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Double Page Spread Analysis


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Double Page Spread Analysis

  1. 1. Double Page Spread Analysis.
  2. 2. Double Page Spread 1
  3. 3. Double Page Spread 1 Analysis The part of the pull quote that says ‘Kill Myself’ is in bold and whitened to add a dramatic edge to the story, making the reader want to read on. Rather than having a title, this is made to be the main heading. Uses a mini pull quote in the red circle ‘horrible existance, this reflects the same theme as what the main heading above is. Picture is made to look dreary and that the singer is pretty fed up, the picture is done so that he’s staring straight at you so that the reader can see this easily. Uses the same idea as the ‘Kill Myself’ bit but on a lesser scale. It’s like the first part of the pull quote isn’t important but the 2 nd part is. A brief section telling you what he’s up to and advertising that his new album is on sale now. The article is written in a report style with his quotes rather than it just listing the questions and answers.
  4. 4. Double Page Spread 2
  5. 5. Double Page Spread 2 Analysis Like the previous spread Kerrang has stuck to the theme of using a pull quote for the main title bit. They’ve put the ‘No-one else’ bit in red for added effect, this could also be a reference to the lead singers hair colour. The spread is almost designed like a notebook would be with the bits in the middle. This is due to it being a storyboard of the bands past, I reckon the members of the band would have done something very similar RE their careers so it’s quite fitting. Like all articles in Kerrang they reference the bands latest single and tour here. All the various pictures are showing the stages the band have gone through and how they’ve grown up over time. For long time fans this is a good feature as it gives them memories from previous years/albums etc.
  6. 6. Double Page Spread 3
  7. 7. Double Page Spread 3 Analysis The main image has a very mysterious feel about it, again like the first spread the members of the band are looking straight at you, almost enticing you to read and learn more. The title colours are done perfectly to blend in with the image. The world Evolution stands out more and this could represent a change in style of music for their latest album Unlike the 1 st spread this one follows the interview theme. With the question from the magazine followed by the answer from the band. A pull quote in the middle of the interview makes you think about that section more and maybe notice something about that section you didn’t 1 st time around. The word Muse is boldened and darkened compared to the rest of the intro. I feel this keeps in theme with the imagery on the first page .