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TwoWayView Executive Summary


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Published in: Technology
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TwoWayView Executive Summary

  1. 1. Being onthe other sideof the screenTarget Funding $324,000 12/12/2013 (c) 2013 Two Way View 1
  2. 2. Problems with Remote CollaborationComplexityData collaboration during ameeting is not an intuitiveexperience.Solution: a more Natural Interaction ParadigmSimplicityUsers meet and share whilestanding on opposite sidesof a semi-transparentwindow. 22/12/2013 (c) 2013 Two Way View 2
  3. 3. Transparent Collaboration is widelyillustrated in videos depicting the future 32/12/2013 (c) 2013 Two Way View 3
  4. 4. Natural Video and Data Collaboration As intuitive as being on opposite sides of a transparent window - Direct eye contact - Gaze awareness - Real size - Shared cloud data Brings users up to the shared surface permitting gesture and natural group collaboration, achieving a sense of proximity and shared space. 42/12/2013 (c) 2013 Two Way View 4
  5. 5. See-Through Technology & Products A breakthrough optical filter technology allows the camera to see right through the display. Universal • Semi-transparent screen Share • HD camera Station • • 30 inches “deep” x 6 feet high Projector • IR or Color • Touch interface • $15K/system Customer • Flat panel, digital signage HD camera Consultation • • Touch interface (keyboard opt.) Station • Customized UI • Secure • Calls into agents • $5K/system 52/12/2013 (c) 2013 Two Way View 5
  6. 6. Opportunities • Telepresence market growth is slowing down • Mid- and high-end terminal sales are stagnant • Need for remote collaboration in enterprise continues to grow • Deployments of lower cost and consumer software and hardware are on the rise • Two Way View adds a new dimension • Without disrupting existing and/or future telepresence deployments • In vertical markets that require collaboration with complex visualizations 62/12/2013 (c) 2013 Two Way View 6
  7. 7. Target Market: ACE Architecture, Construction and Engineering Improving interaction between project personnel throughout the design and construction phases of projects 72/12/2013 (c) 2013 Two Way View 7
  8. 8. Product Validation Steps and Cycle Requires Build and capital test units resources Deploy units in Study use and Adapt pilot customer validate/quantify offerings to locations benefits fit needs Demos Identify andand domain partner with knowledge thought leaders Resource Requirement per unit: $15K and 1.5 hours assembly time 82/12/2013 (c) 2013 Two Way View 8
  9. 9. The Team Co-Founder: Ignacio Mondine • Mechanical engineer [WPI] • User experience design [UPF Barcelona] • Founder at Daem Interactive, Mobile AR Co-Founder: Christine Perey • Business development, sales, channel • 20+ years experience UCC & AR Software Engineering: Tony Cabello • 3D and communications app development • Founder, Blit Software, UX design firm • Enterprise software, 3+ Software Engineers 92/12/2013 (c) 2013 Two Way View 9
  10. 10. June 2010 Spanish • 2 generations of prototypes services firm • Spanish Patent Application $200,000 Investment by Telefónica Jan 2013 Silicon Valley • Protect IP products firm • • Seed US market Target Funding • Prepare for A Round $324,000 Contact: Tel: (408) 560-2500 San Jose Innovation Center 10 10 S. Third St. 4th Floor, San Jose, CA 951132/12/2013 (c) 2013 Two Way View 10