions.• Reward new ideas/Recognize new thoughts/Celebrate success• Encourage thinking time.• Remove obstacles to innovative thought• Be accessible.• Welcome diversity of thoughts and opinions, even if they are different than yours.
  20. 20. Block to Creativity and Innovation• Mindset• Personal Blocks to Creativity• Organizational Block Creativity
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