Double page spread analysis


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Double page spread analysis

  1. 1. Analysis of Double Page Spread from music magazines
  2. 2. KERRANG! Magazine
  3. 3. KERRANG! Magazine The layout of this DPS, is more picture-led, because there are several pictures laid out across the page. The text is set out in three columns, one is on the left hand side of the page and two more columns on the right hand side next to on another, continuing on the article. This because it is bordering the pictures. The photographs that have been used are various some distant, some medium and some of the close up. These make it interesting to look at and there us a range of group photos and individual, which shows that there not just a group but can be individuals. There's is a photo of the lead singer which takes up half of the first page, he is shown laughing in a medium close-up. He positioned to the left showing the scenery behind him which makes the picture effective. There is also another smaller individual photo of him, which high lights his lead role of lead singe. There are two group photos, one of them which the lead singer is in front and the other band members in the foreground and the other group photo the lead singer is in the foreground and the other two band members are in front. This symbolises the equality of each member, that there is actually no precise leader but stereotypical the lead singer is the leader of the band. The group looks like there having fun and natural, although some of them look posed purposely for the shot, this shows that the band can have fun but they can be serious at the same time. The bands image is put across as indie/rock styled group who have fun with there music. The headline to this DPS is on a separate DPS introducing this article. The headline is ‘love in a cold climate’ . This is set laid out in an interesting visual way as ‘love’ is written in capitals and big scaled typeface, the rest of the head line is written in the ‘O’ of the headline in small typeface. This is a metaphorical expression. It is in a Ariel typeface which is white, but the word ‘love’ has been faded slightly, to make the rest of the headline standout. There is use of a pull quote, which is positioned between the photos on the right page, which states that they are not interested in whether people like them, because they get the enjoyment of doing it themselves. This quote is from the lead singer which states again the importance that he has to the band. This pull quote relates to the whole article because it is about how the band has made there journey and the realisation that they have done. The stand first to this article gets into the story straight away. The band is introduced by a quite literal statement saying that the image they put across is ‘extraordinary’ with the music they produce and there not like every other band. The journalist has organised the story by setting it out into different sections of an article, each being introduced with a letter in a bigger font to section it out. The journalist introduces the band, in a friendly manner, complimenting them. The language that the journalist uses is informal, this means it is aimed at a younger generation and is far more interesting and want to promote the band as something they would enjoy and also keep the reader interested. There are around seven direct quotes that the journalist uses this is because it can’t just be script of just question and answers, it is evenly spread out across the article, with the journalist own wording then the bands own. So that there isn’t any falseness to the article. The journalist say quite a bit about the band, telling the reader there origin and were they get there inspiration from and going back to there childhood, which gives a real personnel emphasis to it. Also mentions what they are doing presently and in the future. It gives and insight look of what the band is personally like. I think the group would like this DPS because it’s nicely set out, the journalist hasn’t written any bad press about them because it is all enthusiastic with the way it is written. The target readership of this would be for a younger generation because there is a lot of visual context to the DPS and the text is informal so it would keep the reader interested and grab there attention right away. The Photoshop techniques that I can pick out are very simple, keeping most of the original picture. I can tell that the editor has used a brightness and contrast tool which he has brightened the photos up and added a bit of contrast to make the colours seem a bit more bold. Also the editor could of used a blur tool to blur the backgrounds to make the figure stand out more, or this could be done automatically by the camera.
