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Strategic blogging for business

Authoring content that’s added to your website’s integrated blog can help further your marketing goals, support your organic search engine optimization results and set your business apart as an expert in your niche.

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Strategic blogging for business

  1. 1. introducing 
  2. 2. Strategic Blogging for BusinessPresented at The South Carolina  Womens’ Business Center
  3. 3. Why Blog?• Develop your firm’s reputation• Establish your firm’s “difference”• Enhance your firms’ placement in organic  search engine results pages (SERPS)• Increase traffic to your website• Take Away Tip: You are a self‐publisher!
  4. 4. Requirements• Self‐hosted blog on your domain• Blogging goals – Reason for blogging • Drives topics – Frequency for blogging • At least once per week• Blogging Calendar
  5. 5. Business Goals Research Blog Posts
  6. 6. What do you write about? What yourWhat you customerscare about care about What you blog about
  7. 7. Research• “Act like a customer” – What results do you gain when you research most  often used phrases?
  8. 8. Research• Competitors – Keywords • Google Keyword External Tool – SEO position • Alexa – Analyze for their Point of Difference• Take Away Tip: Know your competition.
  9. 9. To find this, search for “Google Keyword External Tool”
  10. 10. Keyword suggestions Searching for keyword “dessert”.
  11. 11. Add Alexa Extension to Toolbar or go to
  12. 12. Research• Consumer Trends – Search the web for news articles, reports,  analysis, surveys about topics or services your  customer needs – Note what is important to consumers using your  products and services• Take Away Tip: It’s all about the customer!
  13. 13. Plan Blog CategoriesParent Desserts Child orCategory Secondary Categories Pies Cakes Ice Cream
  14. 14. Plan ‘Tags’‐ Micro Categories Tags Blueberry Child Category Pies Apple Custard
  15. 15. Editorial CalendarTopic Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat SunCakes Pound Chocolate  LayerDesserts Family  Desserts  Elegant  Style  for  Desserts Desserts Cookouts
  16. 16. Blog Post Basics• 300 words• Use subheads to lead reader forward• Use keywords in posts, subheads• Link keywords to your website’s anchor content  (your primary content on your major topics)• Illustrate with photos, graphics, or images with  correct alt and title tags• Use videos if you have them
  17. 17. When you get ‘stuck’• Run dry of ideas?  – Try this list of great ideas for business blogging. –‐smb‐ blogging‐ideas.html
  18. 18. Publicize Your Posts
  19. 19. Questions?
  20. 20. Photo Credits• Flickr Creative Commons User – Magnified computer screen Clearly Ambiguous – Questions image  UvaFragola• Brands of the World – Digg logo – Twitter logo• Facebook – F logo• Stumble Upon• Delicious