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Production Slideshow

  1. 1. Production Slideshow
  2. 2. Screenshot This is the contents page in production. As you can see the content currently shown hasn’t changed at all in the end product except maybe a slight tiny move here and there. This is the advantage of sticking to your sketch the whole way through.
  3. 3. Screenshot 2 Unfortunately I can’t seem to find the screenshot I took during production of the front cover. It was a much worse effort than this though with none of the text standing out. Between that and end product the use of stroke, a green fill and a roughly 70% size structure for all of the cover lines helped the front cover resemble something decent.
  4. 4. Magazine Analysis I came to the idea of producing a money saving magazine pretty much straight away, if there’s 1 thing that appeals to young people or even anyone it’s having money and if you can save well the more you’ll have! I feel that my front cover despite having plenty of cover lines has a stand out main image that the reader would immediately notice when spotting the magazine. The Free Vouchers Worth £10 bit feels kind of out of place with the rest and if I was to do this again I’d make the fill cover a lighter shade of green. As mentioned in the screenshot analysis one of the main problems in production was the poorly taken picture, while it’s a good picture in terms of what it represents it could have done with a few centimetres more of space above the head. Had I have done this I would have had the masthead and the selling line on the crucial left hand side.
  5. 5. Magazine Analysis 2 For the contents page I decided to keep it simple. I decided to have 4 of my 5 stories with pictures and of a decent size. I made my main story picture and description only slightly bigger but enough to empaphise that it’s the main feature. Having made the mistake originally of keeping the front cover too simple I kept with a similar theme to that of what my finished front cover looked like (A green fill with white text). I also included an editors note as I feel it’s something that most good magazines have. Looking back on it there’s plenty of things I could have done to improve the end product but I’m fairly satisfied with what I’ve produced.