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Microsoft Digital Solutions: Personalized Experiences


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Microsoft Digital Solutions: Personalized Experiences

  2. 2. AGENDA Consumer Experience Digital Landscape Value Proposition Solution Architecture Solution Components Customer References DIGITAL SOLUTIONS release 1.0.0 05 / 2010 [ Slide 2 ]
  3. 3. New Digital LifestylesDevices Channels Content• Migration of content to digital devices • Interaction with users through applications, • Rapid expansion of digital content and• Growing number of device types and form factors branded sites, off-site presence, advertising formats across all platforms and community engagement • Emerging hybrid formats – convergence• Users expect a seamless experience across devices • Growing user acceptance of new online of ads, content and applications media channels DIGITAL SOLUTIONS release 1.0.0 [ Slide 3 ] 05 / 2010
  4. 4. I want…“…content that resonates with me” “…to find exactly what I’m searching for” “…to connect with my friends” “…to receive qualified recommendations” Increase engagements, conversions and revenues by connecting users and content within compelling user experiences DIGITAL SOLUTIONS release 1.0.0 05 / 2010 [ Slide 4 ]
  5. 5. I want content that resonates with me Featured Products Featured products related to previously viewed items help drive promotional campaigns User-Specific Content Personal Recommendations Dynamically generated menu links and pages Recommendations related to previously based on usage history ease navigation and viewed items help users find new and deliver tailored content to users relevant products DIGITAL SOLUTIONS release 1.0.0 05 / 2010 [ Slide 5 ]
  6. 6. I want to find exactly what I’m searching forLinguistic Search suggestions, spelling, related words, and semantic matching improve result accuracy Mobile Optimized rendering of search results for mobile devices maximizes usabilitySocial Ranking & Tagging LocationSocial ranking and tagging Location-based services directimproves relevance of search consumers to the physical location ofresults relevant products DIGITAL SOLUTIONS release 1.0.0 05 / 2010 [ Slide 6 ]
  7. 7. I want to receive qualified recommendations Community Integration Receive reviews and recommendations from trusted social networks and communities Related Items Blended User-Generated Content Recommendations based on what other Integration of reviews and ratings with consumers have viewed or bought help content from external sources helps users users find related products make informed purchasing decisions without leaving the site DIGITAL SOLUTIONS release 1.0.0 05 / 2010 [ Slide 7 ]
  8. 8. I want to connect with my friendsInstant MessagingProvide the ability to chat with friends in real-time andinvite them to share current viewing experience Activity Sharing Enable users to share activities with friends on social networks, resulting in organic brand promotion DIGITAL SOLUTIONS release 1.0.0 05 / 2010 [ Slide 8 ]
  9. 9. Technology Driven Innovation Digital Marketing Product Management Data Intelligence & Insights DIGITAL SOLUTIONS release 1.0.0 [ Slide 9 ] 05 / 2010
  10. 10. Solution Scenario Landscape Personalized Experiences Delivery of data driven and customized user experiences Audience Targeting Rich Media Delivery Enabling audience based media buys Maximize the return on media assets by providing high quality experiences Multi-Channel Marketing Content Publishing Increasing campaign effectiveness through Efficient delivery of compelling editorial an integrated marketing platform content across channels and devices DIGITAL SOLUTIONS release 1.0.0 [ Slide 10 ] 05 / 2010
  11. 11. VALUE PROPOSITION Increased Competition for User Attention  Users demand rich, graphical, interactive experiences relevant to their digital lifestyles  Users want to quickly find what matters to them  Growing appetite for community enabled interactions and feedback Relevant User Experiences and Conversations Integrated Offsite Engagement Integrate owned properties with relevant Win New off-site communities Audiences Relevant Search & Recommendations Provide advanced search and recommendation capabilities to enable a Maximize Revenue more personal, efficient experience Adaptive Rich Experiences Employ user profile & behavioral data to Increase enable interactive & personalized user Engagement experiences across devices DIGITAL SOLUTIONS release 1.0.0 05 / 2010 [ Slide 11 ]
  12. 12. RELEVANT USER EXPERIENCES AND CONVERSATIONS1 Provide users with relevant content through adaptive search and1. targeted recommendations2 Deliver experiences customized for each user providing seamless2. discovery and consumption of content Syndication Conversations3 Integrate owned properties with communities from social3. Communities Advertising networks to promote communication and sharing Web Sites Applications Content 1 2 Publishing Adaptive User Experience Rich Media Search & Delivery Recommendations 3 Community Multi-Channel Enablement Marketing PROCESS WORKFLOW Content Data User Data USER & UX INTELLIGENCE DIGITAL SOLUTIONS release 1.0.0 05 / 2010 [ Slide 12 ]
