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Research on music magazines

  1. 1. Covers of music magazines<br />This is the main image of this magazine front cover. This image would usually be the first thing the buyer would notice. The image of Chris Brown is in a medium shot, shows off his body and style.These are the cover lines of the magazines. This shows what articles are included in the magazine. The words are all in capital letters which makes it easy to read. The colour of the font also goes well with the background image so there are no clashes of colour. This is the masthead of the magazine which shows the title of the magazine. The font is very big and the colour makes it easy to notice and read.<br />1st Magazine:<br />This is the main cover line. You can tell it’s the main cover line because the font is the biggest out of the other cover lines. And usually associates with the person in the front cover. <br />Here is the masthead which shows the title of the magazine. The font size of the title is very big and makes it easier to notice.This shows the dateline of the magazine and the date of when it was published.Below is the magazine selling line. This gives a short description of the magazines target audience, which is for music lovers.2nd Magazine:<br />This would be known as a puff. Puffs are there to attract the audience with words or phrases.<br />This is main cover line. By its big font, taking most of the space on the cover, it makes it very easy to spot.<br />Cover line. Shows what is included in the magazine.<br />This is the masthead of the magazine. Shows the title of the magazine in a big font. 3rd Magazine:<br />This is the main cover line. Which is written in a bigger font than the other text. This is done to attract the buyer or reader to the magazine.Usually main cover lines are bigger than the other cover lines. <br />This is the main image of the magazine. The image is a picture of two men with smirks on their faces. This shows their personality that they are tough and could illustrate the genre of the magazine.<br />This is dateline of when this magazine issue was published. <br />This article is a spread as it shows two pages from the same article.Double page spreads<br />Here is an image of who the article is about. <br />This is headline of the article as it is the biggest heading on the article and would immediately catch the eye of the reader first. Therefore the reader would easily catch what the article is about.<br />This box here is a feature box as it highlights more information about the music group.<br />Double page spread of an article in Kerrang Magazine (please see attached)<br /><ul><li>In this article there is one main image of the band which spreads across both pages of the double spread. Each member of the band has a different expression on their faces which could show that each person in the band has their own personality.
  2. 2. In the beginning of the article there is a drop capital where the first two words are in capital letters which stands out more. This lets the reader know that it’s the beginning of the article.
  3. 3. In this article there is a feature box which mentions an upcoming tour. Within this feature box there is also words from one the band members which tells the readers how the band is looking forward to that tour. This also promotes the tour and if readers see that the band is also looking forward to the tour, it makes it more appealing.
  4. 4. Before the article starts there is a short intro written by the editor. This gives the readers an insight to what the article may possibly be about.
  5. 5. In the left corner of the article there is a little box which gives photo credit to the photographer who took the pictures for the article. This gives the photographer more publicity.
  6. 6. There is also a pull-out quote in the article which one of the band members quote’s are pulled out from the article and the text is made bigger and bolder to catch the reader’s eye. This would make the readers want to read more of the article because they would wonder why or what that quote was about.
  7. 7. The writer of this article is good. He writes in a casual way and puts a lot of details into things such as; describing what one of the band members was wearing. The writer talks about a lot of what the band has gone through including quotes of what the band member says, which matches what the writer is talking about. </li></ul>Double page spread of an article in Top of the Pops Magazine (please see attached)<br /><ul><li>The main text on the page of this article is written in a big font of writing and the colour of the text is bright. The text is big and written in bright, bold colour because it’s there to grab the readers attention to the article.
  8. 8. On the second page of the article there is a long feature box which highlights some of the recent happenings of Cheryl Cole’s life. This gives the readers extra information about the star.
  9. 9. There is one main image in the double page spread which is of Cheryl Cole. This shows that the article is about her. In the picture she is dressed in a sexy, but casual way. Her background shows she might be on a stage and seeing as she is holding a microphone, it shows her profession which is a singer.
  10. 10. Before the article starts there is a short intro that is written editor. This is usually to give the reader a taste about whom or what the article is going to be about.
  11. 11. There is also one pull-out quote in this article. Sometimes the reader reads the pull-out quote first before the article because it stands out. By reading the pull-out quote the reader may wonder why that quote was said. Therefore, making the reader want to read the full article.
  12. 12. The layout and background colours of this article are colourful and would likely attract teenagers. The text within the article is very casual and rather than talking about the star, it just asks her questions about other things. So it’s basically asking her opinion on things rather than talking solely about her.</li></ul>Contents Pages<br />Dark coloured text on a light background makes the text easier to read and stands out more.The text on this contents page is clear to read as it has black writing on a light background.The main image of this contents page is a picture of the music group Oasis. They are the main image because they are the main article in the magazine and probably the main image in the front cover of the magazine as well.The numbers of the pages are in red because it matches with the colour of the logo of the magazine.609600top<br />Many images are displayed on this contents page with numbers on the bottom of each image. This tells the readers which page of the magazine they would that feature. Having some pictures on the contents is a good way to attract the reader’s eye and make the page more detailed.<br />KINGSIZE is written in bold writing in order to show that it’s the title of the magazine.<br />The red bold writing makes the stories stand out and clearly shows the reader what is on each page.<br />Many images are displayed on this contents page which makes it more vibrant and appealing to readers.Dull layout to this contents because of the use of grey colour which gives it a boring feeling.<br />White coloured writing on a dark background makes the text easier to read.This section has nothing to do about contents. Therefore it is extra information to the readers. This would appeal to the music lovers as it displays information about the latest music that’s on the charts.<br />