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Mobile Opportunities for the Sports Industry
April 4, 2012 at 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM

Mobile Opportunities for the Sports Industry
Mobile in sport has been around for a while now and most industry players have a strategy in place to maximise it's potential for them. The question is, what are they doing, and more importantly which approach works the best?
SportBusiness dedicates a whole day to opening up discussions into questions just like this in its upcoming mSport Summit, and to give you a taste of what's to come we're offering you a FREE webinar on mobile sport.

Title: Monetisation of Football Content
Speaker: Tom Horsey
Tom Horsey, Senior Partner of the Crazy4Media Group, and CEO of Froggie Mobile Marketing Solutions, will show you how sporting clubs of all sizes are making the best use of what mobile can offer. Including case studies on the use of mobile by small, medium, and large sized teams.
This webinar features a guide to:
* Creating and build effective relationships with local fans
* Developing stronger relationships with distant fans
* Using mobile as a successful CRM tool

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Sport business webinar the monetisation of football content 120404

  1. 1. Corporate information The Crazy4Media Group is made up of various companies specialised in different areas of the interactive marketing sector. Each company runs complementary functions and knowledge, thereby allowing us to offer innovative, ambitious, and above all effective global interactive marketing campaigns. Currently we are a team of 60+ staff, with invoicing of over 20M€ in 2011. Our client portfolio includes companies such as: •  Vodafone •  Vivaki •  LAN Airlines •  Sevilla FC
  2. 2. Should you be using mobile marketing?
  3. 3. What  is  mobile  In  order  of  general  effec.veness  (in  our  experience)     •  Direct  mobile  marke/ng  (SMS  push,  Audio  push,  Video  push,  App   no/fica/ons)   •  Mobile  adver/sing   •  QR  Codes  –  Couponing   •  Smartphone  apps   •  Social  Media  (SoLoMo)   •  Video/Videocall  portals   •  Proximity  marke/ng  –  Bluetooth/Wifi/NFC    Fuente:  Crazy4Media  Group  client  campaigns  from  2011  
  4. 4. Why  mobile   •  Ubiquitous  (there  were  5.3  billion  registered  mobiles  in  the  world  in   July  2011.  76%  of  the  global  popula/on.)   Fuente:  Mobithinking   •  Always  with  us   •  Always  on   •  Billing  mechanism   •  Interac/ve  device   •  Communica/on  device  =  Immediate  responses   •  Personal  (1  to  1  communica/on)   •  It  works!!  Low  cost  per  promo/onal  impact    
  5. 5. The  mobile  audience   Smartphone penetration (USA) 70%   60%   13-­‐17   50%   18-­‐24   40%   25-­‐34   35-­‐44   30%   45-­‐54   20%   55-­‐64   10%   65+   0%   Q3  2010   Q3  2011   Source: Nielsen , 3 Noviembre 2011 online_mobile/generation-app-62-of-mobile- users-25-34-own-smartphones/
  6. 6. The  mobile  audience  Attitudes towards mobile marketing SMS, the lowest common(Spain) denominator80   O2 Media announces that O2 More70   has reached 6 million users.60  50   93% of users open a message within40   5 minutes of receiving it.30  20   Source: O2 Media, 7 September 2011   0   Willing  to  receive  more  adver/sing   With  mobile  adver/sing  I  access   on  their  mobile  phone  in  exchange   informa/on  that  I  do  not  receive   for  something  of  value   through  other  channels  Source: IAB Spain y The Cocktail Analysis, Mobile Marketingen España. November 2011
  7. 7. Comparison  of  mobile/online  for  CPG  campaigns   Percent Impacted: Delta (Δ) CPG Mobile CPG Online +25.0 +9.3 +6.5 +5.1 +5.4 +1.7 +4.6 +1.6 +1.6 +2.3 Aided Brand Mobile Ad Message Brand Purchase Awareness Awareness Association Favorability Intent Source: Dynamic Logic, AdIndex for Mobile Norms through Q3/2011; Dynamic Logic MarketNorms for Online, Last 3 Years through Q1/2011 CPG Mobile N=41 campaigns, 37,649 respondents; CPG Online N=881 campaigns, 996,812 respondents. Delta (Δ)=Exposed-Control