  13. 13. SOLUTION ARCHITECTURE Other Search Services Search Federation TV PC Search & Recommendations Adaptive User Experience Fast ESP Mobile 5.3 SP3 Interaction Enterprise search solution Fast Management Services Search Scalable application Results Manage query and results components to dynamically In-Store processing generate personalized UX Content Transformation Services Enrich and transform content Community Enablement Social Other Social Networks Ranking & (Ex: Facebook Connect) Tagging Connect your app, content & customers to 500M WL users User profile Content WL Connect (Messenger, data data Publisher Community Feed, Contacts), Simple Share 3rd Party Internal User Data Systems PROCESS WORKFLOW USER & UX INTELLIGENCE DIGITAL SOLUTIONS release 1.0.0 05 / 2010 [ Slide 13 ]
  14. 14. SEARCH AND RECOMMENDATIONS Visually develop, debug, and profile flows with Search Fast Designer Fast Search Designer (in Visual Studio) Processing Content Structured and Engines Transformation Unstructured Content Search Content Requests Search and Content Processing Pipeline • Web Navigation Engine Content Transformation API CTS Flow • Files, Documents Content 1 Index • Multimedia Content Content Transformation Rec. • Databases Services (CTS) Queries Recommendation • Custom Applications Engine Process, integrate & Content transform structured & Relationships Adaptive Advanced scalability, unstructured flexibility, connectivity information Social Content User Experience 1 and linguistics • Perform linguistic • User Generated Content • Items: Related items, processing (spell check, User lemmatization, etc…), • Social Ranking and Tagging Results based on usage Profiles semantic match, patterns of all users 2 classification, fuzzy • Personalized: based matching, etc.. on the user profile and • Flows consist of operators behavior Social Networks and connections and enable execution controls • Social: informed by like branching, loops, connections between parallel processing. linked or similar users. 1The web framework passes requests to Fast Interaction Management Services (IMS) which then queries the Search and Recommendations engines. Then IMS applies intelligence to the results and renders them. DIGITAL SOLUTIONS release 1.0.0 05 / 2010 [ Slide 14 ]
  15. 15. ADAPTIVE USER EXPERIENCE Design Tools IMS UI Toolkit Search Fast Designer Extensible controls like results filters, Visually develop and debug visual navigators, search-as-you-type IMS flows within Visual (for Ajax, ASP .NET, SharePoint) Studio Web App Framework Interaction Management Services Search or 1 Recommendations request Page request Interaction Business Manager 2 Management Cookies Business Managers control Services Engine IMS Flow how content appears on Query and results processing the site Search and framework for rapidly developing Recommendations • Rules and triggers to Web application frontend search-powered web applications orchestrate the UX and results customized for UX contains FAST IMS UI different UI • Easy to enhance inbound queries deliver relevant content controls and enrich results • Configure pages visually 5 4 • Perform A/B testing • Federation capabilities Page results customized for each UI User Profile Federate queries using 3 OpenSearch and web services Community Enablement Search and Other Search Recommendations Services DIGITAL SOLUTIONS release 1.0.0 05 / 2010 [ Slide 15 ]
  16. 16. COMMUNITY ENABLEMENT Messenger Connect Services “a la carte” User information Communication & sharing Sign in – Sign-in to the publisher site using Live ID. Control Newsfeed – Publish your activities to the WL Newsfeed access to individual resources using OAuth WRAP (rendered on Hotmail, Msgr and others). Also view your activities within the publisher’s site Friends – Invite WL friends to join you on the publisher’s site. View your WL friends on the site Photos – access to photos (tagging capabilities) and to files Personal Status Message –Set your PSM from within the stored in WL SkyDrive publisher’s site Profile – Bring WL profile info to the publisher’s site, incl. user’s picture Instant Messaging – Immersive experience enabling users to real-time share the site’s content /services with their Calendars – Enable site to read/ write events to your WL friends (web based, JavaScript) calendar Messenger Connect Messenger Connect APIs expose a full suite of community services If the user grants permission, a token is returned to the site for The window access to WL data & communication capabilities. The site can thenUser logs in to Publisher 3 5 associate this token with the user’s websiteID so she does not haveweb site (websiteID) pops up to log in to WL next time she comes to the site 1 User clicks the 4 ‘Messenger Connect’ button User enters his WL 2 credentials and chooses to authorize the site Search & User-generated content + tagging/ranking used to Recommendations facebook connect improve search & recommendations relevancyOther community enablement options DIGITAL SOLUTIONS release 1.0.0 05 / 2010 [ Slide 16 ]
  17. 17. © 2008 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Microsoft, Windows, Windows Vista and other product names are or may be registered trademarks and/or trademarks in the U.S. and/or other countries.The information herein is for informational purposes only and represents the current view of Microsoft Corporation as of the date of this presentation. Because Microsoft must respond to changing market conditions, it should not be interpreted to be a commitment on the part of Microsoft, and Microsoft cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information provided after the date of this presentation. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS, IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, AS TO THE INFORMATION IN THIS PRESENTATION.