cbse ncert ppt nanditha akunuri environmental studies biology science water reproduction in plants animals family rain water harvesting evs fishes snakes ssc birds trees nutrition food tiger elephants architecture of houses deficiency due to minerals water conservation children events lemon orange banana apple octopus & starfish sharks horses cats dogs parrot crocodile camel lion forest planets students scert igcse workshop cumin seeds games dried leaves water pollution kerala sonuacademy khejadi village festivals deficiency due to carbohydrates water storage school national international teachers parents educaton world important days nutrients gujarat organisms ladari reserve forest dams farmer ship temporary house permenant house huts small family ponds rivers repitiles major crops stem veins class6 creepers climbers shurbs plants herbs photosynthesis heterotrophs class7 earthworms fresh water mumbai flowers peeping cbde house different types of ears modern houses india vegetables training journey flora cotton items from fabric vitamins proteins seed dispersal seed germination food and nutrition worlddays scools edcation calendar gregorian socalmedia marketng sports onlneeducatin world days livedays international day management componetsfood fruits circket ib child nationaldays calender neet b\ncert class11 spiceies order phylum taxonomical aids taxonomy zoological parks botaniccal gardens search engine optimization ocean water pond water aquatic adaptation terrestrial habitat stulumi excretin growth heart double circulatory sysytem lymphatic system heamaglobin whilte blood cells redbloood cells platelets wbc rbc capillaries arteries cardiovascular system circulatory system connective tissue transpiration pholem xylem transportation mainland 4) thailand 5) pakistan. 6) mexico 7) col 1) brazil 2) india 3) china sugar cane juice sugar cane for sale sugar cane seeds sugar cane products sugarcane uses sugar cane minecraft sugarcane family such as sugarcane plant sugarcane farming dushera rainy season mukadam loan ncert evs pea exoeriment gregor mendel gregor mendel genetic dominant dna 8 traits babies inherit from their father person personal traits personal inheritance genes nuclear family family joint family boreal forests temperate forests tropical forests ngos right to forest act 2007 suryamani’s torang forest conservation deforestation aforestation suryamani children enjoy sowing seed soil preparation bhaskarbhai’s farm dehri village damjibhai mud coated gourd bajra cbse evs electricity sedimentation natural balance flowing river farming multi purpose porjects memories bank loan american gridiron football james naismith springfield college cocah sholapur afsana basketball nagpada nagpada basketball association of mumbai. general cleaner rpf) irhs irts irps iras irsse irsee irsme all india railway officers (irse capf's officers irs ia&as ifs vapour mirror moist air wood cutter energy transfer energy blow air seimic waves cracks roads ground rocks japan earthquake ncert cbse ecofriendlt house building tent house villas types of houses changpas chantangpa dal lake ladhak jamm and khasmir travel bioogy notes breathing underwater crab respiration in cockroach class-7 cellular respiration areobic respiration respirati lakes eqatic habitat ocena living envrionmenal studies creatures terrestri habitat cns bio gas non renewable resouces renewable energy nuclear petroleum coal fossil fuels space flight moon gravational force kalpana chawla space sunita willliam's class 5 aurangzeb telangana bastions kakatiya dynasty hyderabad light effect amith bhachan nagina gardens premamathi mandir taramati gana mandir nawadi fetah darwaj durbar hall cannon ramdas fortune golconda snow camp river crossing on rope rock climbling class-5 nim skiing cource nepal mount everst gangotri region uttarkashi mountaineering camp scbe fever anemia parasite plasmodium malaria mosquitoes insoluble substance soluble substance salt water dead sea needle sink archimedes pricipal density jods ghadisisar camels rajastan step wells jaipur bacteria food preservation tandra mangoes television zebra crossing r signals trffic rules biotic components soil light air fires synthethic clothes woollen slik clothes vacation joint family families dog cow housing post offices stationery packaging postage stamps potter claypit pots birds vollyball batmontan cirket idllis egg and milk puris fruits and vegetables chapattis braille louis brarlle feelings clouds evoparation marketing postman police laywer doctor