music magazine anaylsis


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music magazine anaylsis

  1. 1. Main image Main Head Left Third Mast head
  2. 2. The Kerrang magazine Rocker type magazine, is aimed at anybody who is into rock/metal type music. The Main image shows the lead singer of a well known band playing in either a gig or on a stage and is representing the type of music that this issue is maid for. The styling of the shoot includes the main single playing his guitar on his knees which is very typical for your average rock star. He looks to be playing on some sort of stage and involves green lighting to make him stand out and represent a stronger image which sends out a more powerful message about who and what he is doing. He is using a guitar to show his area of expertise and it shows that he is included in a band. The layout of the guitar is very large and stands out. This is to make the reader get an idea of what will be forth coming within the magazine. Cover lines involve all important notifications and information and usally they are big stories or events that have occurred in the music industry or whatever the magazine is about. The styling of the magazine looks and relates to the genre of music as in Rock.
  3. 3. This Magazine shows Coldplay, also a rock band but compared to the Kerrang Magazine is styled differently. Instead the use a photo of the whole band. The styling of the band looks very ordinary and plain, there not involved in any movement of position that symbolises anything. Although there message they might be trying to send of is that they are looking for a more serious image. they are represented as a very serious group who are all sensible in the way that they behave, they don’t appear to have the original rock and roll styling such as the aggressive behaviour or sex and drugs. The cloths that they wear, look very simply, plain and dark, and it stands out because the background of the magazine in white, so the colours contrast and work quite well. They also look very serious in that way that they stand. The first impression may be quite boring when looking at the image. This might not be the intended message but the band may like it because it tones them done a bit. Masthead is usually the title of the magazine and is presented quite boldly so that its easily noticed. Drop Cap, stands out so the reader can straight away get the message. The left third- shows other headlines of what's to come in the magazine, and its on the third because when they are stacked on the shelves, potential customers can see straight away what the magazine has to offer and so that they become attracted to what may be inside.
  4. 4. This magazine also represents a rock type message, however compared to the Kerrang magazine, it might not be as extreme and the music may be of a lighter type. This will relate to the bands image. Because it connects with their styling and focuses on what image is portrayed. The front page looks very colourful with relates to the bands energy and character of the band and it also says that the band is fun and energetic. Flash Skyline Is usually at the top of the front cover and involves some of the magazines main features inside. Lead Article. Is the main title and is the main feature and main story of the magazine.
  5. 5. Contents Page The house style of the Contents page is meant to link to the front page so that it all links together and so that everything such as the styling, colours and layout all look like there related and is all under the same theme. The main purpose of a Contents page is to list the division of articles and state which page they are on. This will make it easier for the reader to see what will feature in oncoming pages. They may include general introductions to give a brief explanation of certain features. They give you an insite on what's to come. This specific NME contents page is packed with information and doesn't waste any space. They try to put as most information as possible so that they can save other story’s form another issue, or they may use a spread of two pages so that they can advertise other music related themes which the readers are most likely to turn to.
  6. 6. Kerrang Contents Pictures may be used to create emphasis which again relating to the nature of the house style. Photos and pictures of bands may tempt the reader more because it shares more information with us about them, and if the reader is interested in the band for example slipknot, then they will be easily persuaded. Pictures can sometimes influence readers because there's less reading or the reader may just be more visually orientated. This Kerrang Contents page also advertises other Kerrang Issue’s. This is mainly a business strategy.
  7. 7. Q Magazine Features are usually used in most music magazine contents pages, They usually give news about dramatic events that may have recently occurred to music or a band. They usually appear on the sides of the contents pages and continue all the way down, because they usually have a lot of information to include.
