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Global Open Educational Resources (OER) movement

  1. Dr. Cable Green Director of Global Learning twitter: @cgreen Global Open Educational Resources (OER) Movement
  2. Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under:
  3. Slides, notes, references:
  4. Open Educational Resources Any kind of teaching materials – textbooks, syllabi, lesson plans, videos, readings, exams
  5. Open Educational Resources (1) Free and unfettered access, and (2) Free copyright permissions to engage in the 5R activities
  6. open ≈ free
  7. free is assumed online
  8. Handwriting Printing Press Internet Copying a book $1000s per copy $1s per copy $0.0001s per copy Distributing a book $1000s per copy $1s per copy $0.0001s per copy
  9. open > free
  10. open = free + permissions
  11. • Make and own copiesRetain • Use in a wide range of waysReuse • Adapt, modify, and improveRevise • Combine two or moreRemix • Share with othersRedistribute The 5Rs
  12. retain is fundamental
  13. retain is prerequisite to revise and remix watch out for new publisher “artificial scarcity” models
  14. Cost to Students Permissions to Faculty and Students Commercial Textbooks Expensive Restrictive Library Resources Free Restrictive Open Educational Resources Free 5Rs
  15. “Faux-pen” (aka “open washing”) 1. Free (possibly gated) access 2. All rights reserved (or stronger)
  16. most freedom least freedom Not OER OER
  17. Creative Commons puts the “open” in OER
  18. What’s happening around the world? A lot… and I can’t come close to listing all of the excellent OER projects in 20 min. Let’s talk about the trends…
  19. Global OER Strategic Discussions join us: Friday, 16 Oct: 11:00 “OER: Mainstreaming and the Moonshot”
  20. Primary & Secondary (K-12) OER
  21. Leicester City Council / CC BY 4.0
  23. Open / OER Business Models
  24. Lumen Learning $ Cut total spend on textbooks by 90% Measurable increase (5-10%) in student success Open licensing of all new content Data-driven course updates Smooth faculty transition to open content Student access to materials from day 1
  25. Building an open source business by Libby Levi CC BY-SA
  26. Open Pedagogy / Praxis / Practices
  27. “what does open allow me to do?”
  28. Disposable Assignments Students hate doing them Teachers hate grading them Huge waste of time and energy
  29. Renewable Assignments Students see value in doing them Teachers see value in grading them The world is a better place at the end
  30. Open Licensing Policy on Educational Resources
  32. Institute for Open Leadership Apply @
  33. $2 billion: new academic programs @ 700+ Community Colleges Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY) required
  35. Focus on Open Textbooks in US
  36. OER Potential in U.S. Higher Education: Save Students: Billions / year If every: Open textbook saves $128 per course / student
  37. 65% of students decided against buying a required textbook because of cost US PIRG Report, 2014
  38. 50% of students said that cost of textbooks impacted how many and which classes they took US PIRG Report, 2014
  39. 82% of students felt they would do significantly better in a course if textbook was available for free US PIRG Report, 2014
  40. Research on OER
  41. 11 Peer Reviewed Studies: OER Outcomes vs. Traditional Textbooks
  42. 48,623 Students
  43. 93% Same or Better Outcomes
  44. 9 Peer Reviewed Studies of Perceptions of OER Quality
  45. 4,510 Professors and Students
  46. 50% Same35% Better 15% Worse
  47. Dr. Cable Green Director of Global Learning twitter: @cgreen Global Open Educational Resources (OER) Movement