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Free Music Week - Jorge Gabriel Jimenez

  1.   Jorge Gabriel Jiménez @BebeJimenez - @GuatemalaCC
  2. How to promote CC licenses and free culture in Latin America?
  3. Free music week •  One week •  Workshops of CC Licenses with musicians, producers, artists & other creative people •  Free music festival •  Website •  Factsheet explaining CC Licenses
  4. Results
  5. Free music week - Uruguay
  6. Free music week - Guatemala
  7. What’s next?
  8. New Free Music Week •  Organize the same event with other countries •  Interaction between the musicians of different regions (CC as a facilitator)
  9. Do you want to organize your own Free Music Week in your country?  
  10. @GuatemalaCC  
  11. Credits Video  –  CC  Uruguay   Photos  –  Sara  Fra?  &  Diego  Tustep   This  presenta3on  is  licensed  under  CC-­‐BY