Microsoft Digital Solutions: Multi-Channel Marketing


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  • Manage the complexity of granular targetingTargeted audiences split their time between many channels, media formats and devices The effective use of internal and external targeting data within digital campaigns remains complexFinding and engaging dissatisfied customers offsite is time consuming and ineffective
  • TBDFlexible content management platform - variable levels of content governance, branding, authoring constraints/restrictions, workflow management and approval processes Marketer controlled content combined with user contributed content (web)TBD
  • Increased Channel Control at a Lower CostCentralized infrastructure and application management eliminates brand and campaign silos while increasing granularity of control and monitoring across channelsShared technology frameworks across brands reduce costs and complexity via shared services and charge back modelsEnd-to-end management of physical and virtual environments Tight integration with Microsoft (e.g., SharePoint 2010, SQL Server) and third party server productsSingle integrated solution provided at lower price point than collection of point and gap solutions
  • Microsoft Digital Solutions: Multi-Channel Marketing

    2. 2. AGENDA Consumer Experience Digital Landscape Value Proposition Solution Architecture Solution Components Customer References DIGITAL SOLUTIONS release 1.0.0 [ Slide 2 ] 05 / 2010
    3. 3. New Digital LifestylesDevices Channels Content• Migration of content to digital devices • Interaction with users through applications, • Rapid expansion of digital content and• Growing number of device types and form factors branded sites, off-site presence, advertising formats across all platforms and community engagement • Emerging hybrid formats – convergence• Users expect a seamless experience across devices • Growing user acceptance of new online of ads, content and applications media channels DIGITAL SOLUTIONS release 1.0.0 [ Slide 3 ] 05 / 2010
    4. 4. I want… “…the freedom to interact with a “…brands to understand me” brand anytime, any place” Increase campaign effectiveness and customer loyalty by enabling the centralized management, distribution and optimization of messaging across channels DIGITAL SOLUTIONS release 1.0.0 [ Slide 4 ] 05 / 2010
    5. 5. MOBILE & WIFI ENABLED DEVICE APPLICATIONS SOCIAL, COMMUNITY & NEW MEDIA CHANNELS MOBILE & WIFI ENABLED DEVICE APPLICATIONS “Wow that is a nice laptop, and a great “I’ll bet some of my offer!” CORPORATE, BRAND & online friends would be MICRO SITES interested in this deal” “Great, I can get the same deal on the Contoso website. I’m buying it” EVENT & INSTORE KIOSKS“This is a cool laptop –and there’s a mobileenabled coupon” CLIENT APPLICATIONS “I could use some help with my new purchase…” Consistent and timely experiences across all channels driven by campaign strategy, plans and schedules DIGITAL SOLUTIONS release 1.0.0 [ Slide 5 ] 05 / 2010
    6. 6. I want the freedom to interact with a brand anytime, anyplace Synchronized and Relevant Experiences Across Channels Mobile & Wi-Fi Enabled Device Applications Mobile and Wi-Fi enabled device applications connect customers to a brand and campaigns when on the moveEvent & In-Store KiosksEvent location and in-storekiosks engage and excite Social, Community &consumers when living offline,providing an entry point into a New Media Channelsbrand’s digital experience (e.g., Users self promote product offeringsdistribute promotional or through their online communities andinformational offers straight social networks. Campaign drivenonto mobile devices via Surface messaging is delivered and consumeror other touch devices) sentiment monitored across all digital channels DIGITAL SOLUTIONS release 1.0.0 [ Slide 6 ] 05 / 2010
    7. 7. I want the freedom to interact with a brand anytime, anyplace Synchronized and Relevant Experiences Across Channels Client Applications Client applications deepen relationships and loyalty by providing rich, on brand experiences that satisfy the wants and needs of consumersCorporate, Brand & Micro SitesFriends shop for socially promoted products onowned and partner shopping sites where themessaging content is tightly aligned with campaignobjectives, goals and performance DIGITAL SOLUTIONS release 1.0.0 [ Slide 7 ] 05 / 2010
