Microsoft Digital Solutions: Rich Media Delivery


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Microsoft Digital Solutions: Rich Media Delivery

  2. 2. AGENDA Consumer Experience Digital Landscape Value Proposition Solution Architecture Solution Components Customer References DIGITAL SOLUTIONS release 1.0.0 05 / 2010 [ Slide 2 ]
  3. 3. New Digital LifestylesDevices Channels Content• Migration of content to digital devices • Interaction with users through applications, • Rapid expansion of digital content and• Growing number of device types and form factors branded sites, off-site presence, advertising formats across all platforms and community engagement • Emerging hybrid formats – convergence• Users expect a seamless experience across devices • Growing user acceptance of new online of ads, content and applications media channels DIGITAL SOLUTIONS release 1.0.0 05 / 2010 [ Slide 3 ]
  4. 4. I want… “…enhanced video “…great media” experiences” “…choice of time & location” Maximize the return on media assets by providing high-quality media experiences and enabling new consumption models DIGITAL SOLUTIONS release 1.0.0 05 / 2010 [ Slide 4 ]
  5. 5. I want great mediaImmersive Panoramic ExperiencesPhotosynth experiences invite users to spend more time interactingwith photos, as they move around within these 3D scenes and zoom-in to see details Stunning High-Resolution Photos Deep Zoom experiences, with ultra smooth panning and zooming, engage consumers by letting them examine, explore and discover details within photos High-Quality Adaptive Streaming Deliver the best quality video experience possible – with fast start-up and minimal stuttering, by dynamically adapting to each user’s bandwidth and CPU conditions DIGITAL SOLUTIONS release 1.0.0 05 / 2010 [ Slide 5 ]
  6. 6. I want enhanced video experiences Enriched Video Content Annotated time markers, subtitles and information panes can augment the video content Interactive Video Experiences DVR-style controls, slow motion/trick play (even rewind during live events!) and multiple streams to choose from, provide engaging ways for consumers to interact with video DIGITAL SOLUTIONS release 1.0.0 05 / 2010 [ Slide 6 ]
  7. 7. I want choice of time & location…when I want it …where I want itNew consumption models maximize return on existing digital assets Providing content across multiple form factors & devicesby providing new delivery channels increases opportunities for users to consume content “Make it possible for me to watch live events, even if I’m away from a TV” DIGITAL SOLUTIONS release 1.0.0 05 / 2010 [ Slide 7 ]
  8. 8. Technology Driven Innovation Digital Marketing Product Management Data Intelligence & Insights DIGITAL SOLUTIONS release 1.0.0 05 / 2010 [ Slide 8 ]
  9. 9. Solution Scenario Landscape Personalized Experiences Delivery of data driven and customized user experiences Audience Targeting Rich Media Delivery Enabling audience based media buys Maximize the return on media assets by providing high quality experiences Multi-Channel Marketing Content Publishing Increasing campaign effectiveness through Efficient delivery of compelling editorial an integrated marketing platform content across channels and devices DIGITAL SOLUTIONS release 1.0.0 05 / 2010 [ Slide 9 ]
  10. 10. VALUE PROPOSITION Monetizing Online Content is Complicated  Media libraries are underutilized  Unsatisfactory user experiences drive consumers away  Digital distribution is vulnerable to unauthorized copy and redistribution Maximize Content Based Revenue New Consumptions Models Create New Provide alternatives to linear broadcasting including VoD, catch-up TV, video clips and Monetization live web casts Channels High-Quality Experiences Create rich immersive experiences that Increased Media integrate media, data and high-quality streaming (i.e. play-by-play, statistics, true Consumption HD, quick start-up, adaptive streaming) Optimized Use of Digital Assets Maximize return on digital assets by taking Effective advantage of licensing windows, preventing Exploitation of licensing violations and reducing losses from content ripping and rogue clients Media Libraries DIGITAL SOLUTIONS release 1.0.0 05 / 2010 [ Slide 10 ]
