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IAB Mobile Revisted 15 September - Hugues Rey

L’Internet mobile, un concept qui entraîne encore plus de changements que l’Internet fixeLes versions mobiles ou les équivalents des services Internet touchent un public beaucoup plus large et sont lucratifs. Très lucratifs.Si vous pensiez que l'Internet était important, sachez que l'Internet mobile le sera plus encore au cours de cette décennie. Regardez ne fût-ce que l'iPad. Les principales entreprises Internet le clament déjà : « Mobile First » !Si vous voulez savoir pourquoi l'internet mobile est si important, et comment vous pouvez l'utiliser pour générer plus de visiteurs et donc plus de revenus, venez donc le jeudi 15 septembre à la première activité que Stichting Marketing, IAB Belgium et Mobile Monday organisent ensemble.Nous avons le plaisir de vous présenter : - en exclusivité, l'étude Worldwide Mobile Usage d'InSites/IAB - un programme adapté, destiné au « Mobile Savvy » et au « Mobile Newbie », proposé par des experts belges - une session avec Jonathan MacDonald, un expert en communication connu de TEDx Manchester et co-fondateur de This Fluid World & Every Single One of US Découvrez – et repartez peut-être avec – les derniers smartphones !Programme18:15 Welcome (à boire et à manger vous seront offerts)19:00 Introduction par le groupe d'experts19:15 “IAB MC DC 2011: How Belgian consumers use mobile compared with the rest of the world” par Elias Veris (Insites)20:00 Track pour les Mobile Newbies 1. Nicolas Vanderseypen (FR) (Isobar) - “Objectives, KPI’s, stratégie et opportunités” 2. Patrick Bosteels (Mobile Mondays, The Creative Stores) (NL) - “Pertinence de l'évolution mobile du consomateur final”20:00 Track pour le Mobile Savvy 1. Wim Vermeulen (Momads) (NL) - “City marketing case: de App van ‘t Stad” (TBC) 2. Hugues Rey (HAVAS Media) (FR) - “Lead generation through mobile”21:00 Session finale par Jonathan MacDonald (Thought-leader, co-founder de This Fluid World & Every Single One Of Us)

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Generate Lead Through Mobile

