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2017 SEO for WordPress


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Learn the fundamentals of creating an SEO strategy to support your blogging. Covering how to develop a strategy, how to plan and organize content and the must dos for developing content.

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2017 SEO for WordPress

  1. 1. introducing
  2. 2. SEO: It’s Your Move
  3. 3. everybody is looking for this
  4. 4. cause everybody wants to be
  5. 5. truth “SEO has evolved to become the result of an actual marketing strategy versus marketing tactics” Rae Hoffman
  6. 6. Google’s goal = best answers “We showthe results at the top that answer the user’s queries directly (after all we built Google for users, not websites).” Posted by Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman, Google
  7. 7. why blog? Companies that blog have 434% more indexedpages. And companies with more indexed pages get far more leads. --Search Engine Strategies Conference, NYC 2013
  8. 8. blogging is.. Blogging is an essential marketing component for your business
  9. 9. simple advice Not sure where to start with your blog content? Follow one, simple rule: Help other people From Shareaholic Blog: 4 Ways to Increase Audience Engagement Kali Hawlk
  10. 10. strategy Before you jump into planning answer these critical questions: – What triggers your customer to purchase? – What are you seasonal / sales goals? – What do you want to communicate? – Who are my customers; personas/segments – What questions can you answer, problems can you solve, or understanding can you add? – What can you reasonably commit to?
  11. 11. seo planning is the 1st step • seo is not an item to be left to the end • plan first • w/o planning, you’ll never get where you want to be Photo credit: Oatsy40
  12. 12. long tail world latent semantic indexing (LSI)
  13. 13. voice search •coffee shops near me •Who has the cheapest gardening supplies near me?
  14. 14. content types • Photos • Videos; interviews, Q&A, demos • Text / written articles; in-depth, long-form • Podcasts & Audio Files
  15. 15. fundamentals • solid, strong brand • greatcopy • adds value • Exceptional User Experience • useful information • fast; mobile responsive
  16. 16. google is mobile first •“mobile-friendlycriteria will continue to be a ranking signal” •“after January 10, 2017, pages where content is not easily accessible to a user on the transition from the mobile search results may not rank as highly” Webmaster Central Blog
  17. 17. secure your site “security- top priority for Google “HTTPS everywhere” HTTPS as a ranking signal switch from HTTP to HTTPS Webmaster Central Blog Wednesday, August 06, 2014
  18. 18. essential • Focus keyword and content analysis • Post titles and meta descriptions • Robots meta configuration • Readability check • Canonical • Breadcrumbs • Primary category • Permalink cleanup • XML sitemaps • RSS enhancements
  19. 19. all ins • Title – page – file media library • Text • Tags – alt – post – H2, H3 • Page • Subheads • Descriptions
  20. 20. other considerations • Relevant inbound links • Cross site links as on- page navigation • No “click this link” rather, “click for map to our location”
  21. 21. taxonomy • Map it out • Identify primary • Supporting branches • Categories – One per post • Tags as micro- categories – Not contained in post titles
  22. 22. plan blog categories Cupcakes Chocolate Birthday DecoratingChocolate BirthdayBirthday Parent Category Child or Secondary Categories Parent Category Child or Secondary Categories
  23. 23. plan ‘tags’- micro-categories Dark Chocolat e White Chocolat e Milk Chocolat e Child Category Chocolat e Tags
  24. 24. create editorial calendar Superhero Birthday Cupcakes Favorite Milk Chocolate Cupcake Recipes How to decorate cupcakes with real flowers Desserts Chocolate Cupcakes Birthday Cupcakes Cakes SunSatFriThursWedTuesMonTopic
  25. 25. after posting...promotion “The real magic lies in content promotion. Without it, your content will struggle to earn a social mention, let alone a quality backlink.”* • Where will they see it? • What will motivate them? • Where will you/they share it? *Robbie Richards in 16 Explosive Content Promotion Strategies
  26. 26. lather, rinse, repeat • monitor • adjust • refresh • keep alert to changes • competition Photo credit: 1950sUnlimited