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공유 서울의 3년간의 시도, 그리고 미래 (Urban Problems Innovative Approaches) - 전효관


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서울시 서울혁신기획관

Urban Problems Innovative Approaches
Hyo-kwan Chon, Seoul Metropolitan Government

Creative Commons Global Summit 2015, Seoul, Korea

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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공유 서울의 3년간의 시도, 그리고 미래 (Urban Problems Innovative Approaches) - 전효관

  1. 1. Director General of Seoul Innovation Seoul Metropolitan Government(SMG) Hyo Gwan Jeon
  2. 2. 도시문제의 악화 Urban Problems Innovative Approaches
  3. 3. Rapid Economic Growth Gross regional domestic product (GRDP) of Seoul : KRW22 trillion in 1985 → KRW288 trillion in 2012 (12-fold increase) Compact City Development and Compressed Growth
  4. 4. The light and shadow of fast growth Multiple simultaneous occurrences of urban problems as a result of rapid, compressed growth such as Traffic congestion, Human Alienation due to fiercer competition Relationship Breakdown - South Korea’s suicide rate remains top in OECD Increasing Propensity for Single Living and Social Isolation - The Portion of 1-2 person households 50.8, 4 person households 26.5 in 2014 High Rate of Youth Unemployment - Unemployment of young people(15-29 of age) 8.7%, Total unemployment rate 3.5% Necessity of concerning Sustainable Development
  5. 5. Social Innovation through Sharing → Human Centered approaches in Mega City → Recovery of community and trust build-up Building Resilient Community → Alleviating Urban problems and activating local economy → Sustainable Growth and Social interest using resources effectively
  6. 6. 도시문제의 악화 First Chapter of Sharing Seoul
  7. 7. Declaration of Seoul as a Sharing City(Sep,2012 ) Enactment of Ordinance to facilitate Sharing(Dec,2012) Forming and Operating a Sharing Facilitation Committee (Feb, 2013) Producing promotional Brand Identity(Mar.2013) Operation of Online Platform ‘Share Hub’(Mar.2013) ● ● ● ● ● Laying the Basic For a sharing City
  8. 8. Governance Relationship Working Together Seoul Metropolitan Government Sharing Companies Organizations District (Local) Offices
  9. 9. Spreading of ‘Sharing policies’ Host big Conferences● Open exhibitions● Hold experience events for citizens ●
  10. 10. NOT ONLY Economic perspective Collaborative Consumption Ethical Consumption Creating Sharing Value and Culture ● ● ●
  11. 11. The Int’l Advisory group for Sharing Economy
  12. 12. 도시문제의 악화 Implementing Projects
  13. 13. Car Sharing Service Na-Num Car Operating 1,922 Cars in 912 places in Seoul More than 650,000 membership
  14. 14. Develop the sharing parking-lots model with a private company based on local information more than 3,000 parking lots have been shared since 2013 Parking-lot Sharing
  15. 15. Sharing Children’s Wear that no longer fits Connect individuals wishing to exchange and share children’s wear that no longer fits in a fair. Collaboration with Company(KIPLE)-Seoul’s Boroughs-public nursing homes More than 130,000 cloths has been Shared
  16. 16. Sharing of Idle Public Facilities During times when public spaces are not in use by government such as weeknights and weekends, Seoul opens those places to citizens free of charge or rents them out at low cost. Used by citizens on approximately 200,000 occasions The Online Reservation website :
  17. 17. Room Sharing Between the Generations - A housing sharing project The basic goal is to connect young people in need of low-cast housing with more senior citizens who are living alone with extra rooms Currently 111 young university students residing in 83 houses with elderly people. Room Sharing Between the Generations
  18. 18. Sharing Bookshelves, Tool and Toy libraries The book sharing project creates a community bookshelf that enables people to share their books with neighbors.(52 bookshelves community existed currently) The tools are representative objects that every house possesses but does not frequently use. SMG works to share diverse items in response to regional characteristics and residents demand (77 tool libraries in Seoul)
  19. 19. 도시문제의 악화 Achievements and Future assignments
  20. 20. Globally Acknowledged for a Sharing City SEOUL Honored a Special Mention at the 5th Metropolis Awards in Oct 2014
  21. 21. The Extension of various Participants to spread sharing SEOUL COMPANIE S LOCAL SCHOOL OTHER CITIES & PROVINCE S CENTRAL GOVERNMENT
  22. 22. 10 million citizens, 10 million Sharing Solution to Urban problems, Concerning public welfare for the better life - Campaigning for spreading Sharing in public (School, local Community…etc) - Designing easily accessible sharing policies
  23. 23. Thank you Thank you