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Digital marketing crash course taster session Sussex Downs College

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  • Top 5 sites are Google, Facebook, Youtube,
  • Sources: Facebook - Tweets - Youtube - Google plus - In the 2 days since users were able to join without an invite, Google+ grew by an estimated 30%. Sources :
  • Top 5 sites are Google, Facebook, Youtube,
  • Digital Marketing – New style
  • Top 5 sites are Google, Facebook, Youtube,
  • Top 5 sites are Google, Facebook, Youtube,
  • Top 5 sites are Google, Facebook, Youtube,
  • Top 5 sites are Google, Facebook, Youtube,
  • Top 5 sites are Google, Facebook, Youtube,
  • Top 5 sites are Google, Facebook, Youtube,
  • Top 5 sites are Google, Facebook, Youtube,
  • Top 5 sites are Google, Facebook, Youtube,
  • Top 5 sites are Google, Facebook, Youtube,
  • Top 5 sites are Google, Facebook, Youtube,
  • Top 5 sites are Google, Facebook, Youtube,
  • Top 5 sites are Google, Facebook, Youtube,
  • Top 5 sites are Google, Facebook, Youtube,
  • Top 5 sites are Google, Facebook, Youtube,
  • Top 5 sites are Google, Facebook, Youtube,
  • Top 5 sites are Google, Facebook, Youtube,
  • Top 5 sites are Google, Facebook, Youtube,
  • Top 5 sites are Google, Facebook, Youtube,
  • Create a Business Page, Use Facebook applications, Promote events, Promote your sales, promotions and offers, join LinkedIn groups, Get feedback, Ask questions
  • Top 5 sites are Google, Facebook, Youtube,
  • Low cost, Unlimited Access,Simplicity,Global reach, Flexibility SEO social signals, Measurability.
  • Top sites are Google, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter
  • Top 5 sites are Google, Facebook, Youtube,
  • Top 5 sites are Google, Facebook, Youtube,
  • Top 5 sites are Google, Facebook, Youtube,
  • Social media Game. This game introduces you to social media & gets you thinking about how to use it. Based on…. Credits :
  • Pick 2 cards
  • Choose an audience
  • Choose an audience
  • Choose an audience
  • Play social media game
  • Feedback
  • Fish where the fish are…
  • Social media toolkit
  • Use multiple social media tools to meet objectives & business goals. Use the tools to listen for conversations online about your brand or keywords.
  • Social media plan - “Social media should be integrated with wider business objectives”
  • Top 5 sites are Google, Facebook, Youtube,
  • Top 5 sites are Google, Facebook, Youtube,
  • Top 5 sites are Google, Facebook, Youtube,
  • Why should you be excited about Social Media?
  • Digital Marketing Crash Course

    1. 1. Digital Marketing Enlightenment Internet Marketing SEO & Social Media in Plain English
    2. 2. Digital Marketing Taster Session 1st Hour • What is Digital Marketing? (15mins) • What is SEO (15 mins) • What is Social Media? (15 mins) • Why do I need a digital marketing plan? (15mins) Break – tea/coffee 2nd Hour • Digital marketing Snap Game (15 mins) • Feedback, Evaluation & Group Discussion (15mins) • Q&A session (10mins) • Next Steps (Course details)
    3. 3. Why does being online matter?
    4. 4. 800 million users200 million on Twitter1 billion tweets a week2nd largest search engineCrikey! Google+ surpasses43 Million Users
    5. 5. Digital Marketing is… Digital marketing is a combination of push and pull Internet technologies to execute marketing campaigns.
    6. 6. Re-thinking marketing Traditional New Outbound Marketing Inbound Marketing • Telemarketing • SEO / SEM • Trade shows • Blogging • Direct mail • Social Media • Email blasts • RSS (news feeds) • Print ads • Content marketing • TV/radio ads • Viral videos Interruption based Permission based
    7. 7. Traditional marketing
    8. 8. Digital marketing
    9. 9. Re-thinking marketing Digital Marketing goes beyond the click engaging people on multiple levels in a relevant way…. • Understanding how audiences use and interact with technology • Content - copywriting, virals, tweets, engaging content • Social media • SEO, Pay Per Click (PPC) • User experience • Online PR, branding, reputation • Email marketing • Goals, Research (audience, market place, competitors) • Conversion optimisation • Web Analytics • Web/app development, technical
    10. 10. SEO Enlightenment SEO Basics in Plain English
    11. 11. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a technique which helps search engines find and rank your site higher than the millions of other sites in search engines.
    12. 12. Would you read this book?