  1. 1. Lead generation through mobileHugues Rey - Havas Media Belgium15th September 2011
  2. 2. NOTICE: Proprietary and ConfidentialAll the content of this document (text, figures, lists, financial information, graphics, design, diagrams, as well as othergraphic elements and/or audio and videos), whichever the format used (paper or electronic), is confidential andproprietary to Havas Media. This document includes ideas and information based on the experience, know-how,intellectual/creative effort of Havas Media. For these reasons, this material shall not be used, reproduced, copied,disclosed, transmitted, transformed, commercialized or communicated, in whole or in part, neither to third parties nor tothe public, without the express and written consent of Havas Media.Havas Media © All rights reservedThis presentation is not a contractual proposal and has no binding effects for any Havas Media group company until afinal and written contract is entered into between the parties.
  3. 3. Content3. Lead generation 2. One-to-onecommunication and interaction 1. Devices
  4. 4. Lead generation through mobile Lead generation, or lead gen is a marketing tool used, particularly in ”internet” marketing, to generate consumer interest or inquiry into products or services of a business Mobile ? Augmented Real Media value World & Social All the steps 24/7 of the Buying Dedicated CyclePresentation title⎢4
  5. 5. Mobile Lead Generation ? Sales MarketingCommunication
  6. 6. Content3. Lead generation 2. One-to-onecommunication and interaction 1. Devices
  7. 7. GSM  Smartphones Barrier for lead generation: privacy protection and unwillingness to share mobile phone numberSmartphone Penetration*: Smartphone use as 3G**:• 19% own a smartphone • 62% email• 12% will acquire one in the coming • 68% internet months  Over 1/3 of smartphone owners do no use the 3G functions* GSM Study by Havas Media Jan 2011. TA = 12+ ** BMM 2011. TA 18-64.
  8. 8. Tablets Growth area with large impact on lead generationTablet Penetration*: Tablet use*:• 3% own a tablet • 73% surf the internet more than 4x/week• 11% will acquire one in the coming months • 62% use email more than 4x/week* GSM Study by Havas Media Jan 2011. TA = 12+
  9. 9. Use of various services on digital tablet How often do you use the following different services on your digital tablet?Based on digital tablet users / n:31
  10. 10. Content3. Lead generation 2. One-to-onecommunication and interaction 1. Devices
  11. 11. Principaux Leviers Publicitaires Mobile – Ovum FrancePresentation title⎢13
  12. 12. Mobile CTR - 6 x Time Higher than Web bannerPresentation title⎢14
  13. 13. Mobile Dwell Rate by IndustryPresentation title⎢15
  14. 14. Mobile + Traditional Media= Augmented Value Traffic
  15. 15. QR Codes In USA, 6.2 percent of the total mobile audience, scanned a QR code on their mobile device in June 2011 Profile of a mobile user that scanned a QR code: Male, 18-34, Upper income 42% are familiar with QR Codes.  67% have seen QR codes in magazines and 62% in retails stores  46% have scanned for a discount – 44% to get info on product or service  Concert tickets are the most popular type of ticket being scanned=>QR codes make the ad more interactive. It’s easier and faster to get informationPresentation title⎢17 Source: Comscore,
  16. 16. Creative QR Codes (Bad Taste Example ?) Interactive menus at Radisson Edwardian  QR codes on their restaurant menus that lead to videos of the preparation of their dishes. Menus could never be as descriptive as HD video, and as a result they often leave the customer with questions like “how exactly is this prepared?” or “What does this dish look like?” Because picture-filled menus are considered a sign of a low-class eatery, QR codes provide the visual information while keeping the menu modern and classy. This careful accommodation of both proper menu design and technology is a brilliant combinationPresentation title⎢18
  17. 17. Creative QR Codes – Smart Idea French student Victor Petit effectively rewrites the book on “Making Your Resume Stand Out.” If this doesn’t get the attention of a hiring manager, nothing will. title⎢19
  18. 18. Prospecting: connect QR codes to landing pagePresentation title⎢20
  19. 19. Mobile driving commerce Tesco QR code store : Let the store come to the people  In Korea, Tesco (named Homeplus over there) launched an innovative virtual store that made the most of the fact that their customers dreaded having to do the weekly shop, as it ate into the little spare time that they had in their hectic lifestyles. They introduced virtual stores in subway stations that allowed people to shop directly via their smartphones. They put up billboards that reflected the real products on the shop shelf, with QR codes next to each product. By simply scanning the product, it was instantly added to your mobile shopping cart and you could then complete the transaction via your smartphone.Presentation title⎢22
  20. 20. Presentation title⎢23
  21. 21. Starbucks Mobile payments In January, Starbucks introduced a program that made it easier for customers to buy coffee. The brand was ahead of the curve on mobile payments, a segment that is still in its infancy in the U.S. In March, Starbucks revealed that the plan, which relied on customers using the Starbucks Card Mobile iPhone and BlackBerry apps, was a success. Some 3 million people at that point had paid using the app. For customers, there’s a clear benefit to using the technology — it lets you pay faster.. Starbucks Card Mobile [iTunes link] lets users add their Starbucks Cards, track rewards and reload cards as needed via PayPal or credit card. To pay with their phone, app users simply select “touch to pay” and hold up the barcode on their mobile device screen to the 2-D scanner at the registerPresentation title⎢24
  22. 22. Foursquare – Ville de BruxellesPresentation title⎢25
  23. 23. Quick The first advertiser using geolocalisation in Belgium Quick lance une campagne nationale sur FourSquare en Belgique. Les “nouveaux” clients ainsi que les clients les plus loyaux seront récompensés: un menu offert à l’achat d’un premier menu ou encore un cheeseburger lors du premier check-in. pour les clients fidèles, lors de leur troisième visite, un menu est offert à l’achat d’un menu.Presentation title⎢26
  24. 24. Link to Social Media - RFID-enabled cards Renault MotorShow Amsterdam, April 2011  Attendees were given RFID-enabled cards that they could use to check in to pillars near Renault’s cars. Then, they could check in on Facebook and “like” various models.Presentation title⎢27
  25. 25. Content3. Lead generation 2. One-to-onecommunication and interaction 1. Devices
  26. 26. Extend online paid search to mobile  Target by city, keyword, subject, IP, etc…  Use click-to-call  URL redirect to a mobile page to keep the experience consistent  Capture user info on the mobile pagePresentation title⎢30
  27. 27. Click to Call campaigns
  28. 28. Mobile Couponing
  29. 29. As a conclusion Mobile is everywhere in the purchase cycle 2 Consumers add or substract brands as they evaluate what they want. Active evaluation 1 Information gathering, shopping 3The consumer considers an Ultimately, the consumerinitial set of brands, based on selects a brand at thebrand perceptions and moment of purchase.exposure to recent touchpoints. Loyalty loop Initial Moment Consideration of Set purchase Trigger Postpurchase experience Ongoing exposure 4 After purchasing a product or service, the consumer builds expectations based on experience to inform the next decision journey.
  30. 30. Thank you!