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Microsoft Digital Solutions: Content Publishing

  2. 2. AGENDA Consumer Experience Digital Landscape Value Proposition Solution Architecture Solution Components Customer References DIGITAL SOLUTIONS release 1.0.0 [ Slide 2 ] 05 / 2010
  3. 3. New Digital LifestylesDevices Channels Content• Migration of content to digital devices • Interaction with users through applications, • Rapid expansion of digital content and• Growing number of device types and form factors branded sites, off-site presence, advertising formats across all platforms and community engagement • Emerging hybrid formats – convergence• Users expect a seamless experience across devices • Growing user acceptance of new online of ads, content and applications media channels DIGITAL SOLUTIONS release 1.0.0 [ Slide 3 ] 05 / 2010
  4. 4. I want… “ get right to the content I “...content to be convenient and care about” available everywhere I go” DIGITAL SOLUTIONS release 1.0.0 [ Slide 4 ] 05 / 2010
  5. 5. MOBILE DEVICES RICH WEBSITES “I want streamlined, easy-to- navigate and easy-to consume “I want great editorial content content when I’m on-the-go” DEDICATED CLIENTS enriched with interactive media when I’m online” “I want a reading experience that makes the best use of my device”PUBLIC DISPLAYS & KIOSKS SYNDICATION“I want to get content in “I love being exposed to appealingpublic places when I don’t content sources that I may not havehave access to my devices” thought to access directly” DIGITAL SOLUTIONS release 1.0.0 [ Slide 5 ] 05 / 2010
  6. 6. Content experiences across channels Rich Websites Users with time and attention can enjoy a full suite of content enriched web experiences catering to both lean- forward and sit-back interaction styles Dedicated clients Tailored client experiences enable more control over content consumption and can provide premium enhancements and features not available on traditional devices Mobile Devices Bite-sized content optimized for small displays enables consumers to snack on content while on-the- go, leading to additional content consumption DIGITAL SOLUTIONS release 1.0.0 [ Slide 6 ] 05 / 2010
  7. 7. Reaching narrow and broad audiencesPublic Displays & Kiosks SyndicationCan provide users with valuable information they can Consumers get broad exposure to publisher contentinteract with when they are away from their devices. even if they didn’t know to go to the site of origin, orThe known location of these displays enables the think to go there first. Wider exposure generates newnarrowcasting of content and publisher monetization site traffic and enables publishers to license ownedof targeted digital out-of-home inventory content to partners for a fee DIGITAL SOLUTIONS release 1.0.0 [ Slide 7 ] 05 / 2010
  8. 8. LOCATION-BASED CONTENT EVENT-BASED CONTENT “I want to know when something “I want to see all related happens around certain locations information in one place about of interest” individual events that I care about, as the story develops” CURATED CONTENT FEATURED USER SUBMITTED CONTENT “I want content that’s been carefully selected by someone I“I want to see highlights of what other trust, whose tastes are similar topeople are watching and talking about mine”for topics that interest me” DIGITAL SOLUTIONS release 1.0.0 [ Slide 8 ] 05 / 2010
  9. 9. Filtered content Location-Based Content “I want to know when something happens around certain locations of interest” “Tell us where you are and we will tell you about what’s happening around you”Event-Based Content“I want to see all related information inone place about individual events that I “Tell us your locations ofcare about, as the story develops” interest and we will keep you up to date on what happens there“ “We create dedicated sections to help you keep track of these important events as they evolve” DIGITAL SOLUTIONS release 1.0.0 [ Slide 9 ] 05 / 2010
  10. 10. Hand-selected content Curated Content Highlighted User Content “I want content that’s been carefully selected “I want to see highlights of what other people by someone I trust, whose tastes are similar to are watching and talking about for topics that mine” interest me” “Our content editors hand select the gems, “We include selected relevant user saving you from having to sift through submissions across all of our content channels massive amounts of content yourself” so you can see what others are saying” DIGITAL SOLUTIONS release 1.0.0 [ Slide 10 ] 05 / 2010