  11. 11. MAXIMIZE CONTENT BASED REVENUE11. Prepare digital assets for online delivery. Identify licensing windows and usage restrictions22. Ensure content is only accessible how, when, where, and to whom you intend it to be accessible Syndication Conversations Communities33. Deliver high-quality media Advertising44. Provide rich experiences for viewing and interacting with Web Sites your content55. Collect usage data Applications 4 Personalized Experiences Rich Content Experiences Content 2 3 Publishing 5 Content Protection Media Delivery Content Usage Monetization Monitoring Rights & 1 Royalties Management Media Preparation Media Production DAM & Acquisition PROCESS WORKFLOW USER & UX INTELLIGENCE DIGITAL SOLUTIONS release 1.0.0 05 / 2010 [ Slide 11 ]
  12. 12. SOLUTION ARCHITECTURE TV PC Rich Content Experiences IIS Smooth Silverlight Streaming Media Mobile PDK Framework Player and application services Content Protection Media Delivery In-Store Partner Licensing Services PlayReady License distribution Player validation & Streaming & progressive download; Content Usage Monitoring & serving user authentication image serving Silverlight Analytics Framework Media Preparation Collect media delivery & usage data Partner Encoding & Silverlight MediaEncryption Tools Deep Zoom Tools Framework Transcoding, encrypting, & image pyramid/tile generation DAM PROCESS WORKFLOW USER & UX INTELLIGENCE DIGITAL SOLUTIONS release 1.0.0 05 / 2010 [ Slide 12 ]
  13. 13. MEDIA PREPARATION Live Encoding & Encryption Encode live stream to VC-1 or H.264; generate multiple bit rates for Live Live Smooth Streaming; encrypt (optional) Data Insertion Capture • Partner live encoding & PlayReady encryption tools/services are available Insert ad markers, key play info, etc. (via custom app) Silverlight Media Framework Encoding Encode media to VC-1 or H.264; generate Encryption (optional) multiple bit rates for Smooth Streaming Audio Encrypt and package media to & Video • Can be automated using the Expression Encoder SDK enable content access protection • Partner encoding tools and services are also available Transfer licensing information to License Server Media Image Tile Generation Delivery • Partner PlayReady encryption tools and services are available Generate tiles for Deep Zoom images and collections • Can be automated using Deep Zoom Tools • Use the Smooth Streaming format to optimize deployment Content Protection Images Generate Pivot collection data 3D Panorama Generation Generate a 360-degree panoramic experience from a collection of photos, DAM using the interactive synther tool Launch automated Deploy media Content processes Define custom apps/scripts to Windows files to content automate media preparation tasks PowerShell delivery Publishing environment DIGITAL SOLUTIONS release 1.0.0 05 / 2010 [ Slide 13 ]
  14. 14. CONTENT PROTECTION Media Delivery Content Protection Strategies Content Licensing User Authentication Terms Compliance Player Validation DRM Determine who can access Determine what content is Prevent media from being Protect media from your media available depending on played back in rogue clients unauthorized copy and when, from where, and and bypassing monetization distribution through which channel they models are requesting access PlayReady Windows Live ID Dynamic Electronic Web Authentication 1 Programming Guide (EPG); include only content that can be served in compliance with Client prompts user for business rights (respecting Typically some form of token Encrypted media delivered credentials; Server validates blackouts, territories, etc.) request and exchange, to client; requiring both client and Client requests license and Partner CDN server development decrypts content Geo-Blocking Solution Deny all HTTP media requests outside authorized regions 1 For services that integrate with other Windows Live services Rich Content Experiences DIGITAL SOLUTIONS release 1.0.0 05 / 2010 [ Slide 14 ]
  15. 15. CONTENT PROTECTION: DRM Media Delivery User requests encrypted media 1 (WMDRM10 or PlayReady AES)Supported DRM scenarios Client Media Player 1Domains Enable consumers to enjoy protected content Silverlight DRM, Microsoft PlayReady on multiple devices Silverlight plugin requests DRM Powered by PlayReady software, if necessary (1-time Individualization Service process)Online content PlayReady IBX Provides client/device-specific 2 executable and certified keys that Streaming (live and on- identify the client Client-side DRM installed demand), progressive DRM software (IBX) component downloaded to client download Content decryption forDownloaded content playback 5 (Local playback) PlayReady License Server download-to-own, Player requests license to download-to-rent decrypt the media License can be saved to 3 PlayReady Server SDKSubscription services persistent store on 4 client device for offline License is returned (if Receives content licensing requests playback (optional) user has access) • Partner PlayReady Application Service Providers are also available 1PlayReady decryption can be implemented for Windows applications, using the PlayReady PC SDK PlayReady decryption for non-Windows platforms/devices can be implemented using the PlayReady Device Porting Kit DIGITAL SOLUTIONS release 1.0.0 05 / 2010 [ Slide 15 ]
