How to Overcome Fear to Get What You Want


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What do you want most right now?
What is holding you back from getting where you want to be?

Here are a few of the most common responses:
1. Not enough ideas
2. Not enough time
3. Not enough money

Most people also say either:

"I don't know what to do next."
"I don't know the right people and I'm afraid of doing it alone."

The underlying cause is fear. Fear of being alone. Fear of failure. Even fear of success.

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  • excited and challenged to share. some of the best things are also the hardest.
    spent 30 minutes in therapy, costing me $150 just to be able to do this free presentation with you
    watered plants
    used a foam roller on my leg (whatever the fuck that is)
    anything but... THAT’S a telling point. what you avoid is hardly ever as hard as when you face it.
  • Lesson: practicing your fears / getting uncomfortable helps you solve ones that are more daily relevant. it’s like the gym. if you did the same exercise over and over your body would NEVER change. its only when you push it or do something new you see results.
  • it’s never about fear. we have a course, failure olympics is one of the BIGGEST break-throughs people have. coffee challenge. i was shocked. its about getting what you want and overcoming the fear holding you back from that.
    actionable techniques / mindshifts
    live-examples to drive the story home.
  • its mental. we’ll explore how to improve to become unstoppable. and now im at one my best moments that i want y’all to be at.
  • CONFRONTING our fears. Like me losing hair, bad revenue days, a body im not happy wit
  • Lesson: People regard me as “successful” with no problems. Shit happens to me and everyone. We are going to explore how to equip you with skills / tools what you’ve always been doing, you’ll attack.
    It’s never about fear. you can be afraid of spiders but thats not holding you back. its about what do you really want? and practicing overcoming fear to make life easier and ultimately happier.
  • tell who you are
    what was your pre-scribed life story
    can you tell what you’ve done in the past year and half
    where you at now?
    are you happy?
    what were the key things holding you back from the life you want
    what you would you tell 5 years ago susan.
  • how would you feel asking for a discount?
    go do it and we’ll interview when we get back
  • Lessons: Confront things holding them back and activities. It’s all for biz, personal and relationships. When your relationship, Fucking bet you that biz and personal will be better.
  • tell the story of how i was depressed..
    b) lazy / tired / low energy (health)
    c) had no direction with business, just refreshed the $$ page (wealth)
    d) everything is connected. self, wealth, love. when one is down. they all drag down each down. check out your scores. this is a great section to think about it.
  • Hard to start when you aren’t feeling great about yourself.
  • What are most common pitfalls for improving your health
    How does someone get more energy.
    What are the funniest things you’ve seen with diets.
    #1 tip you’d give to someone start improving their health.
  • Weekly + FOLLOWUP.CC
  • daily
  • What does that mean to all of you????
  • “I don’t want to SPEND money?” funny how we can invest in a book or possibly our TV but when we look to ourselves it doesn’t seem as obvious it’s the BEST return you can do.
  • who you surround yourself with in all facets!!
  • a) who you spend time with now. who else can you add to your favorites?
    b) get out paper and list 2 people you dont want to spend time with.
  • 4- how to build new relationships
    a) story of how i built relationships when i came to austin => a few guys i met then bought jerky which i did at
  • write 1 thing you’re good at and 1 thing you need help with
  • power of full engagement
    mindless eating
    4-hour body and chef
    the power of habit.
  • 1- get famous through helping others.
    2- involve others
    3- different people are great at different things.
    Tactics i used to deal with it.
    smoked cigarettes
    embraced that it sucked
    explore things that i enjoyed doing
    met with people doing interesting things. no successful people hang out with losers. “but im in a small town.” the internet is everywhere.
    PRO-TIP: i did events on topics i was interested in. didnt know many people AT ALL. have an article on how i did it. got me $200,000+ and met a shit ton of Friends.
  • power of full engagement
    mindless eating
    4-hour body and chef
    the power of habit.
  • “made $5 million last year, unhappiest ive ever been”
    we had 16 people, an office, “killing it” but it wasnt what i wanted
    knowing what you want is what SAVED me.
    i knew internally the million people goal wasnt what i wanted.
    having fun at work every day and promoting cool stuff.
    went back to that.
  • Sometimes you fail and sometimes you got to keep moving forward.
  • Books: willpower, power of habit, losing my virginity, devil in the kitchen
  • Talk to person who’s failed.
    Bought a domain,
    made an app
    bought business cards
    tried kickstarter
  • How many people would pay me to tie their shoes? NONE. Exactly!!! Stooopid b
    What about hiring me for a day of starting your business??? UH. YEAH.
  • o Art of the Start
    o Lean Startup
    o 4-Hour Work Week
    o Ultimate Sales Machine
  • How to Overcome Fear to Get What You Want