  8. 8. What are other clubs doing right now?
  9. 9. Club objectives 1.  Direct  contact  with  fans   2.  Mone/sa/on       1.  CRM   2.  Mone/sa/on   3.  Direct  contact  with  fans       1.  CRM   2.  Mone/sa/on  
  10. 10. Mobile content clubsDownloading exclusive club content. Adapting and converting official content into a mobile download format with an exclusive code, and incorporating mobile options so they can be paid for, and downloaded by users on their phones.
  11. 11. Database generation Online promotions to generate databases of premium users.
  12. 12. TV ChatInteractive participation. Allowing fans to send text messages to the their television screens.
  13. 13. Raffles and opinion pollsUp-to-date promotions and information. Premium SMS and voice platforms that let us obtain fans’ up-to-date votes and opinions on a proposed topic: match sweepstakes, opinions about new signings etc. Used particularly by radio stations in conjunction with Social Media platforms.
  14. 14. Direct mobile marketing Send promotions, notifications, or any other club information via SMS/WAP/video push and smartphone application push to opt in fan databases.abril  12   CORPORATE   15  
  15. 15. Video PortalsInteracting via 3G videocalls. 3G videocall portals where fans can find all the information they need about the club, interact with other fans and even have videochats with the players, trainers, etc.
  16. 16. Video ScoreboardsInteractive encouragement during matches. Real time SMS and video call service where users can send comments, opinions and words of encouragement to their team which appear on the scoreboard screens at the grounds whilst the game is on. Also possible to do the same with games etc.
  17. 17. Smartphone apps
  18. 18. Done that. Now what?
  19. 19. 1.  Op.mise  your  website  for  mobile  and  tablets   In EU5, Over 13 Million Smartphone Users Access Mobile Retail Sites Mobile retail is one of the fastest growing activities amongst smartphone users, with more than 13.6 million EU5 smartphone owners accessing a retail site in October 2011. Similar to other trends revealed in this study, the UK had the largest audience with 4.7 million people, but Germany accounted for the largest increase in users with a 112 percent growth year-over- year.
  20. 20. 2.  Incorporate  mobile  payments  to  your  offerings
  21. 21. 3.  Think  about  mobile  SEO  &  SoLoMo  •  Different searches (shorter) •  Google Latitude•  Different competition (90% of all •  Foursquare websites are NOT mobile •  Facebook optimised) places•  Different titles/descriptions (less •  Gowalla text) •  Uwanna•  Local results are important •  Oikian •  etc….
  22. 22. 4.  Use  QR  codes  and  coupons  to  link  “physical”  and  “digital”   Starbucks mobile •  Discount coupons •  “Likes” In only one year Starbucks in the USA •  Websites has processed 26.000.000 mobile •  Links to payment pages transactions v=fGaVFRzTTP4
  23. 23. 5.  Use  professionals  Percent Impacted: Delta (Δ) Mobile Best Performers Overall Mobile Performers Mobile Worst Performers +44.4 +29.8 +19.9 +18.1 +16.3 +14.5 +12.1 +5.9 +3.9 +4.7 +2.4 -2.7 -4.0 -1.3 -4.9 Aided Brand Mobile Ad Message Brand Purchase Awareness Awareness Association Favorability Intent Source: Dynamic Logic’s AdIndex for Mobile Norms through Q3/2011 Overall Mobile N=165 campaigns, n=125,471 respondents. Delta (Δ)=Exposed-Control 24  
  24. 24. Many  thanks  for  listening.   Tom  Horsey   Senior  Partner   Crazy4Media  Group     Calle  Arquitectura  2   Torre  11,  Planta  7   41015  Sevilla   Phone:  954  98  08  48     Linkedin:   hjp://   Twijer:  @tomhorsey