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Rich media by_Deepak S M

RIch Media is any form of interface between the end user/audience and the medium may be considered

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Rich media by_Deepak S M

  1. 1. Welcome
  2. 2. RICHMEDIA - Deepak S M
  3. 3. AGENDA : What is RichMedia • Why does RichMedia exist? • Evolution of RichMedia • Types of RichMedia ad formats. • drawbacks of RichMedia.
  4. 4. What is RichMedia Advertisements with which users can interact (as opposed to solely animate) in a web page format. Which includes: text,graphicalimages,moving images,soundand video in a single packagetocreate aneffectgreater thanthe sum ofthe parts.
  5. 5. Why does Rich Media exist? • Staticbannersyield aclick-throughratesofless than1%. • The lowerthe CTR,thelower therevenuethe adbrings in. • Websitesarenowofferinglarger,morecreativeunitsin hopesofgenerating moreimpressions, which wouldallowthem tomakealargerprofit. • Whencomparedtothe normalstandardformatsadsRichMedia Formatsconverts theimpressions andclickstoActions.
  6. 6. •1996 •2002 •2006 •2011 Evolution of RichMedia 1996 – Flash was introduced. 2002 - PointRoll developed and launched the first expandable online ad unit. 2006 - Online video is in high demand. 2011 – Expandable Live on iPad Launch Day.
  7. 7. Types of RichMedia ad formats. Some of the widely used RichMedia Ad formats are listed below: •Expandable Banner •Polite Banner •Overlay /Floating •Synchronized Units •Floating Expandable All this ad formats could be added with video, interactive games as well. Example:
  8. 8. Drawbacks of RichMedia •Needs more Bandwidth to serve the ads. •Cost is very expensive to build the ads. •Needs Plugins and Silverlight software.
  9. 9. References: •Wikipedia •Media mind.
  10. 10. Thank you