Using search engine optimisation & social media to increase your google ranking v4


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  • It’s all about driving traffic to your site. Google is the Daddy of all search engines and therefore the majority of all SEO activity targets achieving higher rankings on Google.
  • Also need to be careful not to overuse keywords and therefore show up as spam on Google.
  • Grow your own earned, editorial links to your site.Focussing on building links arithmetically to static content means your competition will be earning those ultra-valuable organic links daily  as their community will be conditioned to anticipate quality and be ready to share. Their link growth will be both organic and exponential, not arithmetic.The people who find your site through social are the people most likely to link
  • Where are your customers “at”?Which platforms are they using?Where are your competitors using SM?Also think about the platforms. Facebook has privacy settings that means that Google can’t access its content and can’t class its likes or shares don’t count as links. LinkedIn often features very highly in Google search engine rankings.
  • Use Social Networks to generate strong content ideas- Digital marketing today needs to be “natural”
  • Review Google analytics – where are your visitors coming from? Which pages are being visited? How many of your pages are appearing in a Google search? Try different key word searches. Keep up-to-date with trends in keyword searches. Are there any seasonal elements to your search terms that only apply at certain times eg if you are a florist – valentines day, Christmas wreathes, Mothers day etc.Are you seeing any uplift around the time of your social media activity? Is there any direct correlation?If you are seeing little or no impact from your activity despite spending a lot of time on it, don’t be afraid to change what you do.
  • Social media can drive significant traffic to your own website
  • Using search engine optimisation & social media to increase your google ranking v4

    1. 1. Using Search EngineOptimisation and Social Media to increase your Google ranking Andrea McFarlane Write Marketing Alex Atkinson CALAD media
    2. 2. What is Search Engine Optimisation?Definition:Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improvingthe visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s"natural" or un-paid (“organic") search results.In general, the higher ranked on the search results page, andmore frequently a site appears in the search results list, themore visitors it will receive from the search engines users. Source:
    3. 3. The use of “keywords”• Core SEO relies on the choice of high value, competitive “keywords”• To maintain your position, you need to review current trending keywords and apply them to your website• This is also relevant to your social media activity to, there should be a connection
    4. 4. Go on then, Google your COMPANY name!• What was your first listing?• How many entries did you have?
    5. 5. What happens when your search has more common “keywords”?• What was your first listing?• How many entries were there?(562,000,000 to be exact)
    6. 6. What does a penguin have to do with SEO and your site page ranking?• Latest Google updates implemented in April 2012• Many websites saw their page rankings plummet as a result• Social media can help future proof your business from further updates
    7. 7. What is social media?“Social media is Internet based media that facilitatesconversation. You probably think Facebook or Twitter and you’reright. There are also social media sites geared towards specificcontent like YouTube or Flickr or content curation sites likeDelicious and Blekko.Most importantly though, social media does not have to be largethird party sites. Your blog, forums or feedback communities aresocial media as well.” Source: Sorbet Digital
    8. 8. How can social media help my SEO efforts?• Your social media (SM) activity will appear in search results• The wider the spread of your social media activity, (Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn/Google +/Blog, etc) the greater impact this will have on your search engine rankings• The bigger the SM footprint, then potentially, the greater the number of search results achieved through this activity• LinkedIn & blog activity can be keyword tagged, generating even more listings within the search engines
    9. 9. Content, content, content• Make sure you know where you need to be• Set your web content up to share• Develop content you think your audience will want to share – whatever the platform you use• Review what works and what doesn’t work - what message/content is being engaged with/shared/re-tweeted?Great content WILL always be the key here…
    10. 10. Source:Lee Odden,
    11. 11. What do I need to do now?• Build a Social Media following to reduce reliance on natural search traffic: - start blogging! It provides the link between your social and static sites - include prominent social sharing buttons at both the top and bottom of each blog post on your website - add a direct appeal to your readers at the end of each blog post - use social media to brand yourself as an authority figure within your industry
    12. 12. What do I need to do now?• Encourage link building through your Social Media activity – Both Google and Bing confirmed recently that they track publicly shared links on Facebook and Twitter – Link your accounts together, blog posts to update Facebook/Twitter etc to increase the reach of your activity – Schedule your post activity to share at differing times across platforms using the many different tools available (Hootsuite, Buffer, Sproutsocial etc)
    13. 13. Your ranking vs your activity• Know where your website stands now• Track the success of your activity: – Google analytics – Keep checking your Google ranking – Review the impact of your activity – Don’t be afraid to stop activity if it isn’t working
    14. 14. Social Media + SEO = Traffic = £££’sThe effects of your SM activity are not alwaysimmediate.Planning, patience and review can give you thefollowing end results: – Build engaged communities that come to trust you and the content you share – Over time, you can begin to promote your goods and services to your community
    15. 15. Any questions?
    16. 16. For more information Marketing Social Media • Mobile marketing • Training • Marketing planning • 1:1 coaching • Campaign planning and • Account set-up management • Marketing and content • Copywriting planningContact:Alex Atkinson E-mail: Tel: 07742 192515Andrea McFarlane E-mail: Tel: 07833 776611