business boiling frying baking utensiles cooking class3 flying beaks class 3 visual espression saying without speaking sign languages facts balanced diet waterboat house igloo emskimoos blood relations joint fmily spring floods laes plnats vivporus oviparous mammals water animals land animals kalbelia titanoboa bansuri viviper king cobra tongue and speaking. swallowing breathing tasting licking imputities filtration evaporation sieving cooagulation condensation handpicking threshing distillation winnowing mixture separation endosperm photosyntheisis plant seedling imbibition embryo exhalation inhalation carbondioxide oxygen breathe lungs respiration in humans barli ragi wheat agriculture framing pistal stamne anther asexual flowers parts of a leaf fibrous root taproot roots csbe owl sloth eyes animalsenses senses insectivores saprotrophs nurition in plants waxing food storage pickling canning dehydration freezing preservation varieties of food food habits carnivores herbivores sea food types of food chlorophyll green plants autotrophs saprotrophic nutrition heterotrophic autotrophic ruminants hetertrophs snails locomotion movement organs of digestive system human digestive system digestive system stomach muscles joints types of bones vertebral column skeleton bones natural resources wheel chair friend father teacher reacher dream bridge chuskit classiv rajouri district of jammu and kashmir wahidaprism navy parade wahida defence officer star anise saffron ginger garlic nutmeg cinnamon bay leaf zera tumaric chilly mint pepper corinader clove spices panchayat bhima sangh drinking water boiled water raindays karnataka holgundhi area traditional sareees pochampalli sarees threads weavers mukhtapur pochampalli class 4 mumbai street street water sceience rules of kabaddi bali-indonesia saf games dhaka kabaddi asia paskistan dirham date palms kochi and chennai malayalam.  kunjamma airport abu dhabi woven nests sunbird coppersmith bird pigeons mehendi hedge. crow builds robin’s nest lasy bird koel busy feeding hatching nests osmosis shoot root parts of a plant grass pea plant garden bihar called madhubani govidghat badrinath. west himalaya indian national park valley flowers dirty animals and cleaning utensils river water flow water boat water plant bathing washing river sonuadacdemy conductor busstop boating railway station rickshaw automotive kittayam grandmother kadhah prasad ardaas dal halwa rice chapaties gurunoor gurudwar eating to gether fundraising lizard crocodile wild animals ears model of kitchen unbaked bricks bricks whitewash dera gazikhan. punjab people india and pakistan. pakistan contruction of houses wedding new place environment baby public relations familes time worker-bees queen bee land of milk and honey wax glucose fructose anita nectar honey bee honey bihar and punjab a.p. tamil nadu maharashtra soil and its preparation bulb cultivation of onion fertilizers weeds grow sprouts onion crop froming ib curriculum cultivation onion home market share travelling omana gandhidham bhela ghar. bihu bhaui mid day meals together eating desert biome rainforest biome marine biome trada biome biomedical irreversible changes reversible changes non perodic changes periodic changes chemical changes slow changes physical change changes around us ñandu environmemtal studies education scgool amrita save trees tree marine ecosystem forest ecosystem terristial ecosystem funa importance of ecesystem conversation animals conversation of plants ecosystem web design and development graphic design design of house planning houses process of synthetic fibres process of natural fibres natural fibes jute fibres polyester nylon natural fibres synthic fibres wool fibres silk fibres fibre kite festivals boghi cultural festivals indian festivals pongal sankranti methods of water harvesting things with wood materials with animals materials things from animals jute items instruments sugar different things made from components of food foofd and nutrition deficiency due to vitamin deficiency due to protien malnutrition deficiency diseases cross-pollination self-pollination pollination parts of a flower artificial vegetative propagation vegetative propagation regeneration fragmentattion budding multiple fission binary fission asexual reproduction in plants flood drought static and moving images images taken by students pictures education and training image healthcare viva the school 6th class somnath aneesh akunuri somnath aneesh minerals
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