  11. 11. Technology Driven Innovation Digital Marketing Product Management Data Intelligence & Insights DIGITAL SOLUTIONS release 1.0.0 [ Slide 11 ] 05 / 2010
  12. 12. Solution Scenario Landscape Personalized Experiences Delivery of data driven and customized user experiences Audience Targeting Rich Media Delivery Enabling audience based media buys Maximize the return on media assets by providing high quality experiences Multi-Channel Marketing Content Publishing Increasing campaign effectiveness through Efficient delivery of compelling editorial an integrated marketing platform content across channels and devices DIGITAL SOLUTIONS release 1.0.0 [ Slide 12 ] 05 / 2010
  13. 13. VALUE PROPOSITION Publishing to Multiple Channels and Devices Is Complicated  Disparate content storage and editorial workflows results in inefficient publishing cycles and increased costs  Disconnected and channel-specific content delivery platforms  Limited utilization of content assets Dynamic Multichannel Publishing Channel Agnostic Content Storage Centralized storage and management of Content-Centric content assets for dynamic format Publishing generation and delivery Efficient Publishing Cycles Streamlined layout creation and the Reduced automated generation and delivery of Publishing compelling user experiences across channels and devices Costs Repurposed Content Efficient content storage, layout and Optimized delivery enables monetization of multiple Revenue Streams content consumption channels DIGITAL SOLUTIONS release 1.0.0 [ Slide 13 ] 05 / 2010
  14. 14. DYNAMIC MULTICHANNEL PUBLISHING11. Define channel-specific templates for laying out content, and implement content consumption experiences22. Define what content goes where by populating a layout template and scheduling for publishing Syndication Conversations33. Publish and deploy to content delivery infrastructure Communities Advertising44. Centrally deliver and deprecate content across channels and devices Web Sites55. Collect content usage data across channels and devices Applications 4 Rich Media Multi-Channel Content Delivery Delivery 2 3 5 Personalized Editorial Layout & Experiences Publishing Content Usage Scheduling Monitoring Editorial 1 Collaboration Channel Template Definitions DAM CMS PROCESS WORKFLOW CUSTOMER & CONTENT INTELLIGENCE DIGITAL SOLUTIONS release 1.0.0 [ Slide 14 ] 05 / 2010
  15. 15. SOLUTION ARCHITECTURE TV PC Multi-Channel Content Delivery Mobile Shared content delivery infrastructure and services Editorial Layout & Scheduling Publishing In-Store Content editors complete previously defined layout Automated processes for extracting, templates by selecting content, repurposing and/or transforming and deploying published content Content Usage Monitoring augmenting it, and scheduling it for online publication to the content delivery infrastructure Silverlight Analytics Framework Channel Template Definitions Content usage data monitoring Channel-specific and collection Authoring/Repurposing Creation of channel-specific templates for laying out content sections and implementation of client-specific content consumption experiences DAM CMS PROCESS WORKFLOW Editorial Collaboration CUSTOMER & CONTENT INTELLIGENCE DIGITAL SOLUTIONS release 1.0.0 [ Slide 15 ] 05 / 2010
  16. 16. CHANNEL TEMPLATE DEFINITIONS Editorial Layout Publishing Platform Developer & Scheduling Layout Template Definitions Content Experience Implementations Define channel-specific experiences for rendering content on the client Define channel-specific templates for enabling data entry, editorial layout and publishing of content Visual Styles Layout & Interaction • Provide placeholders for content editors to insert content Branding & styling definitions; Implement content consumption common elements (navigation, experiences elements and reusable modules search, analytics, ad units). • Client-side UI elements for • Provide tools for content shopping (browsing, searching, representing CMS layout sections Web Pages: Page Styling viewing and selecting from existing content pieces) Master pages and CSS definitions • Client content requests • Enable repurposing of selected content assets to adapt • Mapping of retrieved content to Client Application: Skinning them to target channels UI elements XAML styling definitions and themes Common Information Architecture Define underlying CMS structure for storing centralized definitions of content layouts, metadata taxonomy, and channel definitions Content Structure Definitions Content Storage Repositories • Channel specific attributes • Create layout template definition library • Content sections and taxonomies • Create library for storing content experiences and styling • Data structure for storing layout elements definitions CMS DAM DIGITAL SOLUTIONS release 1.0.0 [ Slide 16 ] 05 / 2010
