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Contents Analysis

  1. 1. Contents Analysis
  2. 2. Contents 1 A pull quote in the top right underneath the header for contents. It bolds the person who says the quote so it stands out more. Advertising the possibility of having a subscription to the magazine, has the slight catch with the smallest text size. Editors note in the top left hand corner with a picture of the front cover to the side of it. It uses language that the reader can relate to ‘fan-fucking-tastically good’ rather than the stereotypical boring editors note. Each of the 7 articles has a picture accompanying it. The main article takes up the same space as the other 6 to show the importance of it.
  3. 3. Contents 2 Something that is unique to NME is the way they list all the bands that are in the magazine. This allows a reader to just have a quick glance at the contents page to see who’s in it and whether it’s worth buying. Like Kerrang, NME offers the reader a chance to subscribe although NME have made it more obvious to the reader by using a bigger space and clearer colours. NME also uses small print to make it harder to see any details that devalue the offer. Has just the one image for the contents page and that is of the main article. All the other articles just have a text bit on the right hand side. I personally prefer the Kerrang style of having pictures for all the articles. Rather strangely the magazine has opted to have ‘THIS WEEK’ larger than ‘NME’. This seems strange to me as I don’t see the need to make ‘THIS WEEK’ stand out.
  4. 4. Contents 3 Despite this being a different Kerrang magazine they are still advertising the subscription in the bottom right hand corner and slightly out of the way. For me it just looks cluttered and if I was in charge I’d try and make it more noticeable to the reader. A differencing style to the previous Kerrang magazine as they’ve chosen to dedicate half the contents page to the lead article. Although the previous Kerrang had a decent sized picture for the lead article this style makes it much more clearer as it’s very in your face. The note from the editor has moved down to the bottom left hand size and the style has been changed for it to fit in the page. Like the subscriptions I feel this area looks cluttered but with the impressing image for the lead article it’s the only option. No pull quote is used this time for the lead article. I feel it would have been better to move the 2 magazine pictures on the left hand side and put a pull quote in.