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COM597 Interactive Design: CARmax Mobile APP


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Published in: Technology, Business
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COM597 Interactive Design: CARmax Mobile APP

  1. 1. COM 597: Interactive Design Mobile APP Project Christine Liu .Edward Chang .Li-Tien Ou .Melinda Yang
  2. 2. Overview • Client Introduction and The Problem • Project Goal Research • Best Practices Competitive Audit •, ebay MOTORS and edmunds • Interview Findings • Persona: Life Style, Function and Brand • Design Concept and UX Strategy Design • User Flow, Sitemap, Sketches • CARmax Mobile APP Wireframes Agenda
  3. 3. About the Company CarMax is the largest used car dealership chain in the US with over 100 dealerships and have sold over 5 million cars.
  4. 4. The Problem Customers of CarMax are commonly undecided on the exact car they wish to purchase. Knowing what car type, make, model and options to select as the criteria for a buyer can be a confusing and a long and drawn out process. This often leads to potential customers leaving the dealership without buying a car and risk going elsewhere once their mind is more made up.
  5. 5. Project Goal Brand Favorability Uniqueness Experience Increase Walk-in Rates Make Car-picking Process Easier Go Viral with Social Media Entertaining Process CarMax Users
  6. 6. Kirkland Life Chiropractic T Research Findings
  7. 7. Research Findings: Best Practices Competitive Audit Features Point out valuable cars Compare up to three options at a time side by side by rotating device Need ebay account to save cars Has various channels for additional car information Need to follow three steps to complete searching by brand -> series -> year Functions 1. Car search 2. Sell cars 3. Favorites 4. Research 5. Financing 1. Superior searching results 2. Research & specs 3. Favorites 4. Tools 5. Dealers & reviews 1. Featured cars 2. search 3. Favorites 4. Community, video, blogs, events 1. vehicle search 2. dealer search 3. calculators 4. Show available cars with nearby dealers 5. Professional and user reviews UI 1. Filter is complicated 2. Inconsistency UI and aesthetic design 1. Color organization displays consistency of organization 2. Memory for color information 1. Simple and 2. Elegant UI design 1. Offer user control and freedom 2. Search options minimize users' memory load
  8. 8. Research Findings: Best Practices Competitive Audit
  9. 9. Research Findings: Best Practices Competitive Audit
  10. 10. Research Findings: Best Practices Competitive Audit
  11. 11. Research Findings: Best Practices Competitive Audit
  12. 12. Research Findings: Interviews • The distrust feeling toward dealers •More willing to get recommendations from friends and relatives • Hard to calculate the ideal car meeting budget from previous site and app use experience • Complexity of filtering searching results • Have difficulty managing the list of cars they were interested in
  13. 13. How the interview affected our final app 1. Create entertaining process by gamification 2. Provide favorite function to keep interested cars in a list 3. Find or contact dealers easily 4. Intuitive filter function 5. Clear list of price and features based on location
  14. 14. Kirkland Life Chiropractic T Persona Provided by Instructor
  15. 15. Kirkland Life Chiropractic T Design
  16. 16. Concept & UX Strategy Define Persona Gathering FB Personal Information Give Recommendations like a friend GET YOUR MATCHED CARS!
  17. 17. Concept & UX Strategy
  18. 18. Concept & UX Strategy Car Buyer Persona Deciding by Lifestyle, Feature and Brand
  19. 19. User Flow
  20. 20. SitemapSitemap Favorite
  21. 21. Sketches
  22. 22. Main Functions • Process of gathering users' FB data • Start the game and get recommendations • Add favorite cars to a list • Contact a dealer about a specific car selected Wireframe
  23. 23. Kirkland Life Chiropractic T THANK YOU