    8. 8. “Where is the nearest store I can purchase a laptop?”“I need to research “I just bought this newa new laptop” laptop and it’s fantastic!”“Is my current computerWindows 7 ready?” “Now I really need an external hard drive to backup all my stuff” Dynamic campaign messaging, offers and incentives relate to a single customer identity across channels DIGITAL SOLUTIONS release 1.0.0 [ Slide 8 ] 05 / 2010
    9. 9. I want brands to understand me Meaningful and 2-Way Customer Relationships Help Consumers DecideRespond to ConsumerDemands Guide the Way “Where is the nearest store I can purchase my new laptop?” “I need to do some research on a new laptop” “Find the nearest Contoso entertainment “Try our research helper to store and get directions “Is my current computer make sure you get the best through your phone” Windows 7 ready?” laptop for your budget” “Try our Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor” DIGITAL SOLUTIONS release 1.0.0 [ Slide 9 ] 05 / 2010
    10. 10. I want brands to understand meMeaningful and 2-Way Customer Relationships Upsell and Reward Loyalty Exceed Expectations “I just bought this new laptop and it’s fantastic!” “How else can we help you get the most out of “Now I really need an external your new laptop?” hard drive to back up all my stuff” “All of our customers receive a 25% discount on external hard drives” DIGITAL SOLUTIONS release 1.0.0 [ Slide 10 ] 05 / 2010
    11. 11. Technology Driven Innovation Digital Marketing Product Management Data Intelligence & Insights DIGITAL SOLUTIONS release 1.0.0 [ Slide 11 ] 05 / 2010
    12. 12. Solution Scenario Landscape Personalized Experiences Delivery of data driven and customized user experiences Audience Targeting Rich Media Delivery Enabling audience based media buys Maximize the return on media assets by providing high quality experiences Multi-Channel Marketing Content Publishing Increasing campaign effectiveness through an Efficient delivery of compelling editorial integrated marketing platform content across channels and devices DIGITAL SOLUTIONS release 1.0.0 [ Slide 12 ] 05 / 2010
    13. 13. VALUE PROPOSITION Disparate Customer Interactions  Disconnected customer experiences  Inability to measure and adjust campaigns for improved performance  One-way messaging and customer relationships Integrated Messaging Across Channels Synchronized Messaging Cohesive and Coordinated and consistent customer Relevant Customer engagement across channels Experiences Real Time Optimization Increased Rapid alignment of messaging across all channels as related to campaign Campaign objectives and goals Effectiveness Customer Awareness Capture customer feedback and 2-Way Marketing sentiment via multiple touch points DIGITAL SOLUTIONS release 1.0.0 [ Slide 13 ] 05 / 2010
    14. 14. INTEGRATED MESSAGING ACROSS CHANNELS11. Define and manage channel-specific templates for marketing content and customer experiences22. Authoring and flight scheduling of campaign creative/content across owned and off-site properties33. Campaign creative/content deployment as per specified flight schedules44. Centralized delivery and deprecation of creative/content across Syndication channels and devices Conversations Communities55. Integrated configuration, management, deployment and Advertising monitoring of web site and client applications Web Sites66. Monitor, collect and organize data related to customer sentiments and engagement behavior Applications 5 4 Application Multi-Channel Personalized Management Content Delivery Experiences 2 3 6 Rich Media Content Campaign Engagement Delivery Authoring Publication Monitoring & Scheduling Audience Targeting 1 Channel Template Definition CMS Campaign Plan, CAMPAIGN WORKFLOW Objectives, Target Creative/Content Segments Production DAM/CAM CUSTOMER & CAMPAIGN INTELLIGENCE DIGITAL SOLUTIONS release 1.0.0 [ Slide 14 ] 05 / 2010
    15. 15. SOLUTION ARCHITECTURE TV Application Management Multi-Channel Content Delivery PC Client downloads & updates, application & configuration management, data Mobile protection & recovery, application & Content delivery, rendering and deprecation services, web/client infrastructure monitoring application services, conversation response In-Store Content Authoring & Scheduling Campaign Publication Automated processes for transforming and Engagement Monitoring Campaign channel coordination, creative/content deploying published content to the content 3rd Party Analytics & Monitoring authoring , flight scheduling delivery infrastructure Silverlight Analytics Framework Channel Template Definition Interaction management & monitoring, analytics, social media monitoring Creation of channel-specific templates for content authoring and management, implementation of UX/consumer experiences CMS CAMPAIGN WORKFLOW Creative/Content Production DAM/CAM CUSTOMER & CAMPAIGN INTELLIGENCE DIGITAL SOLUTIONS release 1.0.0 [ Slide 15 ] 05 / 2010
