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Birds 16


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Published in: Education, Sports, Technology
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Birds 16

  1. 1. * By: Savannah
  2. 2. 1. What are birds? pg. 12. Birds that can’t fly pg.23.Sicknesses4. Feathers5. Eggs *
  3. 3. Birds are the only animal that has feathers.Their are about 9,000 or 10,000 species ofbirds. They live about every where onearth!! Birds make beautiful sounds!! Some bird are really big and the other arereally small. Birds can build their nest up to3 feet (side ways)!! *
  4. 4. * A lot of birds can’t fly like: kakapoo, ostrichesand penguins and lots of others. They can’t flybecause they weigh too much. Each one has aspecial thing, like: swimming, climbing orrunning. They all have something special. A lot of people think all birds can fly but theythink wrong, some birds really can’t fly, even ifthey try, there just like us, if we try we go backdown.
  5. 5. Birds can have lots of sicknesses. One kind ofsicknesses can make then pick out theirfeather!! If your bird is sick, it will not eat somuch, it will be really tired an be weak. *
  6. 6. All birds have feathers. But some pick outtheir feathers so it looks like they didnt havefeathers at the start, but they did. Feathers canbe any color yellow, red, green ,black anything!! Feathers are really soft. *
  7. 7. Every bird lays eggs, big eggs, small eggs anysize. Eggs have two covers just in castsomething breaks the first one. Eggs have aairbag so the baby bird can breath. It takes 6-12hours the break the shell. Baby birds havefeathers in the egg!! Eggs can be any color. *