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Microsoft Digital Solutions: Audience Targeting


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Microsoft Digital Solutions: Audience Targeting

  2. 2. AGENDA Consumer Experience Digital Landscape Value Proposition Solution Architecture Solution Components Customer References DIGITAL SOLUTIONS release 1.0.0 [ Slide 2 ] 05 / 2010
  3. 3. New Digital LifestylesDevices Channels Content• Migration of content to digital devices • Interaction with users through applications, • Rapid expansion of digital content and• Growing number of device types and form factors branded sites, off-site presence, advertising formats across all platforms and community engagement • Emerging hybrid formats – convergence• Users expect a seamless experience across devices • Growing user acceptance of new online of ads, content and applications media channels DIGITAL SOLUTIONS release 1.0.0 [ Slide 3 ] 05 / 2010
  4. 4. Understand…“…what matters to me” “…what I’m looking at” “…what I’m searching for” Identify, find and convert your target audience through digital advertising DIGITAL SOLUTIONS release 1.0.0 [ Slide 4 ] 05 / 2010
  5. 5. Understand what matters to me “I want to seeads that are relevant to me” Targeted and timely delivery of Ads tailored to user preferences location-based ads results in and tastes are more effective, increased consumer leading to more clicks and engagement conversions DIGITAL SOLUTIONS release 1.0.0 [ Slide 5 ] 05 / 2010
  6. 6. Understand what matters to me“Remember what I’m interested in” User adds product to basket, but does not continue with the purchase Re-targeting delivers online advertising to consumers based on previous actions that did not result in a conversion DIGITAL SOLUTIONS release 1.0.0 [ Slide 6 ] 05 / 2010
  7. 7. Understand what I’m looking at Offline Transform traditional offline media into live links that connect consumers to online media campaignsOnline and MobileDeliver contextual ads relevant to pagecontent on any device or channel DIGITAL SOLUTIONS release 1.0.0 [ Slide 7 ] 05 / 2010
  8. 8. Understand what I’m searching for Location Based Search Present customers with location-specific search advertising that drives local commerceAds and Promotions Relevant to My SearchPresent customers with search advertisements tailored totheir immediate needs and interests DIGITAL SOLUTIONS release 1.0.0 [ Slide 8 ] 05 / 2010
  9. 9. Technology Driven Innovation Digital Marketing Product Management Data Intelligence & Insights DIGITAL SOLUTIONS release 1.0.0 [ Slide 9 ] 05 / 2010
  10. 10. Solution Scenario Landscape Personalized Experiences Delivery of data driven and customized user experiences Audience Targeting Rich Media Delivery Enabling audience based media buys Maximize the return on media assets by providing high quality experiences Multi-Channel Marketing Content Publishing Increasing campaign effectiveness through Efficient delivery of compelling editorial an integrated marketing platform content across channels and devices DIGITAL SOLUTIONS release 1.0.0 [ Slide 10 ] 05 / 2010
  11. 11. VALUE PROPOSITION Granular targeting at scale breeds complexity  Consumers split their time between many channels, media formats and devices  Very few publishers and ad networks can provide large look-alike audiences  The effective use of internal and external targeting data within digital campaigns remains complex Increased Campaign Effectiveness Audience Based Media Buys Generate granular audience segments to Win New enable highly effective campaigns Customers Data Driven Targeting Target and re-target customers, Increase Targeting prospects and look-alike audiences using Potential internal and external data sources Integrated Analytics Gain a single view of customers across Increase campaign publishers and ad networks and enable ROI ongoing campaign optimization DIGITAL SOLUTIONS release 1.0.0 [ Slide 11 ] 05 / 2010
  12. 12. INCREASED CAMPAIGN EFFECTIVENESS11. Identify prospects within target segments using customer and campaign intelligence and third party data22. Buy media from ad networks and publishers for defined target audience Syndication Conversations33. Serve targeted ads through 3rd party ad server across publishers Communities and ad networks Advertising44. Track conversions and performance Web Sites 2 3 Applications Buy Target Personalized Traffic & Audience Experiences Deliver Segments Multi-Channel 1 4 Marketing Track Plan & Optimize Delivery & Advertiser & 3rd Party Media Performance Customer Data Target Segments CAMPAIGN WORKFLOW CUSTOMER & CAMPAIGN INTELLIGENCE DIGITAL SOLUTIONS release 1.0.0 [ Slide 12 ] 05 / 2010