  4. 5. Q Magazine This double page spread in Q is laid out in a more formal way than KERRANG! is. It has bigger columns of text and less pictures. Although it has a lot text one of the pictures is quite big so it would be picture-led and text-led. So it is well balanced between the two even though there are two pictures. This DPS uses two photos, one is captioned being shot in 2007, so this is an archived photo. The second photo has been blown up to fit the full A4 page although it is full body shot of the group. Also it is similar to the photo that was used on the front of the cover. The photo on the left, the lead singer is second in on the right and is wearing a white suit which makes him stand out. The same this is done in the second photo although he is positioned in the middle and is painted in gold. This suggests that the article could be mostly about him. The photos almost look like what you would find in a family album without the fancy make up and photography, but the way the group are positioned in the photos, like a family portrait, this could resemble how close they ate and how much the group means. Although the second photo seems more serious. The way that the photos have been photograph resembles there image, they are a serious band and show this well and that everything they do they mean it. There is a pull quote used which is situated on the right page layering over the picture. The quote states that if the band goes downhill again by making another ‘bad record’ that the band will no longer exist maybe as he wouldn’t go through the experience again and wouldn’t be able to pick up again. This quote is from one of the band members and has been quoted from the lead singer of the group. This quote relates to the whole article by it stating that the bands reputation is at stake and there reputation of being a good band means a whole great deal to them. The stand first introduces the reader to the band relating back to the photo shoot they did with Q. This grabs the reader straight away. There is no big introduction, assuming that the band is well known and going back to there well known big reputation. The image that is shown, in this first paragraph, is unsure, there not sure of the decisions they make sometimes and just have to take the risks of it and that’s what makes them a good band even if they get it wrong sometimes. The journalist has organised this article in a very formal way, reaching out to a more older generation of readers, but it also resembles the band in a way because they are serious and have been on the music scene for a long time so they would expect something of a high standard, which the journalist has given them. The journalist hasn’t really introduced the band they have gotten straight to the point, they have miss the boring bits out. The article story is split into a written out article with the journalists expressions put across and the interpreting the interview into there own words, and then a direct interview with questions and answers; which are direct from the person that the journalist interviewed, this makes it a more interesting layout and shows more of what the band member is like as a person in them selves and there own opinions put across. There are about 11 direct quotes that have been used by the band and then there is a the direct interview with the one of the group members. So this is more of the band making the article than the journalist writing the whole of the article. Thins that the band say are the key to a good article because the journalist needs to know them personally before putting pen to paper. This is why I think the band would like this DPS as there is no false comments made about them and it shows they do hold a bit reputation, and it is all true there is no bad press about them. Also it is kept to the seriousness of it. The readership of this article would be directed at a older generation. As they would know who this article was about. Also the layout would appeal more to someone in the 25’s than someone who was 15. Photoshop techniques that could have been used would have been a brightening and contrast tool as the skin on the right hand side is paler that the photo which is on the front cover. Also there could have been some airbrushing done to the faces to make the skin look smooth and softer complexion.
  5. 7. NME Magazine For this DPS of NME, it is more text-led although there is a full side featured portrait on the left hand side. The columns of text are split into four on the same page, this makes it easier for the reader to read through without any big gaps or anything to disturb them from the article. There is only one photo that has been used on the right side, this compliments with the headline of the article. Also it is similar to what was on the front of the magazine with out the other band members. This also shows the importance of the female to the band that she is vital to the band. This is a close up shot of her face which shows more detail to the beauty of her. She resembles the band by being attractive, like they now that young guys will full for her. Also she looks like she’s in control and is looking straight at you. The language in the headline is a fact because it has a number and a reason for that number that they sold ‘4 million albums’ because of the female. The style of the font is Ariel and is large, ‘smile’ has been made even more bigger to exaggerate the word more. Also the ‘IL’ are in pink which almost look like lips which contrast to the lead singer lips who are almost the same shade of pink. This makes it a constant house style from the font cover to the DPS. The magazine is introduced by using quotes from someone else to explain what this band is all about and were the like of them has come from and how they have come to be. The bands image from this is that they are a growing new to the music scene band and have already been successful as the headline states. The journalist has organised the article like a story, like your actually there with them interviewing the band and your asking the questions. There a lot of direct quotes used, which makes the article interesting as its mostly answers from the band that there interviewing which shows its all them and nothings made up and that the band show there own points for themselves. The journalist adds a lot of personal things about the band referring back the child hood and such giving the reader more of an insight to there lives. I think the band would be happy with this DPS as there isn’t so much written and its big and loud, neatly set out and it speaks out for them. The readership for this article would be towards someone who likes someone that speaks out more from the band than the journalist. It would be targeted at maybe young students who are looking for good new bands and that are fresh and like to get an in sight in to a bands life. The Photoshop's effects that I can pick out from this is some airbrushing the her face to make it more smooth and a softer complexion. Also brightening up the colours of orange pink to make the features of her hair and lips stand out more.