    13. 13. How do search engines work? • Search engines are not humans • Search engines crawl the Web to see what is there • They follow links on your page • They don’t see images, Flash movies, JavaScript • After a page is crawled, the next step is to index its content • Search algorithms place different emphasis for common factors like keyword density, links, or metatags
    14. 14. Search Engine Optimisation PAID 10% Vertical FREE! Search 90%
    15. 15. Search is changing
    16. 16. What is SEO - Why is it important? Benefits of SEO : 1. Optimized Search Results – increases the ranking of your website on many search engines. 2. Increase Visibility – Search engine optimization helps to increase search engine visibility 3. Increased Online Traffic – This is a result of increase visibility in the search engines. 4. Cheap – If done properly, SEO helps promote your website for little cost.
    17. 17. What’s important? Two factors are vital: • On page optimisation • Off page optimisation – link building/social media
    18. 18. Keyword research Keywords & key phrases are words that tell the search engines what your website is about. They are the same words that surfers type in the search engine to find what they are looking for.
    19. 19. SEO basics - keywords Keywords used by searchers are not necessarily what we think! • Over 50% of searchers use key phrases of 3 words or longer • Vital to a successful SEO campaign • Local search - location specific key phrases are common use theses in title tags • Aim to optimise your site for the top 20 targeted keywords
    20. 20. Choosing keywords •‘Just right’ • Use phrases e.g. web design London • Relevant Keywords • What would you search? • Local Keywords • 1 Keyword per page Google adwords tool
    21. 21. SEO – Meta titles, descriptions, alt text Visible On Page SEO “Invisible” On Page SEO • Page Title • URL • Meta Description • H1,H2,H3 tags • Keywords • Page Text • Alt text on images • Bold
    22. 22. Title Heading h1 Alt image tagCopy
    23. 23. The longtail of keyword demand the long tail of search is where 70% of search queries occur.
    24. 24. The longtail of keyword demand e,.g White goods electronics business… The fat head keywords = dishwasher’ & ‘vacuum cleaner’. chunky middle = brand names: ‘Zanussi washing machine’, ‘Dyson vacuum cleaner’. But the real money for this site is in the long tail. Longtail keywords like ‘bosch avantixx wae24366′.
    25. 25. Link building Fundamental part of SEO. You need a link building strategy! Example tactics include…. • Research niche websites/forums • Blogs – guest blog • Press releases • Articles • Social bookmarking – Digg your site • Directories - submit your site to DMOZ & local directories • Reviews – qype, yelp, google places • Yahoo answers, Wiki answers • Authority sites - e.g, Guardian
    26. 26. Crawling & Indexing Without links, the engines might never find this page
    27. 27. Fix technical issues - broken links!
    28. 28. Local SE0 & Review sites Get listed & get reviews on … • Google Places • Yahoo Local • Bing Local • Facebook places • Touch Local, Yelp, Qype, Foursquare
    29. 29. What’s important in 2012? • Site speed • Social media • Sitemaps – esp video site maps • Content Marketing • Reviews – qype, yelp, google places • Mobile • Video • Question & Answers - Yahoo answers, Wiki answers • Page title - Google is considering your clickthrough rate (CTR) so you must consider the message in your page title tag and add a call to action if you can
    30. 30. SEO Basics Summary… • Keywords - Use your keyword/key 7. ImageTagging - Every image on phrases, in context, within the text the page should have a filename of your page. that matches the keyword of that • Think like a spider, write like a page. The ALT text should be the human. Build your list of keywords, same as the image name and and develop pages around them. have the keyword in its name. • Meta Data - Think Twitter. You 8. Meta Keywords. Dont matter to have 150 characters to summarize Google, but matter to other search the topic on the page. engines • Tags - tag your content (H1, H2, 9. Friendly URLs. If possible, your etc.). You want to have your URL should contain your keyword. keyword in your H1 tags. A good URL: marketing.php A bad URL:
    31. 31.
    32. 32. Search Engine Optimisation If you don’t read anything else, read this Guide!
    33. 33. Social Media Enlightenment
    34. 34. Social media networks
    35. 35. Social Media Social media is just about human beings having conversations and relationships through the use of online technology. It’s simply a new form of mass media. It helps SEO by building relationships that may later turn into links and sales
    36. 36. The social media revolution - video
    37. 37. Social media – Who gives a damn? • Low cost • Unlimited access • Simplicity • Global reach • SEO social signals • Measurability
    38. 38. The conversation prism – click for details The Conversation Prism gives you a whole view of the social media universe, categorized and also organized by how people use each network. So many networks… So little time!
