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  1. 1. By: Daisja
  2. 2. 1 How do wolves communication?2 Wolves have an undeserved reputation?3 How much do they eat?4 Where do wolves live?5 How many are in the world?6 How long do they live?7 How do wolves travel?8 Why animals are related?9 How their body made?
  3. 3. Wolves from different places may howl indifferent ways. The howls of European wolves aremuch louder than North American wolves.
  4. 4. They have a long history of been hunted byhumans because they kill their farm animals.
  5. 5. Wolves eat both large size prey such as mooseand bison, and medium sized prey like deer andsheep.
  6. 6. Wolves are now extinct in much of WesternEurope, Mexico and much of the USA. In moderntimes, wolves are mostly in Canada, Alaska,Europe, and Asia.
  7. 7. Wolf population declined in the 1970s andnumbered only 100 by 1973 in the United States.
  8. 8. The lifespan of wolves differ based on the breed.Wild wolves can live for up to twelve years, whilewolves in captivity have live for over sixteenyears. The record lifespan of a wolf is twentyyears.
  9. 9. The average wolf pack consists of a family of fiveto eleven animals. This includes one to twoadults, three to six juveniles, and one to threeyearlings.
  10. 10. The wolves biological family are mammals thatincludes domestic wolves, dogs, foxes, jackals,and coyotes.
  11. 11. Wolves are the largest member of its family, withmales averaging forty three to forty five kg ninetyfive to ninety nine lbs, and females 36 to 38. 5 kg79 to 85 lbs. Compared to equally sized dogs,wolves tend to have 20% larger skulls and 10%bigger brains.
  12. 12. Captivity- Held under control.Extinct- No longer existing.Howling- Sounds wolves make to communicatewith each other.Juveniles- Pup or young wolf.Prey- An animal taken as food.Population- The total of individuals occupying anarea.Yearlings- An animal one year old or in thesecond year of its age.
  13. 13. Biological family page 9Captivity page 6Juveniles page 7Howling page 1Prey page 3Population page 5Yearlings page 7
  14. 14. My name is Daisja. I am in 3th grade. I go toShades Mountain Elementary School. I am inMrs. Marchant’s class. My favorite hobby is playon the basketball team.
  15. 15. I wrote this book because I wanted to learn moreabout wolves.