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The perfect ux designer toolkit


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Talk for Web2day by Chui Chui Tan (@ChuiSquared)

Published in: Design, Technology
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The perfect ux designer toolkit

  1. 1. The perfect UX designer toolkit Chui Chui Tan @ChuiSquared
  2. 2. @ChuiSquared Chui Chui Tan products/international-user-research
  3. 3. User Experience (UX) design
  4. 4. User, user, user The most important tool for UX design: the users.
  5. 5. @MeenaKadri
  6. 6. User research
  7. 7. Face-to-face interview
  8. 8. Face-to-face interview Silverback Notational velocity Pen and paper Evernote TextExpander
  9. 9. Ethnography
  10. 10. Moderated remote testing Webex Skype GoToMeeting Adobe Connect Slingshot Pear note
  11. 11. Unmoderated remote testing Netizen Testing OpenHallway Userlytics Loop11
  12. 12. Guerilla testing
  13. 13. Online survey Photo:
  14. 14. Call centre listening
  15. 15. Store visit
  16. 16. Choose the one suits you the best Budget Time What are you testing What do you want to find out Resources Who are your users Where are your users
  17. 17. Design User research
  18. 18. Wireframing : Low-fi Pen and paper Sneakpeekit uistencil
  19. 19. Wireframing : Low-fi Keynote / Powerpoint
  20. 20. Wireframing: High-fi Axure InDesign Omnigraffle Sketch
  21. 21. Interaction and animation design HTMl + CSS + JS Axure Hype InVision Flash Justinmind Indigo Studio
  22. 22. Prototyping
  23. 23. StrategyDesign User research
  24. 24. IA Strategy
  25. 25. Content Strategy Inventory (Quan) and audit (Qual) Content Analysis Tool (CAT) Google Spreadsheet
  26. 26. Customer experience map
  27. 27. What users do Tasks Emotion Choosing Specifying Financing Buying ‘Bottom half of the experience map’ can be used, for example, …
  28. 28. What users do Phase 2 Web Call centre Competitor Tasks Emotion Choosing Specifying Financing Buying
  29. 29. StrategyDesign User research
  30. 30. Communicate User researchers Designers Front-end developers Back-end developers Business Analysts Business stakeholders Business stakeholders SEO consultants
  31. 31. @Shopify Keeping track
  32. 32. Workshop
  33. 33. Workshop tin
  34. 34. @Screenpunk If you want to create a good user experience design, you need to involve your users in the process. ! What others are doing in the industry does not mean it’s a good practice for good user experience.
  35. 35. User experience Vs Creativity @Nebraska Oddfish There’s a balance between being bold or creative and providing good user experience.
  36. 36. If you’re not talking to your users or taking into consideration their needs and behaviours, what you created might be a piece of beautiful art but is not usable and won’t convert sales or increase conversion rates.
  37. 37.
  38. 38.
  39. 39. Pinterest boards on UX Tools
  40. 40. User research user-experience-testing-tools/
  41. 41. Sketching, wireframing, prototyping POP - Prototyping on Paper Mobile prototyping tool
  42. 42. IA and Content Strategy
  43. 43. Customer experience map /ddeboard/ux-customer-experience-maps/ transforming- minds-of-clients/ /akababa/uxcx-customer-journeys/ Pinterest
  44. 44. Chui Chui Tan @ChuiSquared