    16. 16. CHANNEL TEMPLATE DEFINITION Content Authoring MCM Platform & Scheduling Developer Layout Template Definitions Content Experience Implementations Define channel-specific experiences for rendering content on the client Define channel-specific templates for enabling the authoring, layout and publication of campaign content Visual Styles Layout & Interaction • Provide placeholders for marketers to insert content elements Branding & styling definitions; Implement content consumption and reusable modules common elements (navigation, experiences search, analytics, ad units). • Client-side UI elements for • Set content authoring capabilities & restrictions definitions (i.e., what can be authored on template) Web Pages: Page Styling representing CMS layout Master pages and CSS definitions sections • Provide content shopping tools (browsing, searching, viewing and selecting from existing in-house or agency created assets) • Client content requests Client Application: Skinning • Enable repurposing of selected content assets to adapt them XAML styling definitions and • Mapping of retrieved content to to target channels themes UI elements Common Information Architecture Define underlying CMS structure for storing centralized definitions of content layouts, metadata taxonomy, and channel definitions Content Structure Definitions Content Storage Repositories • Channel specific attributes • Create layout template definition library • Content layouts and taxonomies • Create library for storing content experiences and styling • Data structure for storing layout elements definitions DAM CMS DIGITAL SOLUTIONS release 1.0.0 [ Slide 16 ] 05 / 2010
    17. 17. CONTENT AUTHORING AND SCHEDULING Channel Template Channel-Specific Definition Content Templates Partner Campaign Content Authoring and Scheduling Solutions Channel Coordination Select channel-specific template for content layout composition Content Authoring Creative/Content Asset Selection & Adaptation Flight Scheduling Approval Produce campaign • Browse, search for, view, and select content Set content Campaign owners Campaign messaging and and media assets from Content Storage and template “go-live” review & approve marketing copy assign to placeholders in layout template and expiration messaging content Publication within chosen • Modify content elements as appropriate for timelines as per template target delivery channel campaign schedule Content Authoring Workflow Flexible and customizable campaign content authoring workflows (parallel and serial) Marketer Content Storage Asset Libraries Structured Content Creative/Content Production Video, images, audio, Written copy, tabular data, page element Creative/content and rich asset meta-data 1 content, content meta-data , template media asset creation repositories, flight schedules (creative/digital agency) DAM/CAM CMS 1 Large scale DAM/CAM needs likely served by specialty partner offerings DIGITAL SOLUTIONS release 1.0.0 [ Slide 17 ] 05 / 2010
    18. 18. CAMPAIGN PUBLICATION Rich Media Multi-Channel Content Delivery Delivery Campaign Content Publication Media Publishing Controlled Publishing & Content Deployment Rich Media Content deployed to Content Delivery Infrastructure (i.e., “Go-Live” Publish media assets to Content Delivery campaign content templates deployed into live production environment Infrastructure: where content is ready for delivery to UX/consumer experiences) • Extract media asset references from content articles in CMS, using SharePoint Content Transformation APIs Convert content elements defined in completed layout templates to • Launch media preparation and publishing formats (as required by the Content Delivery Infrastructure deployment processes and UX/consumer experience content requests): • Extract snapshot of content elements from SharePoint CMS (using SharePoint API’s) • Transform and save content elements to staging environment for content deployment and delivery • Content translation (e.g., device-specific variations, multi-language UI) Content Storage Publication Schedule Content Authoring Timeline specific instances of authored and approved content templates awaiting publication as per campaign channel schedules and flight dates & Scheduling DAM CMS DIGITAL SOLUTIONS release 1.0.0 [ Slide 18 ] 05 / 2010
