Creativity & Innovation

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Sep. 4, 2008

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Creativity & Innovation

  1. Creative Problems
  2. Do not Succumb to Logic
  3. Have no “one right answer”
  4. And have too many wrong answers
  5. They are a bit like jokes – you often do not find out how good they really are until after you have tried them out
  6. So how do we find the solutions to these tricky challenges?
  7. Use Creativity!
  8. A Creative Solution
  9. Is “new” - else its not creative!
  10. Is “useful” - solves the problem
  11. Is “feasible” - in the real world
  12. But where is Creativity in an organization?
  13. Is it in its People?
  14. Is it in the Innovation Processes?
  15. Is it in the Products / Services / Business Models?
  16. Better have in all of them!
  17. Why?
  18. Because, in a Flat World
  19. Innovation will keep you on the map!
  20. Because, Hard work
  21. & Low Cost Are no longer enough ...
  22. Remember: Intellectual Arbitrage is here to stay!
  23. Creativity by individuals and teams is a starting point for innovation;
  24. Creativity is a necessary but not sufficient condition for Innovation.
  25. Also, Invention is required for Innovation to take place.
  26. Invention is a new idea that is turned into a tangible outcome.
  27. OTOH, Innovation is the conversion of a new idea into revenues & profits.
  28. Collate Create Commercialize  Collect & collate Ideas  Engage complete business ecosystem  Filter the collated ideas  Sponsor  Prototyping / PoC  SLDC / Project Management  Implementation  Go To Market  Social Marketing C3 Innovation Methodology (C) Cognizant Technology Solutions [Solutions & Innovations Group, CSP]
  29. Are you ready to Innovate?
  30. Start firing!
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