  8. 8. Double Page Spread The Double Page Spread involves two maybe 3 pages of the magazine. This double page spread involves a big photograph of the band All Time Low separated at the middle. They look like there waiting for someone to take them to the United Kingdom on tour. This is just basically advertising about where they are going to tour. At the top left hand corner, there is a Pull quote like there sometimes is on the front cover. This particular pull quote is advertising and introducing the bands motive and energy and what they in particular bring to the stage, its also telling the reader what their unique selling point is. Layout of the DBS is mostly pictured led of the whole band. The lead singer of the band is positioned in the middle because he is the most important and probably the most well known member. It covers basically the whole double page spread. This is to catch the readers eye more easily. There is some text talking mainly about the UK tour which is made up to make it sound more exciting and extravagant. There is 1 huge Colum that talks about how the main man is looking forward to playing at bigger venues in the UK and overall how the band is progressing in the their tours. The text displays lots of descriptive language to make the image of seeing this band live better and more clear in the readers mind. The writer also used persuasive techniques so that the band sounded better to the target audience and made it seem as a bigger event. This is useful information because it advertises the bands name making them more well known within a certain region which will make more profitable money which benefits the Band, magazine company and anyone who works with them. The main Headline which is also the Pull quote “get ready for Penis jokes and sweaty dancing” is a message from the whole band, and shows the bands main aim is to be fun, energetic, lively and the main purpose of this is to make there target audience laugh. It shows that the band is not scared with what they say and are happy with what and how there presenting themselves. The Pull quote/Headline is very big and bold and stands out because that is the thing that they want you to hear and is the thing that attracts the readers attention first. The style and format of the Pull quote/ Headline is very large, It contrasts with the background so that its easier to see and they have change the colour from grey to white on some of the words so that it makes it look inviting and fun to the reader.
  9. 9. Layout and Design The layout and design is mainly text but a full page photo is used which takes up a whole page to itself. There are 4-7 columns depending on what page your on, but there is a lot of them. This means that there is a lot of information about the ins and outs are the artist that this magazine is concentrating on. The columns run all the way down the page with some spaces from small pictures and photographs in the middle. They do this because if it was just all writing, you would easily get bored and you would have a clear image of what's going on. The pictures help display what's been going on in the past and what’s going to come in the future of the Artists music business. Image used On the Full page photo of the artist, it shows Dizzy Rascal spray painting a wall of graffiti. This sends the message out the artist is kind of rebellious but not in a bad way, more like in a funny comedian way. It shows the artist is looking over his shoulder encase of formal representation of the law spot him. This shows that he’s not all for the law and may have some objections about it. It also shows that he has another side to him and he’s not always serious. This may tempt the target audience to reader the article because he makes it look interesting and less dull because of what and how he is presented on the page. The photo also shows an accurate scale of his old life when he wasn’t so famous. He used to be sort of a trouble make and its just showing that since he’s become more famous and matured, he’s still got a bit of the old Dizzy Rascel rebellious, child's behaviour in him. Headline The headline is saying how the artist has upgraded in class from being rebellious, getting into trouble from the law, being poor from becoming a world wide known superstar. It tells the reader that there is further information to come about his personal; life and what he has been through and also how he has achieved this level of celebrity status. The layout of the headline looks very funky, the text changes in size, this may show how the little words represent his old life and the big words show how popular he has become. The Headline is also very large, it covers up half the page and relating to the large image of the artist, it also has graffiti in the background. It shows a level of informality but still looks fun and entertaining. Copy The text talks about the artists performance as an artists. Its “bigging” him up and talking about the artists energy and what he brings to the stage. It says the Dizzy’s energy on the stage is fun “ Dizzy bouncing around” shows he knows how to entertain an audience. Ti displays how the camera loves Dizzy and dizzy loves the camera. This shows that dizzy was born to perform and entertain. Vals The target audience is mainly for music lovers who want to have a good time and laugh about the lyrics and the way Dizzey expresses himself.
  10. 10. Layout and Design Again the layout is mostly text orientated but has a full page photograph of the band. In the middle page there are 3 main columns with a small photograph of the band when they were younger which also includes a pull quote “ it cant be coincidence, were a band of misfits”. On the third page, the layout is very complex because it starts of with a large image of the front man of the band, which then continues with a column, then an overlapping photo again. Image used There is a full page photograph of the band. It looks strange but it involves the band holding their instruments in an downwards position. This makes the image look creative and unique. The main member of the band is again in the middle because he is most well known member of the band and because of this, it will catch the audience’s eye quicker. The image all together looks very serious and plain. The background is a different collection of blues, and this is used so that the band itself stands out more. On the other page the image used looks very modern, an up close picture of the main singer looking very rich and flash. Headline For this DBS there is no main headline, but it tells you the name of the band right at the top. This straight away tells you what this article is about and gets straight to it.