    1. 1. Noah Kagan * @NoahKagan
    2. 2. Who’s afraid of public speaking?
    3. 3. Who’s afraid of heights?
    4. 4. Who’s important to you that you haven’t told how much they mean to you?
    5. 5. Okay, lets call them now and say exactly why they mean so much…
    7. 7. “I’m following @X cause they’re fearless!” #noahLIVE
    8. 8.
    9. 9. It’s NOT fear, it’s about getting what YOU want. 1. Living fearlessly 2. Self, Wealth + Love 3. Psychology of business 4. Start your business today Specifically stories, techniques, live-examples and fun.
    10. 10. THE (life) Framework 1. Wealth 2. Health 3. Love Stolen from Neville : - ) (ps. Everything is a kopy!)
    11. 11. • What makes anyone an expert? • Ironically a common fear among people • Start on yourself • Help others overcome with success • India • A growing $5 million dollar business I despised • Waking up most days wondering the point of living • Unhealthy relationships Qualifications
    12. 12. Write down your fear.
    13. 13.
    14. 14. Now. Pass it 2 people to the right
    15. 15. Now… Fun :O
    16. 16. Spider Picture
    17. 17.
    18. 18.
    19. 19. Any questions? Tweet to #noahLIVE
    20. 20. • Tweet something you are scared of. Hashtag #noahLIVE • The Big Leap • Celestine Prophecy • Women who Love Too Much Free Books Time
    21. 21. 2. Self (Health + Love)
    22. 22. Insert pic of me home alone crying while cooking
    23. 23. Coffee Person
    24. 24. But I want to start a business? ”
    25. 25. Health
    26. 26.
    27. 27. 3 Daily Positive Triggers
    28. 28. Work Work-out Personal
    29. 29. • Gratitude • Exercise • Breakfast • You
    30. 30. 1 year personal training with Adam of “For my Health I’m going to: #noahLive”
    31. 31. “To be in the 1% you have to be willing to do what the 99% won’t ”
    32. 32. • Invest in yourselves (by sitting here today, you are) to be stronger. • Personal Trainer - $86 a session • Therapy - $180 for 45 minutes • $495 for Conscious Loving Workshop • And $$$$ more
    33. 33. Love
    34. 34. How to Make Friends
    35. 35.
    36. 36. Questions Time
    37. 37. “What’s 1 thing you can do to invest in yourself this week?” •Join a gym •Buy a course •Upgrade your phone •Treat someone to lunch (or Taco Deli!) Tweet for Books Time
    38. 38. Come BACK to see LIVE business validations!
    39. 39. 3. Psychology of Business
    40. 40. Facebook… 1. Selfish 2. Marketing 3. Skills
    41. 41. And STILL MORE Failures 2012
    42. 42. 84% Fail #1
    43. 43. $10,000 Fail #2
    44. 44. I’ll keep my full rant for the people on my email list (25K strong) I’ll title it “Tell Appsumo to go fuck themselves…” My respect for you and your company has disappeared and pray to fucking God nobody ever asks me what I think of Appsumo and the retards that run it. Fail #3
    45. 45. Fail #4
    46. 46. Fail #5
    47. 47. Fail #6
    48. 48. Insert Fails #7-1,000 here
    49. 49. Didn’t really know what to do ;/
    50. 50. 1,13233.96% of 3,333 7
    51. 51. • I have too many / few ideas? • I’m nervous about failing / embarrassing myself • I’ve spent money but haven’t made a profit • I don’t know how to Code • I need a co-founder • What else? Common Fears
    52. 52. • Practice (duh.) • Validation! • NOT spending money or time. Tools to overcome fear
    53. 53. Draw Me (it’s for my mom) $1,000 if I like it Email it to: Live-Activity: Portrait Business
    54. 54. Fear in business will for sure happen. Practicing / awareness will help you overcome it.” Tweet Practice makes perfect
    55. 55. 4. Starting your Business
    56. 56. Funny Noah Drawings 
    57. 57. You’re not unique interview
    58. 58. 1. You only have 48 hours to start 2. How can you get 3 paying customers? 3. What’s the actual problem? Keys to Starting
    59. 59. Where you're stuck - Our business model is validated and we want to take over the world. How big should we be thinking? How did you blow up AppSumo? How much of this can apply to a service business? Alex – WPCurve
    60. 60. Nita Thom - Designer
    61. 61. Reshanda – Awkward Cards
    62. 62. Want more help?
    63. 63. Questions?
    64. 64. 10 SMALL Wins Today 1. Do what is FUN 2. NOTICE the words you use 3. GEBY 4. Donate clothes to Goodwill 5. Make your bed 6. Get a morning song! Rocket Summer  7. Start 1 new habit – 5 pushups tonight 8. Remove 1 bad habit – no criticizing 9. Add a background image to your phone 10. Call 1 friend (you like) and listen
    65. 65. If it’s uncomfortable, you’re growing.” Tweet it! -@noahkagan
    66. 66. Review your Framework! 1. Wealth 2. Health 3. Love
    67. 67. 1. From RIGHT now for the next 24 hours, what can you accomplish? creativeLIVE will email out winner on Oct. 1st 2. Flight + Hotel + Gourmet Taco dinner with me in Austin, TX. 3. Enter here: 24 Hour Challenge
    68. 68. “Have a Great Day!”