Network Literacy 101


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Mashup of several of my presentations regarding network literacy. This is for EDST499k, a social media seminar I am facilitating in Kelowna - UBC-Okanagan.

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  • Brilliant!
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  • Alec,
    I really enjoyed clicking through your presentation. I got a lot out of it just from a visual standpoint. I'd love to hear you give this presentation face to face. Nicely done.
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  • muy bueno ¡felicidades!
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  • Incredibly inspiring. Thank you for sharing and modelling what you advocate!
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  • No problem, Leigh. I take your critique very seriously and was genuinely interested. The slides alone can be misleading without the audio. The only time I used those slides was for EdMedia, and unfortunately, the session wasn't recorded. Next time I make the point, I'll record the audio and throw it your way.

    And in case you were wondering about the slide before that, it's a screenshot from . Traditionally, when universities create their institutional presence, they often design it from various viewpoints 'prospective faculty, current students, prospective students' as you know. I used the virtual experience to explain that while you can make this process as pretty as you want, in the end, it's still (like the 'choose your own adventure' books) finite choice, illusion, and placebo for unique perspective.

    Thanks for your time.
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Network Literacy 101

  1. 1. Network Literacy 101 Dr. Alec Couros EDST499k - 2010
  2. 2. me
  3. 3. Who is this guy?
  4. 4. my blog, my hub
  5. 5. microblogging
  6. 6. photosharing
  7. 7. videosharing
  8. 8. social networking services
  9. 9. content sharing
  10. 10. open cv
  11. 11. open teaching
  12. 12. Course Trailer
  13. 13. non-credit students
  14. 14. shift
  15. 15. Projections/Focus
  16. 16. Projections/Focus
  17. 17. Converging Media
  18. 18. Visitors vs. Residents
  19. 19. David Wiley Then vs Now Analog Digital Tethered Mobile Isolated Connected Generic Personal Consumption Creating @opencontent Closed Open
  20. 20. David Wiley Education vs Everyday Analog Digital Tethered Mobile Isolated Connected Generic Personal Consumption Creating @opencontent Closed Open
  21. 21. David Weinberger The Web is “a world of pure connection, free of the arbitrary constraints of matter, distance and time.” @dweinberger
  22. 22. Connected Reality
  23. 23. quick stats (2009) • 90 trillion emails sent annually from 1.4 billion email users • 234 million websites • 1.73 billion Internet users • 126 millions blogs • 350 million Facebook users • 4 billion images on Flickr • 1 billion Youtube videos served daily. Stats as of Jan 22/10 via Royal Pingdom
  24. 24. Stats as of March 17/10 via Mashable
  25. 25. Each technology creates a new environment. The effects of media come from their form not their content.
  26. 26. affordances
  27. 27. Free Tools
  28. 28. Free/Open Content “describes any kind of creative work in a format that explicitly allows copying and modifying of its information by anyone, not exclusively by a closed organization, firm, or individual. (wikipedia)
  29. 29. Abundance
  30. 30. Beyond Institution
  31. 31. New Possibilities
  32. 32. Realtime Collaboration
  33. 33. Disruptive Creativity
  34. 34. Distributed Creativity
  35. 35. Disruptive Education
  36. 36. issues
  37. 37. Innapropriate Content
  38. 38.
  39. 39. “Some of the comments on Youtube make you weep for the future of humanity, just for the spelling alone, never mind the obscenity and naked hatred.” @leverus (Lev Grossman)
  40. 40. Verifiability
  41. 41. Identity
  42. 42. Citizenship
  43. 43. Kyle Doyle is not going to work today, f*** it, I’m still trashed. SICKIE WOO Cisco just offered me a job! Now I have to weigh the utility of a fatty paycheck against the daily commute to San Jose and hating the work
  44. 44. danah boyd Teens are not connecting in the ways we fear. But, we need to pay attention to: •Properties: persistence, replicability, searchability, scalability, (de)locatability. •Dynamics: invisible audiences, collapsed contexts, blurring of public & private @zephoria spaces
  45. 45. Michael Wesch • Inspired by McLuhan’s “We shape our tools and thereafter our tools shape us.” • Youtube & other social media mitigate “connection without constraint”. In many cases this leaves to @mwesch “tremendously deep communities”.
  46. 46. “heroes for our mediated culture”
  47. 47. personalization
  48. 48. Mediating Experiences
  49. 49. locks
  50. 50. parents as pirates
  51. 51. personalizing the institution
  52. 52. the reality
  53. 53. in practice
  54. 54. Personal Learning Networks
  55. 55. connections
  56. 56. Expert Visits @kathycassidy
  57. 57. Transparent Learning @kathycassidy
  58. 58. Sharing/Inspiring
  59. 59. Global Mentoring
  60. 60. Student Portfolios
  61. 61. Open Learning
  62. 62. recommendations
  63. 63. considering information flow •blogging & RSS •use of SMS (txt’ing) •microblogging (Twitter) •rich media like Youtube or podcasts •student or interdepartmental partnerships
  64. 64. augment relationships •e-mentoring •use of existing social networks (Facebook), but beware the “creepy treehouse”. •in-house social networking service •Twitter as personality •Web-conferencing (Skype) •videostream of live classes/ sessions.
  65. 65. professional collaboration •use of collaborative tools (e.g., Google Docs) •social network for academic advisors for pro. learning (in and beyond the province) •increase personal and professional learning opportunities
  66. 66. important social media is about enhancing relationships - it is not about the tools - it is about personal investment in our students and in ourselves
  67. 67. final thoughts *this* is not going away social media provides engagement/motivation incredible possibilities for student engagement development of meaningful learning communities geographies become nearly irrelevant in a open, connected reality.
  68. 68. Don’t limit a child to your own learning, for he was born in another time. ~Tagore web: twitter: courosa google: couros