    19. 19. MULTI-CHANNEL CONTENT DELIVERY Content Experiences Web & Mobile Sites, Rich Internet Applications (Browser Based) Client and Mobile Applications Syndication 3rd Party Sites • Page requests Content requests from stand-alone marketer applications that • Asynchronous content requests run on the client from client-side script and • Device aware applications exploit device capabilities, when Silverlight components available (e.g. touch, gestures, pen input, etc.) • Device-specific applications target a specific device platform Content Delivery Infrastructure Off-Site Content Web Application Serving Content Delivery Services Syndication Services Publishing Services • Content delivery via a REST Content exposed by Content pushed by MCM services façade in response to publishing platform to platform to off-site Server-side web page and client requests syndication partners (RSS, properties using 3rd party application processing • Exposure of SharePoint Client embeddable widgets) platform APIs Rich Media Object Model via REST services Delivery Published Content & Media • Snapshot of published content data and media files Personalized • Server-side exposure of SharePoint content template components & content via .NET objects CMS Experiences Campaign Publication DIGITAL SOLUTIONS release 1.0.0 [ Slide 19 ] 05 / 2010
    20. 20. APPLICATION MANAGEMENT Web Sites/Apps Configuration & Deployment Administrator Managed Clients Managed Client Applications Client desktop configuration management, client application deployment & updates Client Agent Mobile Applications Non-managed mobile application deployment & updates Mobile Apps Non-Managed Mobile App “Marketplace” Client Apps Server-Side Applications & Services Management Non-managed client application & services deployment & updates Client Application Downloads & Infrastructure & Server Management Server Updates Multi-Channel Configuration Management & Provisioning, Compliance, Content Delivery Virtualization, Capacity Planning, Resource Optimization, Data Non-Managed Client Protection & Recovery Application Management Application Serving, Content & Data Services Health & Performance Monitoring Operator Applications, Services & Server Infrastructure Inside-out & outside-in (management pack plus listener/subscriber for non-managed applications/services) monitoring, Watson error collection & monitoring DIGITAL SOLUTIONS release 1.0.0 [ Slide 20 ] 05 / 2010
    21. 21. ENGAGEMENT MONITORING General Content User interaction Media Social Media Metrics web analytics views (click analysis) quality MonitoringPrepare Webpage Silverlight (In or Out of Browser) Web Server Page Tracking Application Event Tracking Web Server LoggingImplement data Silverlight Analytics Frameworkcollection points • Clear GIFs (pixel) • Applications call tracking service on • Configure web server to log • JavaScript calls on specific app events desired HTTP request data specific page events • Can use behaviors to associate collection events with UI eventsGather Collect data at runtime Publish UI and rich media events Log web server HTTP requests Publish Send HTTP Silverlight IIS Advanced page requests Analytics Framework 1 Logging Extension eventsAccumulate data External Analytics Social Media Providers Log files Monitoring1 Cache event data locally when offline; transmit when connected DIGITAL SOLUTIONS release 1.0.0 [ Slide 21 ] 05 / 2010
    22. 22. © 2008 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Microsoft, Windows, Windows Vista and other product names are or may be registered trademarks and/or trademarks in the U.S. and/or other countries.The information herein is for informational purposes only and represents the current view of Microsoft Corporation as of the date of this presentation. Because Microsoft must respond to changing market conditions, it should not be interpreted to be a commitment on the part of Microsoft, and Microsoft cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information provided after the date of this presentation. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS, IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, AS TO THE INFORMATION IN THIS PRESENTATION.