  13. 13. SOLUTION ARCHITECTURE TV Buy Target Audience Segments Traffic & Deliver PC Audience targeting services: custom data, re- Publisher Ad Server marketing, behavioral, profile, contextual Mobile Online display ad buys via the Keyword search and Ad creative served Microsoft Media Network & content buys via adCenter via atlas 3rd party ad In-Store 3rd party publishers server upon Other Display publisher request and Search Ad Atlas-based or Network Direct Media Buys Services Track Delivery & Performance Plan & Optimize Media Collect media delivery & performance Create and/or update media campaign plan data (display, search, 3rd party ad Other Media Planning Tools Media delivery & serving & tracking) and Services performance data, Customers & targeting intelligence (target segments 3rd party customer data, & prospects), Internal data (web Media delivery & performance optimization, analytics, CRM, sales) analytics/reporting CAMPAIGN WORKFLOW CUSTOMER & CAMPAIGN INTELLIGENCE DIGITAL SOLUTIONS release 1.0.0 [ Slide 13 ] 05 / 2010
  14. 14. PLAN & OPTIMIZE MEDIA Buy Target Audience Segments Target Segments & Prospects Identify Prospects to Target Media Campaign Augment User Profiles Media Planning & Optimization Supplement existing user profiles with customer segment information, interests, List of Create media plan/schedule for purchase Other Media page visits, etc. Prospects Planning Tools to Target and Services Adjust media plan/buy and creative assets Find New Users according to media campaign performance “Bring your Leverage 3rd party data providers to find own data” Segments additional users that match segment criteria Reporting & Analytics to target Report and analyze media delivery and 3rd Party Data Internal Data performance, 3rd party customer and Providers User Profile, Social internal data (Web Analytics, CRM, Sales) Experian, BluKai, Graphs, Page Generate insights into customer behaviors, Excelate, etc. Views, Clicks, profiles, and interests Actions (sales, conversions), CRM CAMPAIGN WORKFLOW Track Delivery & Performance CUSTOMER & CAMPAIGN INTELLIGENCE DIGITAL SOLUTIONS release 1.0.0 [ Slide 14 ] 05 / 2010
  15. 15. BUY TARGET AUDIENCE SEGMENTS Traffic & Deliver Audience Targeting Services Profile Behavioral Custom Contextual Re-Marketing - Demographic - Search patterns “Bring your own data” Travel, health & Website tags allow - Geographic - Pages visited (3rd party matches fitness, technology, visitors to be targeted - Time-based - Profile data your prospect etc. post-visit - Access method - Frequency & database on the recency of behavior Microsoft Network) Microsoft Media Services Ad Buy Tools Campaign Management Search & Content Ads Microsoft Media Network (Display) and 3rd Party Ad Serving Other Search Services Search: Bing search ads, Bing Cash back Content Ads: Network of premium sites Centralized command for incl. MSN, WSJ, FOX Sports &more campaign planning, creative Other Ad management, delivery, and Networks & Display (Mobile, PC, Xbox) reporting Publishers 1 Other Media 1Atlas only enables Delivers the targeted message to Manage paid search Games: In-game advertising only the targeted audience remarketing and partial campaigns, spanning all profile targeting on 3rd (Massive Network) engines, keywords and bids party networks & TV: Media buying for broadcast and publishers cable (Admira from Navic) Plan & Optimize Media DIGITAL SOLUTIONS release 1.0.0 [ Slide 15 ] 05 / 2010
  16. 16. TRAFFIC & DELIVER (3RD PARTY AD SERVER) Browser requests an ad 1 Publisher Ad Server Publisher Cookie passed 1st or 3rd Party Ad Server to publisher ad server 2 AD Publisher ad server redirects Atlas Ad Tags used to serve to Atlas if it has an ad tag from ads from Atlas Ad Server Atlas for this ad ii Load Ad Tags Track 4 Performance Advertiser Ad Server & Optimize Browser requests the ad from Track views and Atlas and passes the Atlas cookie 3rd Party Ad Server related conversions 3 i across all channels Atlas serves the ad Upload, store and organize User on the advertiser site your tags and creative assets, and assign them to target audience in Atlas 1 An Atlas action tag on each page CAM enables Atlas to track the user on the advertiser site - information used for retargeting Buy Target Audience Segments 1 Ad serving on the MMN is free as an Atlas client DIGITAL SOLUTIONS release 1.0.0 [ Slide 16 ] 05 / 2010
  17. 17. TRACK DELIVERY & PERFORMANCE Traffic & Deliver Media Delivery & Performance Data Business Data Atlas Advanced Display Reporting Search Reporting Reporting & Analytics Web Analytics Microsoft Microsoft Search Page views, clicks, Display Ads & Content Ads referrers, time on site, geo-location, etc. • Real-time campaign • Account & campaign • Single tracking method performance performance (Universal Action Tag & de- duplication) Internal Data optimization through • Keyword performance, refined analytics research, pricing, and • Conversions, views & clicks • Engagement mapping User profile, social graphs, • Comprehensive KPI data • Optimization CRM, sales, churn, etc. reporting tools Data Aggregation & Transformation CAMPAIGN WORKFLOW Plan & Optimize Media CUSTOMER & CAMPAIGN INTELLIGENCE DIGITAL SOLUTIONS release 1.0.0 [ Slide 17 ] 05 / 2010
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