  16. 16. MEDIA DELIVERY: AUDIO/VIDEO Adaptive Streaming (Live or On-Demand) HTTP adaptive bit Apple & IIS Smooth Streaming Extension rate streaming Other 3rd Party Clients Dynamically adapts stream quality based on the user’s momentary connection speed 2 Protected Interoperable File Format (PIFF) HTTP Traditional Streaming (Live or On-Demand) 1 Windows Media Services Real-Time Streaming Protocol or Stateful session-based streaming MS-WMSP (Windows Media HTTP) Intelligent Progressive Download HTTP IIS Bit Rate Throttling Extension Detects encoded bit rates, and throttles client response down to the same bit rate as the content (WMV, FLV, MP4, …) HTTP IIS Web Playlists Extension Other Media Use server-side playlists to enforce content sequence and protect media URLs Players & Browser Plug-ins HTTP Progressive Download HTTP Media downloaded as fast as possible to client; playback started as soon as sufficient data has been buffered on the client 1 Smooth Streaming playback for Silverlight requires the SmoothStreamingMediaElement, delivered via the IIS Smooth Streaming PDK 2 Smooth Streaming playback is included natively in Xbox and Media Room 2.0 and above; support for other platforms can be implemented using the Smooth Streaming Porting Kit DIGITAL SOLUTIONS release 1.0.0 05 / 2010 [ Slide 16 ]
  17. 17. MEDIA DELIVERY: PHOTOS/IMAGES Silverlight Deep Zoom Using IIS Smooth Streaming Format IIS Smooth Streaming Extension Protected Interoperable File Format (PIFF) Using the IIS Smooth Streaming format to deliver Deep Zoom image pyramids and tiles greatly reduces the number of files/folders that need to be deployed HTTP Silverlight Deep Zoom 1 HTTP Seadragon Mobile iPhone app Optimized download based on image tiles Only downloads pixels visible to the user HTTP Standard HTTP Download HTTP User must wait until the entire image has been downloaded before they can interact with it Microsoft Photosynth Service 1 HTTP Deliver 3-D, 360-degree panoramic views, based on a collection of photos 1 The Seadragon iPhone app provides a client experience for viewing these delivery options. DIGITAL SOLUTIONS release 1.0.0 05 / 2010 [ Slide 17 ]
  18. 18. RICH CONTENT EXPERIENCES High-Quality Audio / Video Experiences Hybrid Innovative Experiences IIS Smooth Streaming Silverlight Media Framework Player Development Kit Slow Motion Replay Fast Forward Rewind Multi-touch experiences, Speed Dial using gestures DVR-style controls. Easily combine audio, Can even rewind live events! video and photos Full HD video (1080p) Multi-track streams (audio/video, Integrate data, text, etc.). e.g. Providing webcams and multiple camera angles microphones… …with sensor and location data from local peripherals Immersive Photo Experiences Professional tools for designing & developing the full range of custom Deep Zoom branded, rich content experiences. Out-of-Browser Experiences Offline support Access to local Smooth zooming & Documents, Photos, panning of hi-res photos New visual paradigm for Web Browser control, and Videos folders and collections 3D panoramas exploring collections of for integrating HTML images and/or data DIGITAL SOLUTIONS release 1.0.0 05 / 2010 [ Slide 18 ]
  19. 19. CONTENT USAGE MONITORING: PREPARING & GATHERING DATA Media General Content User interaction Silverlight Metrics quality web analytics views (click analysis) installationPrepare Webpage Silverlight (In or Out of Browser) Web Server Page Tracking Application Event Tracking Web Server LoggingImplement Data Silverlight Analytics FrameworkCollection Points • Clear GIFs (pixel) • Applications call tracking service on Configure web server to log • JavaScript calls on specific app events desired HTTP request data specific page events • Can use behaviors to associate collection events with UI eventsGatherCollect Data atRuntime Publish UI and rich media events Log web server HTTP requests Publish Send HTTP Silverlight IIS Advanced page requests Analytics Framework 1 Logging Extension eventsAccumulate Data External Analytics Providers Log files1 Cache event data locally when offline; transmit when connected DIGITAL SOLUTIONS release 1.0.0 05 / 2010 [ Slide 19 ]
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