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Music Magazine Collage


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Music Magazine Collage

  1. 1. Music Magazine Collage
  2. 2. NME I’m a fan of both of these NME magazines due to the way the main image of the front cover stands out at you. Like a number of people, I buy magazines based on the artists on the cover and both of these issues would appeal to me. I feel the 2 different issues of the magazine show the difference in age range the magazine is aimed at, the one on the left would appeal to the younger generation while the copy on the right has someone that would appeal to the older generation. Having a good blend of appealing to readers young and old is crucial for success. The circulation figures of NME are around 41,000 a week.
  3. 3. Kerrang Like most people I’m a fan of a freebie and this is something Kerrang frequently do (as shown in the 2 nd cover) and this is something that would help persuade me to buy the magazine. I also like the fact that Kerrang is such a well known magazine that they are able to cover the Masthead with the main image. I’d buy the first cover due to the artist on the front cover but I’m not a fan of how cluttered the front cover actually looks. I’d say Kerrang is mainly aimed at the under 21’s and the colourful covers and offers of free posters is something that would appeal to this range. The circulation figures of Kerrang per week are around the 38,000 mark.
  4. 4. Q Unlike the previous 2 magazines Q follows a more professional stance and it’s target audience would be more aimed towards the 21 + range. I feel the white background brings out the picture perfectly and showcases the main feature of the magazine. One of the band members is covering the slogo and you can only see ‘Britain's b’. This wouldn’t matter to frequent readers of the magazine but for someone like myself who isn’t I can only guess what the actual slogo is. The circulation figures of Q per month are around the 100,000 mark
  5. 5. Rock Sound The circulation figures of Rock Sound per month are around 20,000 per week I like this magazine as it immediately strikes me as a happy, fun magazine. This is done via the use of light colours and a cheery main image. I’m also a fan of how they’ve told us all the artists that are in the magazine at the bottom left of the magazine so it’s easily detected whether your favourite artist features in the magazine. I also like the fact that the free CD option is next to the attractive main image so you will see it when you notice the magazine.The target audience for this magazine would be teenagers, probably in the younger teen range who would like all the things I’ve mentioned above.
  6. 6. Total Guitar The circulation figures of Total Guitar per month are around 42,000 per month . This front cover is a stark comparison to the one on the previous slide. Like with Kerrang, Total Guitar feel confident enough that they are a well enough known magazine to cover the masthead with the band on the cover. I like the fact that it’s clear that all 3 members of the band are staring straight at you, I’m also a fan of the special effects that the magazine has used to represent the rock theme.
  7. 7. Metal Hammer The circulation figures of Metal Hammer per month are around 46,000 per month I’m a massive fan of the front cover of this magazine. 95% of the magazine is focusing on the one main article. You have the name of the band ‘Iron Maiden’ in an intriguing Serif font, also just below that you have an interesting pull quote and above it a coverline bigging up the band. The main image though is the main thing that strikes out, it has a dark, slightly scary edge to it – indicating the lyrics and type of music that you would expect. The freebie offer is in the top left hand side of the magazine and although it is in a different colour to try and stand out from the rest of the magazine I feel it would be better placed somewhere around the bottom of the magazine to stand out.