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SXSW: Reboot Yourself: Get A Grip on Your Technology


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Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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SXSW: Reboot Yourself: Get A Grip on Your Technology

  1. Beth  Kanter and    Aliza  Sherman   Co-­‐ Authors,  The  Happy  Healthy  Nonprofit:  Impact  without  Burnout Photo  Source:  Eric  Pickersgill SXSW  2016  Workshop Go  Reboot  Yourself:  Get  a  Grip  on  Your  Tech #RebootYou
  2. Aliza  Story:  Insert  Slide Aliza The time I started dropping things…
  3. Beth
  4. Beth  Kanter:    Trainer,  Author,  Speaker  and  Nonprofit  Thought  Leader @kanter
  5. Aliza  Sherman:  Web  Pioneer,  Author,  Speaker,  Tech  Wellness  Advocate
  6. Think,  Write,  Share • What  is  your  burning   question  about   technology  wellness? • What  do  you  want  to   learn  today?
  7. • Greater  awareness   of  tech  wellness • Identify  one   technology   wellness  habit  to   build  and  practice   after  SXSW Topics OUTCOMES •Interactive •Try  out  techniques •Sacred  Space FRAMING Why  Get  A  Grip  on  Your   Tech Assessment:  Is  your  tech   use  healthy  or  toxic? Your  Tech  Wellness   Roadmap Reflection,  Q/A,  Raffle Agenda Resource  Materials:­‐2016
  8. Sacred  Space
  9. You  Can  Draw!   .
  10. You  Can   Draw!  
  11. Think  and  Draw Think  about  a  time  when  your   technology  use  made  you  feel   stressed  or  overwhelmed  or   distracted  or  even  sick? What  was  the  situation?  What   does  it  look  like?   Draw  It!
  12. The  Bigger  Picture:    The  Problem
  13. And  it  has  changed   our  brains. Our  technology  has   changed  our   information consumption habits
  14. We  have  no  downtime. 52%  of  smartphone  owners  check  their  phones  a   few  times  an  hour  or  more.
  15. We  are  losing  our   ability  to  focus and  remember.   “Google  Effect  on  Memory” -­‐-­‐ Daniel  Wegner,  a  professor  of  psychology  at  Harvard  University
  16. What  is  the   average  human   attention  span   online?      
  17. Attention  Spans  Online  … Source:  National  Center  for  Biotechnology  Information,  US  National  Library  of  Medicine Flickr  photo:  Josullivan59 Attention Span  Statistics Data The  average  human  attention  span  in  2000. 12  seconds The  average  human  attention  span  in  2013. 8  seconds 9   seconds
  18. We  are  drowning  in   a  sea  of  messaging. And  some  of  us   have  SMAD.* *Social  Media  Anxiety  Disorder -­‐-­‐ Neil  Mehta,  MD  
  19. • Always  at  your  fingertips. • Always  scrolling  news  feed. • Always  manipulated  by  filters. • The  adrenaline  rush  of  “Like.” Syndrome
  20. Mindless  Consumption
  21. *Brandon  T.  McDaniel,  doctoral  candidate  in   human  development  and  family  studies  at  Penn  State “Technoference*”
  22. Email  Apnea Are  you  holding   your  breath  when   you  check  email?   You  may  have   “Email  Apnea*.” *coined  by  writer  Linda  Stone
  23. Body  effects Text Neck*, Eye Strain**, Disturbed Sleep*** *Kenneth  K.  Hansraj,  chief  of  spine  surgery  at  New  York  Spine  Surgery  &  Rehabilitation  Medicine **American  Optometric  Association:  Computer  Vision  Syndrome  or  Digital  Eye  Strain ***Studies  out  of  Harvard  and  University  of  Toronto
  24. Distracted  Walking
  25. The  Perils  of  Distraction  in  the  Workplace
  26. “Technoference”
  27. We  are  not  saying  ditch  your   mobile  phone  or  never  use  the   Internet  again   We  are  saying  Tech  Wellness   skills  are  essential  21st century   survival  skills!
  28. Tech  Wellness Assessment   Questions Is  Your  Technology  Use  Healthy?
  29. Information Overload What’s  Your  Tech  Wellness  Score? 1. Is  the  only  time  you  take  a  break  from  your  tech  when  you’re  sleeping? 2. Do  you  check  your  phone  before  you  go  to  bed  or  right  when  you  wake  up? 3. Do  you  have  problems  recalling  information  and  resort  to  searching  on   Google? 4. Do  you  feel  that  you  often  have  a  hard  time  paying  attention  or  focusing  on   a  single  task? 5. Do  you  experience  frustration  at  the  amount  of  online  information  you   need  to  process  every  day? 6. Do  you  frequently  or  constantly  check  your  email,  Twitter,  Facebook  or   other  online  services? 7. Do  you  sometimes  check  your  mobile  phone  for  messages  while  in  the   bathroom? 8. Do  you  find  yourself  reaching  for  your  phone  even  when  you’re  with   others? 9. Do  you  sit  at  your  computer  at  work  or  home  for  longer  than  30  minutes  at   a  time  without  getting  up  to  take  a  break? 10.Do  you  ever  check  your  mobile  phone  while  walking  outside? Add  up  all  the  questions  you  answered  “YES”  to  for  your  score
  30. 0…1…2…3…4…5…6…7…8…9…10 Source:  Lulumonathletica Healthy…………………………………………………………………………Unhealthy   What’s  Your  Technology  Wellness  Score?
  31. The  Road  to  Technology  Wellness:    A  Few  Tips
  32. Energy  Depleted Mindless Mindful
  33. Being Mindful means pausing, paying attention, being aware. “ ”
  34. Exercise:  Experience  Mindfulness
  35. Mindful  Tech
  36. Monitoring  Tech
  37. How  To  Be  Mindful  At  Home Set  up  a  charging  station.
  38. Movement  and  Stretching “Boga”
  39. Turn  Off  the  Damn  Computer  and  Go  for  A  Walk
  40. Beverly  Trayner-­‐Wenger List  of  Standing  Desk  Resources Stand  Up  At  Work:  Standing  Desk  Hack
  41. Manage  Your  Energy
  42. Manage  Your  Attention:  18  Minutes  A  Day
  43. Creative  Activities
  44. Another  Way  To  Improve  Attention:  Coloring­‐coloring-­‐books/
  45. Zentangle:  Yoga  for  Your  Brain
  46. Zentangle:  Show  You
  47. Zentangle:  Show  You
  48. Zentangle:  Show  You
  49. Zentangle:  Show  You
  50. Your  Turn
  51. Your  Technology  Wellness  Road  Map
  52. Takeaways:  Share  Pairs   • What’s  one  tip  or  technique  that  you  can   put  into  practice  to  improve  your  tech   wellness? • Put  on  index  card  with  your  name/email   for  raffle  for  a  prize
  53. Slide  Title Thank  you! @alizasherman