Strategic blogging for business 2013


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Basic overview of planning a strategic blogging plan to support your business marketing goals.

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Strategic blogging for business 2013

  1. 1. introducing
  2. 2. Strategic Blogging for BusinessPresented at The South CarolinaWomens’ Business Center
  3. 3. Why Blog?Companies that blog have434% more indexed pages.And companies with moreindexed pages get far more leads.--Search Engine Strategies Conference, NYC 2013
  4. 4. Why Blog?Blogging is an essentialmarketing component foryour business
  5. 5. Why Blog?• Improve Search Rank• Build for Long-Tail Content• Community and Market Education• Communicate High Trust Content• Build Lists, Conversions and Reach• Build Brand Value and Equity--Search Engine Watch
  6. 6. Control of MessageYou are a self-publisherNew earned mediaGain share of voice
  7. 7. Blogging Steps1. Platform Decision2. Platform Setup3. Research4. Plan5. Create6. Post7. Promote8. Evaluate/Adjust
  8. 8. Technology RequiredSelf-hosted blog on your domain,if you want to drive website traffic.Don’t compete with your own siteby blogging on external platforms
  9. 9. Alternatives to Self-hosted•••
  10. 10. Why strategy?If you put effort into planning yourmarketing and content strategy youyou’ll have a higher success rate andalso continue to execute based on a strategy,versus reacting to what is wrong due to lack oforganization.
  11. 11. StrategyBefore you deep dive into planning andexecuting your strategy consider and answerthese critical questions:– How do you make money as a company?– Why do you make money in those ways?– What are you biz development goals?– What questions can you answer, problems canyou solve, or understanding can you add?
  12. 12. ResearchBlog PostsBusiness Goals
  13. 13. What yourcustomerscare aboutWhat youcare aboutWhat you blog aboutWhat do you post about?
  14. 14. Let’s Plan-Getting Focused• Story: Human, real. Connects with people. What’syours?• Message Development: What will you say in whatformats. Must fit your customers (photos, videos,text)• Tone & Voice: Company persona, “voice” of personwriting the posts• Planning: Content calendars, trends to deliver timelycontent when that topic or idea is in the top of mind.
  15. 15. 4 Tips for the Planning PhaseMore planning = More success• SERP Data: Get keywords from that that people are looking for. Find ideas forwhat people want to know.• Build a long-term and regular content plan.– Long-Term Content Plan: Use Google Trends to compare products and primary searches.– Regular Content Plan: What trend terms are big the past days and figure out what istrending right now that your company can take advantage of.• Create a publishing schedule so you can see what content is going live when. Thekey is to plan your marketing according to your content.• Measure your efforts to see what was successful and learn to make more money.--Search Engine Watch
  16. 16. Research• Consumer Trends– Search the professional associations, GoogleTrends, Web for reports, analysis, surveys abouttopics or services your customer needs– Note what is important to consumers using yourproducts and services• Take Away Tip: It’s all about the customer!
  17. 17. Research• Competitors– Keywords• Google Keyword External Tool– SEO results– Point of Difference• Take Away Tip: Know your competition.
  18. 18. Research ExamplesLive, real sources• Digg :: Cupcake• Storify :: Cupcake• Google Trends :: Cupcake• Twitter Search :: Cupcake• Alexa :: Cupcakes
  19. 19. To find this, search for “Google Keyword External Tool”
  20. 20. Plan Blog CategoriesCupcakesChocolate Birthday DecoratingParentCategory Child orSecondaryCategories
  21. 21. Plan ‘Tags’- Micro CategoriesDarkChocolateWhiteChocolateMilkChocolateChildCategoryChocolateTags
  22. 22. Content Development• Photos• Videos• Text / written articles• Curated content
  23. 23. Create Editorial CalendarTopic Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat SunCakes BirthdayCupcakesChocolateCupcakesDesserts How todecoratecupcakeswith realflowersFavoriteMilkChocolateCupcakeRecipesSuperheroBirthdayCupcakes
  24. 24. Checklists & Tools• Our planning document.• Our list of what to do to make sure you’veoptimized your blog posts.
  25. 25. Publicize Your Posts
  26. 26. Questions?