    39. 39. Social media dashboards But… there are tools you can use to help manage social media sites.. •Buffer •Hootsuite •Tweetdeck •Sproutsocial
    40. 40. What’s Hot?….Source: Social Media and Online PR Report, Econsultancy & bigmouthmedia
    41. 41. What makes a good Social Media Campaign ? Old Spice “Smell Like a Man, Man.” Old Spice spokesman Isaiah Mustafa was popular in TV commercials, but what really made this campaign an interactive hit was the recent Web- based element with Mustafa responding to questions submitted by fans on Twitter and other social media outlets in as many as 180 Web videos. He proposed marriage to one fans girlfriend. She accepted. From the Forbes Magazine Article entitled “The Best-Ever Social Media Campaigns” Author - Victoria Taylor – 8/17/2010
    42. 42. juicy Social media links – yum ! You’ll love these links! • Hubspot inbound marketing blog – Marketing Resources for small businesses: strategic Internet marketing tips and links to much more. • Social Media Examiner – Social Media Examiner is a free online magazine designed to help businesses discover how to best use social media tools • Mashable – Social Media news blog covering cool new websites and social networks • Duct tape marketing blog – Small business • marketing coaching and consulting ideas & strategies that are simple & effective.
    43. 43. Digital MarketingGameThis game introduces you to internetmarketing & social media & gets youthinking about how to use it ….
    44. 44. Pick 2 Cards only
    45. 45. Business Objectives Look at each card and think about how valuable/important the channel is to your organization. Think about the following options to narrow down the list: • Company Goals – What are the top priorities for the business to achieve? Brand Awareness, Education, Web Traffic or Sales? • Budget - How much do you have to spend on your marketing efforts)? • Available resources – What personnel or outsourced resources do you have?
    46. 46. Digital tactics · Blogging · Local search marketing · Micro blogging · Mobile marketing · Email marketing · Groupon/offer sites · Social media · Online/digital public relations monitoring & outreach · Web site · SEO, Pay per click · Viral marketing · Blogger outreach · Free content (eBooks, · Video marketing white papers) · Classifieds e.g. Gumtree · Online communities/forums · Directories · Webinars · Podcasts
    47. 47. Choose a customer or business Think about how you would connect online • Which networks are best? • Which ones meet you business objectives? • What digital tactics would you use & why?
    48. 48. Lets play!Match customersto social media cards
    49. 49. Feedback….
    50. 50. Fish wherethe fishare…
    51. 51. Social media toolkit
    52. 52. Use multiple social media tools
    53. 53. Digital marketing plan “Digital marketing & Social Media should be integrated with wider business objectives”
    54. 54. The Digital Marketing Mix •Start with your website goals and create valuable content for your audiences •Research your online landscape for the most appropriate marketing mix for your digital strategy •Use web analytics, on and offline conversion tracking and optimisation to measure campaigns •Implement the tactics that fit your business goals best.
    55. 55. Digital marketing planning Use the SOSTAC® planning model. In plain English this simply means breaking your plan down into six elements: - • S stands for Situation Analysis - which means where are we now? • O stands for Objectives which means where do we want to go? • S stands for Strategy which summarises how we are going to get there. • T stands for Tactics which are the details of strategy • A is for Action or implementation – putting the plan to work • C is for Control which means measurement, monitoring, reviewing, updating and modifying.
    56. 56. Digital marketing planning In plain English this simply means breaking your plan down into six bits: - • Where are we now? • Where do we want to go? • How we are going to get there. • Tactics - the details of strategy • Action - putting the plan to work • Control - measurement, monitoring, reviewing, updating and modifying.
    57. 57. Steps to digital marketing success…. • Research what your target audiences are searching for on Google, find keywords • Listen, engage and participate through social media • Develop an digital marketing plan that meets your business objectives • Optimise your existing web content to meet Google best practice • Create and distribute content that will promote your expertise and drive more targeted traffic to your website • Implement content & link building strategies to help you achieve high Google rankings • Measure your activities through web analytics
    58. 58. Digital Marketing Crash Course What will I learn? Understand SEO, Social Media & Online PR in a business context. Plan your digital activity in the future and measure/evaluate results Course Modules •Overview of Digital Marketing •Search Engine Optimization •Social Media Marketing •Email Marketing •Content Marketing •Online PR •Web Analytics •Writing a Digital Marketing Plan
    59. 59. Email marketing How email supports social media marketing efforts • Mad Mimi • Aweber • Mailchimp • Constant Contact
    60. 60. Content Marketing – How to do it Text – where people put across views, opinions or write blog posts. Images – images and photos Audio – social media enables you create podcasts or radio shows Video – video sites mean that you can record entertaining videos for the world to see. Check out :
    61. 61. Online PR Newsroom… Submit your completed article.
    62. 62. Web Analytics - Google Analytics….
    63. 63. Thank you!Any questions? Follow @webyogiLooking for digital marketingSEO or social media advice? Visit
    64. 64. Excited about howDigital Marketing can revolutionise your business? Sign up for our one day digital marketing crash course today! 20th April 2012 Newhaven Campus