  17. 17. EDITORIAL LAYOUT & SCHEDULING Channel Template Definitions Layout Template Selection Select channel-specific template for content layout composition Silverlight Rough Partner Layout Composition & Scheduling Cut Editor Solutions Compose & schedule content by hand-selecting content elements, completing the layout template, and submitting for publishing Content Asset Selection Content Adaptation Scheduling Approval Browse, search for, view, and select Modify content elements Set content “go-live” Layout review Publishing media/content assets from Content Storage as appropriate for target and expiration dates and approval and assign to placeholders in layout template channel Content Publishing Workflow Flexible and customizable, parallel & serial workflows. Web Content Publisher Content Storage Asset Libraries Structured Content Editorial Collaboration Video, images, audio, asset meta-data 1 Written copy, tabular data, content meta-data, template repositories, publication schedule DAM CMS 1 Large scale DAM/CAM needs likely served by specialty partner offerings DIGITAL SOLUTIONS release 1.0.0 [ Slide 17 ] 05 / 2010
  18. 18. PUBLISHING Multi-Channel Content Delivery Content Publishing Rich Media Content Deployment Delivery Content deployed to Content Delivery Infrastructure and made ready for delivery to client experiences Media Publishing Content Transformation Convert content elements defined in completed layout templates to publishing formats (as required by the Content Delivery Infrastructure Publish media assets to Content Delivery and/or client experience data requests) Infrastructure: • Extract snapshot of content elements from SharePoint CMS, using • Extract media asset references from content SharePoint APIs articles in CMS, using SharePoint APIs • Transform and save content elements to staging environment for • Launch media preparation & deployment content deployment processes Content Storage Publication Schedule Editorial Layout Timeline specific instances of approved content & Scheduling templates awaiting publication as per channel- specific publishing schedules DAM CMS DIGITAL SOLUTIONS release 1.0.0 [ Slide 18 ] 05 / 2010
  19. 19. MULTICHANNEL CONTENT DELIVERY Content Experiences Rich Web Sites Mobile Devices Dedicated Clients Public Displays & Kiosks Syndication 3rd Party Sites Browser applications apps Client applications Page requests and asynchronous Stand-alone reader applications that run on the client content requests from client-side • Device aware applications exploit device capabilities, when script and Silverlight components available (e.g. touch, gestures, pen input, etc.) • Device-specific applications target a specific device platform Content Delivery Infrastructure Content Web Application Serving Delivery Services Syndication Services Off-Site Publishing Delivery of client content Content exposed by publishing Content pushed to off- requests via REST services platform to syndication partners site properties using Rich Media Server-side page processing façade (RSS, embeddable widgets) 3rd party APIs Delivery Published Content & Media Personalized Snapshot of published content data and media files Experiences Channel Template Publishing Definitions DIGITAL SOLUTIONS release 1.0.0 [ Slide 19 ] 05 / 2010
  20. 20. CONTENT USAGE MONITORING: PREPARING & GATHERING DATA Media General Content User interaction Silverlight Metrics quality web analytics views (click analysis) installationPrepare Webpage Silverlight (In or Out of Browser) Web Server Page Tracking Application Event Tracking Web Server LoggingImplement Data Silverlight Analytics FrameworkCollection Points • Clear GIFs (pixel) • Applications call tracking service on Configure web server to log • JavaScript calls on specific app events desired HTTP request data specific page events • Can use behaviors to associate collection events with UI eventsGatherCollect Data atRuntime Publish UI and rich media events Log web server HTTP requests Publish Send HTTP Silverlight IIS Advanced page requests Analytics Framework 1 Logging Extension eventsAccumulate Data External Analytics Providers Log files1 Cache event data locally when offline; transmit when connected DIGITAL SOLUTIONS release 1.0.0 [ Slide 20 ] 05 / 2010
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