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Blended Values


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15 minute discussion starter for a day on 'Social Media Values'.

Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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Blended Values

  1. 1. BlendedValuesDr Bex LewisResearch Fellow in SocialMedia and Online LearningCODEC, University of Durham
  2. 2. Community?Wikipedia defines community as A group of interacting people, living in some proximity (i.e., in space, time, or relationship). Community usually refers to a social unit larger than a household that shares common values and has social cohesion.
  3. 3. What is „blended learning‟? “The term is commonly associated with the introduction of online media into a course or programme, whilst at the same time recognising that there is merit in retaining face-to-face contact and other traditional approaches to supporting students. It is also used where asynchronous media such as email, forums, blogs or wikis are deployed in conjunction with synchronous technologies, commonly text chat or audio.”  Janet Macdonald Blended Learning and Online Tutoring: Planning Learning Support and Activity Design, 2008, p2
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  7. 7. May 2012, @ChristianityMag
  8. 8. Learning/Pedagogy
  9. 9. With the web you can...
  10. 10. The 21st Century Learner
  11. 11. A Digital Resident: Jake‟s Story  “Jake told the executive that he never goes directly to a brand like this man‟s newspaper or even to blogs he likes. ... he reads a lot of news – far more than I did at his age. But he goes to that news only via the links from Digg, friends‟ blogs, and Twitter. He travels all around the internet that is edited by his peers because he trusts them and knows they share his interests. The web of trust is built at eye-level, peer-to-peer.” (Jarvis, p.86, my emphasis)
  12. 12. The „Flipped Classroom‟
  13. 13. The „Guide on the Side‟not the „Sage on the Stage‟
  14. 14. What values are in „theblend‟? Collaborative? Communicators? Customisable? Personalisation? Engaging? Experimental? Action-based learning? Reflective practice?
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