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Inventure ICT presentation 2012 05 sami


Published on event. Investment topics, Innovation Money Cycle.

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Inventure ICT presentation 2012 05 sami

  1. 1. H e l s i n k i - S h a n g h a iExciting VC Investment Topics, May 2012 Sami Lampinen, Inventure Oy
  2. 2. 2011 facts• 14 portfolio companies• 470 employees• EUR 70m in 2011 revenue• Sales growth 55% in 2011• 4% of revenue from Finland• Finnish ownership +80%
  3. 3. Topic 1: Future materials & material processing• From micro to nanoelectronics – from nano to molecular and atom –size materials• Carbon as a future source of materials, metals, semiconductors, transistors, energy storage• Processes for converting/transforming widely available existing materials (H2O, CO, Ag) into BigBang IPR• Converting, refining, reusing existing scarce material inventory
  4. 4. Topic 2: Automated society• From data capture to data analysis, to cloud storage and big data• From Big to AllData: Automated & assisted transactions using all the information available, everywhere, all the time. – 247 AllData on consumer behaviour, purchase & consumption, automated ordering, forecasting – Health sensoring, measuring, predicting your health and life. Advising on medication, preventing the worst. – Environmental modelling, energy & weather, pollution. – Traffic, logistics, waste
  5. 5. Topic 3: Life at Work / Workstyle• From Ctrl-Alt-Del to SaaS, Dropbox & SlideShare• From iPad access to Work at any location with any Device – Services and technologies enabling project based and virtual team based assignments, for multiple sets of employers – Multiple working environments and distributed tasks – Paid by $25 per hour to $0,03 per task or or – Value based work with a bonus every hour? – Do social networks correlate to employee retention?
  6. 6. Innovation Money cycle InnovationsResearch Inventions Entrepreneurs Value growth Wealth creation
  7. 7. Radical Owner Actions for Finland• Extreme industry focus in capturing and securing globally leading technology research domains• Revolution of Finland into a Start-up haven with truly tropical entrepreneurial climate• Maximise the value creation and Wealth accumulation to Finnish entrepreneurs, owners & investors• Increase, nurture and capitalize on the Assets of Finland• Turbocharging the Innovation money cycle: Invest - Innovate – Grow – Exit.... Re-invest – Innovate – Grow – Exit....
  8. 8. Innovation vs. Money cycle InnovationsResearch Inventions Entrepreneurs Value Growth Finland Wealth Creation
  9. 9. Inventure – the leading early-stage investor in Finland• Full focus on commercializing innovations and early-stage technology companies• Funds under management +53 M€• Offices in Helsinki, Finland and Shanghai, China• Value creation strategy driven by lead investor responsibility, hands-on approach, and full investment capacity• Professional team with solid track record in the Nordic venture capital and with broad industrial network• Portfolio examples include Freespee, Silex Microsystems, Beneq, Thinglink, Rightware and Valon lasers
  10. 10. Inventure ecosystem Nanotechnology Mobile & Media IPR-rich Compotents Software CleantechInvestee companies Investee companies Investee companies Customers Customers Customers
  11. 11. 3 P’s• People – Everything is people’s business• Product – Niche, scalable products – First mover advantage, disruptive technology, or explosive consumer appeal?• Passion – Real commitment – Positive energy and drive
  12. 12. 3 T’s• Team – Are we backing the superstar or the team? – Our role as a VC?• Time – Reality. Don’t fund any business too early.• Targets – What do you measure, KPIs? – Where to focus and when?
  13. 13. 3 E’s• Entry – Very significant for the VC – What is needed to reach the next level and when• Execution – Execution of the vision, strategy and expectations – Responsibilities of different team members• Exit – Crystal clear plan, or – Boost the disruption