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birds ppt

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Birds ppt

  1. 1. FEATURES OF BIRDS Birds have wings and most of them can fly. They have light and hollow bones. They have feet and claws. They do not have teeth ,instead have beak which is used to tear, bite ,chisel ,crush or chew their food. Birds have streamlined bodies which help them to fly.
  2. 2. TYPES OF BEAKS Crushing beakSparrow and pigeon have crushing beak for crushing seeds and grains to make it soft before eating.
  3. 3. Curved beakParrot has a curved beak for cracking nuts and seeds.It can immitate our voice.
  4. 4. Sifting BeakDuck has a flat and broad beak which has small holes on both sides. It can sift food from mud and water.
  5. 5. Chiselling beakWood pecker has strong long and straight beak to peck at the wood and eat insectspresent in the wood.
  6. 6. Sticky beakA swallow has a small and broad beak. It catches flies while flying.The beak is sticky from inside.
  7. 7. Probing BeakSunbird has long and slender beak to suck nectar from flowers.
  8. 8. Piercing and Tearing beakVulture and Eagle have strong , hard and curved beak to tear the flesh
  9. 9. Feet and claws The feet and claws of birds are shaped to suit their perching and food habits.Claws are long curved nails present on the feet.Claws can be used for climbing, protecting,holdingfood,swimming and perching.
  10. 10. Birds of Prey Eagle Vulture Halwk They have sharp and strong claws to firmly hold the prey while flying.
  11. 11. PERCHING BIRDSparrow and other perching birds can even sleep while perchingOn wires or branches of trees.
  12. 12. WADING BIRDS Crane JacanaCrane and Jacana have long legs and wide spreading toes. These help themTo walk in shallow water or mud. The wide spreading toes prevent the body fromsinking in water.
  13. 13. Swimming birdsDucks and penguins have webbed feet to swim.
  14. 14. Scratching bird Hen has strong feet with three toes in front and one at the back.Each toe has a sharp claw to scrach the ground in search of Seeds and insects.
  15. 15. RECAPITULATIONFill in the blanks:a. A ______ uses its webbed feet to swim.b. Sunbird sucks ______ from flowers.c. A duck has ______ and _______ beak.d. Crane and Jacana are ________ birds.e. Birds have light hollow _______.f. _________ of birds help them to fly and to keep them warm in winter.g. ______ means to clean the feathers and set them right.h. Birds which kill other smaller animals and eat them as food are called birds of ______.
  16. 16. Answer the following questions:1. Write three common features of birds.2. How does a swallow catch its food?3. What is preening?4. Name two birds that cannot fly.5. How can crane and jacana able to walk in the mud?6. What kind of beak these birds have:i. Parrot-ii. Sparrow-iii. Swallow=iv. Woodpecker